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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 24 September 2010
For the price, this is a brilliant microphone. For anyone looking to build a home studio or do any kind of recording I highly recommend this product. Just a few warnings:

- The mic does not come with any cables; the (connector on the bottom of the mic is a male XLR).
- This mic requires phantom power - you can't just plug it directly into your PC (unless you have an expensive soundcard designed for the purpose). I bought a seperate phantom power supply unit, the Behringer MicroPower PS400, which provides the necessary juice for the mic to operate. For use with a PC I have the following setup: Mic -> male-female xlr cable -> phantom power unit -> female xlr-mini jack cable -> pc. I don't use a preamp, the levels are sufficient for my recording purposes (although your results may vary!) Note that there IS a usb version of the mic, the Behringer C-1U, but personally I'd avoid it; you never know when you might want to use the mic WITHOUT a pc...

Hope this was a help to any prospective buyers! Again, this is highly a recommended mic.
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on 20 December 2012
I was looking for a condenser mic to use when I am recording home demo's on my macbook.
I use Garageband and had borrowed a friends Samson CO1, which is an excellent mic for the money ( they can be found on Amazon for around the £50 mark.)
However, I have a friend who bought the Behringer C1 mic and swore by it, so after reading reviews and watching a few demo's on youtube, I thought at £34 there is absolutely nothing to loose.
I am so glad I did.
There isn't a lot in it.
They are both a real bargain at the price, yet of the two I am more impressed with the Behringer ( £15 cheaper too ! - which paid for a decent XLR lead and a pop shield )
I have experimented with the mic and with a wee bit of patience, and tweaking my little Wharfdale mini desk, I am astounded at the results.
Some reviewers have moaned about the " noise " .... forgive me, but I fail to understand what they must be doing - this mic is beautifully quiet, wonderfully responsive to the top, mid and bottom range and gives outstanding results ( and I'm a whisperer of a vocalist so I need a fair bit of depth ).
I can not recommend this mic highly enough.
Behringer are a superb company who make a brilliant range of products.
This mic is excellently built.
It is very sturdy, aesthetically pleasing ( lovely subtle gold colour ) has an indicator light, which lights up with phantom power and comes in a well made case complete with mic stand adapter.
One of the best value buys I have made this year.
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on 8 August 2010
I thought long and hard before parting with my cash for this microphone. We run a small recording studio in my workplace and often use a Rode NT2 condenser mic. I wanted a condenser I could use at home for recording using Pro Tools but didn't want to spend a fortune. The Behringer then was a complete shock to me. Good quality plastic carry case, good quality metal mike housing, professional looking, chunky and with reassuring weight to it etc etc. I decided to record some guitar at work using the Rode NT2 and then record the same piece into Pro Tools using the C1 and then compare them. There are more features on the Rode NT2 such as pattern choice, cardiod etc etc and a filter, but hey, thats what you pay £200 quid for. For the price, the Behringer was brilliant. I cannot recommend this enough. Don't spend a fortune, buy one of these and you wont be disappointed.
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on 26 February 2016
 The Behringer C-1 Studio Condenser Microphone provides excellent quality for the price. This song was recorded just using this mic and a Mac so you can hear how clear the recording is. Totally recommend it!
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on 25 January 2009
I purchased one of these microphones a couple of years ago now and to be honest i wasn't expecting much quality at this price. Condenser microphones I have used in the past in studios have always been in at least triple figures, if not more. However I was actually pleasantly amazed by the transparency of the sound reproduction. I think I expected limited frequency response and a muggy, coloured sound you so often get with cheap microphones... none of that here; clear, uncoloured sound reproduction. I'm sure top mixing engineers will argue that to their ears you can tell it's not a top quality mic, but frankly if you did the pepsi challenge with this and a triple figure mic, I bet there would be few who could distinguish one from the other. In any case, let's face it, at this price you can't really go wrong.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 July 2016
 Well to be honest for the price they are an excellent buy. One of the better available options in this price range.
This is an excellent choice for beginners as well as intermediates , however I would say based on my experience , it is more inclined towards the beginner horizon. Anyone looking to start a home studio and since a Condenser microphone is an essential component of it , this one just fits the bill perfectly. I recorded this using my Scarlett Audio Interface and it sound great. Although not as warm and crisp as the higher end microphones , but is very decent enough to be used on a demo track which I used in the attached video.
Please note that the microphone does not come with any cables as such , so please order one from Amazon at the same time in case you don't have one. Also since this is a condenser microphone , you would need to supply it with Phantom power to make it up and running. Any decent pre amp or an audio interface would do that job.
Overall this is a great kit for beginner as well as intermediates in this brilliant price range.
I would highly recommend these.
I have attached a new single where I recorded the vocals using this microphone. One can easily review the audio quality which I felt was great.
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on 7 April 2013
I bought this having spent some time reviewing and it seemed like very good value with lots of positive feedback. You will see scathing comments from the 'anti-Behringer league' but please, do bear in mind the cost of this item. I suspect most of the scathing reporters will have spent substantially more on their microphone of choice.

My initial thoughts were of great disappointment as there was a terrible buzz / hum. This was regardless of what phantom supply was used and what lead. I looked long and hard on the old faithful internet and everything pointed to an earth loop problem suggesting that my hardware was earthing to different points which could cause the problem. I found a particularly good response on a forum relating to an earth loop hum on a different product, so using the guidance of that learned forum member, I ruled out each symptom one by one to conclude there was a fault with a microphone.

I worked through these possible causes, using different phantom power sources, initially on my presonus firestudio mobile, then from my spirit folio RAC PAC mixer. Both resulted in the humm or buzz. I tried an alternative shure dynamic mic plugged into both, no humm or buzz even with the phantom power on so it wasn’t a 48v problem. I bought another XLR lead through AMAZON which arrived next day thanks to my prime membership, but still the C-1 hummed so it didn’t seem to be the lead.

To alleviate the earth loop possibility, I disconnected my macbook pro from the mains charger and powered the presonus through firewrire only (no need for a wall-wart which is very handy ! ) – so the power was all from the battery. The C-1 still hummed but again the shure dynamic mic didn’t..

Now by co-incidence, it was at that point that I went to change over the XLR lead again and the buzzing stopped ! I realized that when I tightened the mic onto the mount, the lead was wiggled and the buzzing stopped. When I investigated further, the three pins at the bottom of the mic that the XLR lead were actually loose! Tightening or loosening the mount would make the buzz go away, but if the mic was moved slightly it would come back. So the solution that I found on the forum was correct, namely there was a manufacturing problem that resulted in a dodgy earth actually in the mic itself !

I’m not sure of this’ll work but here’s the link to that very useful information that I found..


So I did have a short opportunity to try the mic after a bit of cable wiggling and it did sound pretty good for a £34 microphone. I can see why this is a firm favourite. I did find it a tiny wee bit noisy, that may have been something to do with my set-up though.

So I sent it back but replacements aren’t in stock. I’ve waited for a few days for them to return to stock but I have now decided to get the rode NT1-A instead. My decision is based largely on the reliability.

So if you get a good–un, I’m sure you’ll be pleased. If it buzzes, check it over, you may just have a faulty one, like I did. Some of the scathing reviews I have seen I must conclude can only be down to a faulty item, because when it works, for £34 it really is very good. I can only give 4 stars on the basis that my one had to go back due to the manufacturing fault.
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on 10 April 2010
I thought it was going to be a low quality mic for what I paid for it...but it's actually been a great buy. Its really easy to set up, especially for beginners and you can get a great sound out of it. I always buy from behringer and always will do because they ensure that making music is accessible to everyone...the novices included! A 5/5 all round. Well done behringer for making another brilliant piece of equipment. Although the only qualm that I did have was that I did not know what equipment I needed with the mic ... would be helpful to have a list of items needed to go with the mic...had to buy a preamp and interface. A prompt delivery as well...2 days on a standard delivery charge! Highly recommended.
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on 30 July 2015
I'm not one for writing reviews but in the case of this microphone I couldn't help myself, I have been doing YouTube for a while now and I wanted something a bit more professional but I didn't want to spent a lot then I found this microphone, I was a bit sceptic because of the price but when I received the microphone I was shocked at how nice it looked and how it was packaged, I also liked how heavy it was this was signs of a good microphone, so later on that day I plugged it in and set everything up and to my surprise even the quality of my voice was crystal I couldn't believe it for a condenser microphone this cheap, if you want my advice, when buying this microphone you should also consider getting a phantom power mixer an xlr cable and a mount of some kind, that's if your new to recording, also do not try to plug directly into your computer unless you have a sound card that can power it other wise the mice will not perform very well, I think some of the problems other people are having are due to them not setting up the microphone correctly or not having a phantom power supply, but on a whole as long as you have this microphone set up correctly the result should be excellent.
Behringer C-1 Studio Condenser Microphone
Wharfedale Pro Connect 502 USB Mini Mixer with USB and 48V Phantom Power
Stagg 3m High Quality XLR to XLR Plug Microphone Cable
Broadcast Microphone MIC Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Mic Stand Studio Recording
3.5mm Stereo Jack Plug to 2 x 6.35mm Mono Audio Cable - 2 Metres
Skytronic 6.35mm Male Stereo Jack to 2x 6.35mm Female Stereo Jack Adaptor
Recommended Set of items if buying this microphone.
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on 24 August 2014
The first thing to bear in mind here is what you might expect from a pretty inexpensive microphone. I wasn't expecting much but needed a spare on hand for a specific purpose so thought I'd try one of these out in the hope that it would be good enough as a back up.

From that perspective this is a fantastic microphone. Perfectly functional and does it's job well. I was very surprised by the quality given the price tag and have used it much more extensively than I'd intended to on initial purchase as it works well enough, and definitely good enough in a home setting.

Of course there are much better microphones out there, but for this kind of money I suspect you'll not find one that's better value.
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