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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2002
I just got a hackable DVD player that will allow me to play any region's DVDs, and I've been dying to see THIS LIFE after several of my Brit friends recommended it. IT started off a little slow, but quickly became very addictive. "Just one more episode and then I'll go to bed..." It's amazingly well-written, the characters are realistic and human -- you alternate between loving and hating each one -- and it seems very much like a slice-of-life that you've been made privvy to. if you enjoy character-driven television, this one's for you.
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on 3 March 2002
I first saw "This Life" when I was a graduate student in London. The characters and the storyline hooked me from the first time I saw it, and I eagerly awaited each week's episode. What I liked about it most was that it very much paralled my life in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I came in somewhere in the middle and never saw the beginning or end of the series. Since procuring a region free DVD player several months ago I've finally satisfied my need to know what happened before and after. What I've learned is that Millie wasn't the hag I thought she was and that I was completely fooled by Rachel. I've watched it all the way through twice now and find it just as absorbing as the first time I saw it. So when is series 2 coming out?
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on 10 December 2000
'This life' went from being a cult show to being considered one of the finest dramas of the 90's. Watching this it's hard to disagree. Everything from the acting to the directing is superb. The camera work is one of the most innovative things about the whole series. The 'shakey' camera work and extreme close ups give a feeling of actually being there. And this was years before any Blair Witches. The storylines are sensitive, controversial and humourous in equal measures and it's impossible not to feel empathy with the characters, especially Egg. Was there been a finer British television moment in the 90's than the famous final scene? I don't think so. This is the programme that defined the 90's, defined an era, defined a generation. So get it now.
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on 16 January 2001
The first nine parts of this series are action packed, resulting in a fast-paced somewhat risque drama which leaves the viewer hooked and desperate for more.
Anna and Miles ended up together at the end of the last series but this proves to be a one-night stand as wires are crossed in part 1 of the new series and Anna ends up throwing her drink over Miles' head. The animosity between the two of them continues when they are assigned a case together and unethical behaviour by both of them results in further tension, which the other housemates are none too happy about.
Meanwhile, the introduction of Ferdy (Ramon Tikaram) continues as he moves into the house after he is outed and has nowhere to stay. Warren makes him sleep on the couch. Miles has taken an instant dislike to him and seems to determined to make his life difficult.
Desperate for 'no-strings attached sex' Miles resorts to the Talking Hearts with the encouragement of Egg. He has many replies and meets one lady who in a rather comical scene tries to enact a 'menage a trois' with Miles and her husband - the look on Jack Davenport's face is enough to make the viewer laugh for hours. The housemates tihnk it would be funny to play a trick and leave a message for Miles pretending to be an interested lady. They arrange to meet him but he figures it out before they do.
This Life is typically controversial, none more so than when Warren is picked up by the Police for solicitating in public toilets. He is accused of common assault on a Police Officer when in fact it was not him who committed that offence. O'Donnell is forced to let Warren go because of the harm it could bring the firm and Milly is advised not to represent him - she therefore passes the case on to Anna. Warren and Ferdy's friendship becomes closer with the trauma that Warren is going through.
Anna gets Warren off in court and he decides to embark on a travel adventure with his savings. In the same episode the focus is on Egg in his new job in the Cafe and the great working relationship with Nicky. One can surmise however, that this could lead to problems with Milly later on in the series.
Warren embarks on his travels and as a going away present the house buy him a pair of boots (similar style to those of Dorothy's slippers in The Wizard of Oz). The house are faced with a huge problem though - the room! Some think Ferdy, Rachael has expressed an interest and so has Kira (which is insensitively laughed at, however she is stoned at the time!)
An advert is placed and applicants are interviewed but with no success. It is between Ferdy and Rachael. Miles jumps the gun so to speak and phones Rachael to tell her that she has the room before the others have actually agreed. This results in an on the spot vote with Ferdy the winner. Miles is upset (because (a) he is homophobic and (b) fancies Rachael) but Milly is the one to tell Rachael the bad news but one can tell that sub-consciously she is loving every minute of it.
The final part of this box set shows the relationship of Milly and Egg start to suffer and Anna, desperate for work resorting to after-work drinks a lesbian solicitor - gripping stuff, enough to entice a purchase of Box Set 2!
This Life is the best TV drama I have ever seen. I am on my fifth re-run of both series and have even started remembering the lines. It is fast-paced, exciting, risque and believable. That, coupled with excellent acting, particulary Daniella Nardini and Andrew Lincoln make it a must-see for any television addict!
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on 5 May 2001
The first series of This Life on DVD was something I knew I just had to buy. With the first eleven episodes you follow the characters through thier lives as newly successful twenty somethings. The script is just fantastic, and the chemistry on screen means that, like me, you probably won't be able to watch 'just the one'. If you loved it the first time round then by all means, relive those fab moments (Jo and Anna, Miles and Anna, and Anna and a bottle). Never seen it before? Shame on you! Find out what good television is all about...
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Having watched and absolutely loved this series when it was originally shown on TV, I was estatic when 'This Life' came out on DVD. As there was a gap of around five years between the TV show and the DVD, I was wondering whether I would enjoy it as much second time around. I wasn't disappointed, it was even better. I still marvel at the brilliance of the writing and how you cannot help falling in love with the characters. This is a rollercoaster ride which follows the lives and antics of five twenty-somethings sharing a house and having the legal profession in common. Every subject is covered, sex, drugs, homosexuality, AIDS, love, lust and they are all wrapped up in storylines that will make you laugh, make you think and make you want to watch it again and again. To date there hasn't been a series to match this one and I doubt there ever will be!
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on 24 January 2002
A dramatic yet very comical attempt to tell a story based upon the characters sharing a house in London. Centered around the legal profession the story deals with topical issues sych as homosexuality, heterosexuality, career tactics, betrayal, family, hardship and confusion. The characters are very indivdual yet not all are likeable. Better than 'Friends'!
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on 27 July 2000
Missed this whole series first time around and have been completely hooked on the repeats. The quality of acting is superb - Warren, Anna, Milly, all the cast is excellent and deserve the fast, racy storylines. Why aren't we seeing more of them in other dramas? The unfolding story has an appeal for a wide range of ages and pulls no punches. I have become addicted to finding out, episode by episode, what happens to them all, which is rare in even the best series. Jo, Kira, O'Donnell, even the beastly Rachel. Most of all, I suppose, it is Anna and Miles and their destructive, compulsive relationship that mostly hooks the viewer, although the unfolding affair between lovely Milly and O'Donnell takes some beating. Please, please let there be more. I can't wait...
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on 18 November 2003
As a native new Yorker, who moved to London in January 1996, This Life quickly got me up to speed with British life of 20 somethings. I was identified immediately with Egg and remained a big fan of Andrew Lincoln's work through Teachers to Love Actually. He was the finest of a very fine bunch.
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on 25 May 2000
If you were one of those folks who caught the last six episodes of this magnifique drama and had no idea who the fella toasting the debacle at the end of the series was, then this is the boxed set for you!
The origins of life at the house in London, shared by professionals and bums alike, are all revealed here, and no irony or observation is left un-noted.
Yes the camera work allegedly left some feeling queasy (it mimics the way human eye sees don't you know!), and its definitely not one for the homophobes out there, but its genius cannot be denied. An (apparently) realistic view of life in the city, coupled with characters you can love and loathe at the same time, combine to make this series unmissable. Add the considerable acting talent on show and we're into the realms of addiction!
Give it a go and you'll be hooked, watch it twice and you too will be able to recite "I absolutely reserve the right not to crucify my parents on my sexual preference" in a shockingly poor Welsh accent (not Warren's, mine by the way!)
What can I say - I love it!
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