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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 21 September 2016
Excellent microphone, much better than expected for the price.
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on 27 June 2017
Item as described. Quick delivery.

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on 25 August 2017
It's a Shure. Works as you'd expect.
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on 22 August 2016
versatile mic can be used to record most things to a point but not an all rounder. this was recomended to me for recording my guitar which it did a ok job on my acoustic but blew me away when recording from the front of an amp. if you want to mic up an amp this is a good choice in mics. I would say its ok on vocals however it loses alot of tone from the voice and a condensor mic would be better. saying that Sure make one of the most rugged mics for live performance the SM58.

If you want to record from the font of a amp then I recommend it if you want an all round mic for a few £ more you could get a good condensor for this purpose.

The build is rugged and weighty there is no shield to cover the tip of the mic. small enough to mic up dtums comes with a little bag and a sticker
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on 28 February 2015
Recorded a full album with this - vocals and all instruments. It did a wonderful job. Fairly hardy mic - a tad heavy on the bass (I have a bass y voice anyway) but aon the whole -every studio should have one of these mics. I doubt I would use it for live gigs as it's not as sturdy and roadworthy as it's brother the 58 - but has that bit more class when recording a multitude of sounds.
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on 5 August 2015
The Sm57 by Shure is a classic live and studio workhorse. With the same characteristics as an sm58, the main difference being that on the sm58, there is a larger grille/shield over the internal Diaphragm (that being the big silve ball type gauze/grille over the top). This (on the SM58), prevents vocalists from getting to close to the diaphragm when they experiment with the all important "proximity effect" or those that don't have a clue what they're doing and treat it like a metallic ice cream. The outer shell on the body is slightly different also.
The SM57 has a smaller grille, closer to the diaphragm. Same frequency response, in fact same internals, less the large ball style grille. If you keep your distance, a great vocal sound can be produced, plus you can get closer to amplified sources with the "flat" grille
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on 18 April 2011
This is a microphone which is suitable for all jobs. As mentioned in other reviews, it is widely used for drumkits and guitar amps etc, but as it was first designed for classical instruments, it can be used very effectively for acoustic instruments as well.

I use it for performances with acoustic instruments (and/or voice) and live electronics (max/msp, ableton etc) and it works flawlessly. It feels (and is) sturdy and it is very sexy on the touch! Overall an absolutely fantastic microphone for the money, which can easily stand up to its reputation.
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Forty-eight years old at the time of writing, the Shure 57 is a legend in its own life-time. It's a cardioid pattern mic with very strong off-axis rejection, a presence boost around 4 kHz, and a good-roll off in the lower frequencies which makes up for the proximity effect. Like its slightly younger brother the SM58, the 57 is almost indestructible, and almost every part is replaceable in case you do find a way to destroy something. If you find a Shure Unidyne, then this is an older model of essentially the same microphone.

Slightly oddly, every US president since 1965 has used the 57 as the presidential lectern mic -- at least, that is the often quoted legend. The reason that this is odd is because Shure no longer markets the 57 as a vocalist mic, preferring to push its credentials in micing up amplifier cabinets. It's also very good for high-hats -- you aim it right at the place where the hats meet, parallel to the floor. Coupled with the off-axis rejection, the bass roll-off effectively deals with overspill from kick drums and snares. You can also use it for snares, kicks and toms, because it can withstand enormous sound pressure levels.

The sound of the SM57 up against an amplifier cabinet, such as a Marshall 4x12 or a Fender Bassman, is part of the classic sound of rock, and advanced modelling systems like the Roland VG-99 emulate a 57 up against a cabinet and at various distances, both on and off axis. The sound is substantially more exciting than a direct signal from the amplifier's preamp.

I've used 57s for longer than I care to admit. I've never been let down by one.
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on 4 December 2011
First of all great service from "DIGIPLUS" item arrived a couple of days after ordering, and everything was perfect!
Now i must admit, i was a bit sceptical about buying an sm57 online because there is a lot of fakes about especially on ebay, also sm58's! there are lots of videos on youtube showing how good these fakes are, and infact are so good sometimes are difficult to spot.
there are a few sellers on here selling sm57's for around and sometimes under £50 so i mailed them with querries but none of them replied! say no more! This is why i decided to with "digiplus" they were the next best price range!
Now for my own peace of mind, and because i hadn't owened one before to compare i decided to take some featured pic's of the mic inside and out! and also contents of all packaging and e-mailed the lot to shure! i got a quick reply in 24 hours confirming after analyzing pics that my mic was infact genuine, to my relief!

Onto the mic itself, it is very weighty and feels strong and robust, very well constructed. no lead but you get mic clip and pouch!
these mic's are designed to take loud noise easily from close quarters, this is the reason i bought one to mic my amp speaker in an isolation box which i made for bedroom level recording my jtm 30 combo, and it does the job well!
Also i wanted to record my acoustic guitar! the way i tested this first was to directly plug mic into xenyx mixer with balanced xlr cable, now to get a descent level i had to have the mic pretty close to acoustic and have the trim and level on mixer turned to about 1/4 past on the dials! which isn't really ideal and introduces a bit of gain "hiss".
after reading up on this it is generally advised to use a descent preamp with these mics, so i purchased a ART tube mp v3 preamp with the built in tube for warming the signal, it does make a big difference! because you get an instant +20db boost when selected, i don't have to have the mic as close to acoustic and it picks it up better and sounds really professional with no background noise, unless you crank the tube output to high then it will start to introduce "hiss"
overall after investing in a preamp this mic really shines now, and is a definate keeper for shure!
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on 24 November 2008
I've got two of these in my home and I'm looking to buy another three or so for a home studio setup! A VERY good quality microphone which can be used on a variety of applications, such as guitar amps, snare drums, toms, percussion and even a bass drum to gain some more attack out of the beater (alongside a microphone with a lower frequency response). These microphones are built very well, and reproduce a very clean sound for recording! They're definitely worth the money! I'd highly recommend buying this one!
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