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Inhuman Rampage [Parental Advisory]
Format: Audio CD|Change
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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2006
DRAGONFORCE are probably the most unique band in British Metal. The metal culture in the UK has excluded power metal from its ranks for a long time now and it seemed like a miracle was needed for this to change. Finally it seems like this miracle has arrived....

With a massive cult following in the UK and Japan, its now only a matter of time before these boys explode in European and become ranked with the genre's elite (eg. EDGUY/STRATOVARIUS/HELLOWEEN). New album 'Inhuman Rampage' and a tour opening for the aforementioned EDGUY should go a long way to achieving this goal (note : DRAGONFORCE's huge UK popularity is such that EDGUY are the support act in the UK!)

'Inhuman Rampage' is unleashed across the world on 9th January 2006. It follows the bands successful sophomore release, 2004's 'Sonic Firestorm'.

In much the same style as it's predessor, the new album speeds its way through full-throttle melodic metal that simply out-speeds all other bands you care to imagine. It must be said that this won't be to everyones liking, the speed sometimes is a little hard to take.

In the past I've heard STRATOVARIUS described as IRON MAIDEN on speed.. Well, let me warn you, DRAGONFROCE are more like STRATOVARIUS on speed!!

For me DRAGONFORCE's greatest strength is their virtuoso lead guitarist Herman Li. His work on the album is absolutely scintillating and if you're into your guitarists then this album is a must!

So, while this album fails to set any new standards, it is an interesting listen if somewhat difficult at times to take in (due to the sheer speed).

Download the sample track, album opener 'Through the Fire and Flames' from the band's official website. If you like this, then I'm damn sure you'll love the rest of the album!

Keep up the good work!
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on 24 January 2006
As Dragonforce's debut album with Road Runner records, Inhuman Rampage had alot to prove. And it does, showing that Dragonforce are truly something special with this album in astonishing style.
The first song hits off with beautiful guitarwork into a speedy break. The song itself radiates energy and strength, which as power metal it does. Over the top solos, crazy retro sound effects, face paced drumming, this song has it all! The song also changes alot throughout, always a pleasant change, with powerful howling riffs and amazing breakdowns.
You'd think that was it? Oh hell no! This maintains for 8 powerful tracks. One of my personal favourites is "Operation Ground And Pound" Which begins with a very oriental sounding guitar, into a quick break into the usual fast paced guitar and druming, some really wild stuff here! The album in general has the whole hit hard and fast theme leaving you speechless. One exception to this is the final song on the album, "Trial Of Broken Hearts" which is very similar to something from an ending of a video game. The whole sense of triumph leaps through with this song, leaves you feeling good. An equally epic end to an epic album.
This album is a must for power metal fans, infact this is a must for metal fans in general. Cut short, think early Metallica on speed.
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VINE VOICEon 19 February 2006
Ok, I knew DragonForce were good instrumentalists. I always suspected they had a really good album in them. The first album was top quality fist pumping ultra-speed power metal, the second album was more of the same but over-produced, and (in my opinion)slightly flat sounding. But this....
I have never heard the equal of this album. I mean, there are albums that are musically more experimental, or better on a more serious level. But if you're listening to DragonForce expecting "serious" music, there's something wrong with you. What I mean is, this is far and away the best DragonForce record. Also, it's possibly the most gobsmackingly ridiculous display of absloute feel-good speed-metal fist-pumping dragon-slaying warp-speed fret-melting HEAVY BLOODY METAL I've ever heard.
Let me put this in context. I want dark progressive musical genius, I'll listen to Opeth or Katatonia. Brutality? Nile. Melodic death? In Flames. But if I want the musical equlivialent of bungee jumping off a helicopter into a pit of rabid crocodiles, I'll listen to this, purely for the adrenaline rush. I bet Steve Irwin LOVES this record....
I've never heard a record played with as much vitality, energy, enthusiasm and downright FUN as this. DragonForce know they're silly, and they don't care. Not one bit. They love it. And my god, is it infectious! I saw them play at Camden Barfly a few months before this album got released, and there were people with plastic swords and plastic viking helmets! And they were loving it almost as much as the band were. Anyone complaining about cheesy lyrics is TOTALLY missing the point.
I've fallen totally in love with DragonForce on the strength of this album. It rules. If there's any justice, DragonForce will drag Power Metal out of it's niche, rub it triumphantly in the face of the mainstream, and demonstrate how much fun this type of music should be, and how stupid Trivium look after this album.
This is how it should be done. Buy this! Then check out Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, Stratovarius and Kamelot.
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on 15 July 2007
This album should not work. the guitars are about as fast as could be played. And the titles Inhuman part must refer to the drummer who really shouldn't be able to play so quickly. couple that with vocals that whilst sung fast are understandable (no death grunts here) and you have an album that happens to be one of the greatest metal albums of all time. I've yet to see them live but if they can reproduce this on stage, it will be one hell of a gig.

One piece of advice to the drummer thouigh is that if he is a member of a gym then he is wasting his money because to play like this he has to be one of the fittest men in rock.

If you don't already own a copy of this, as yourself why not. Improve your ollection today and buy this album
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on 13 January 2006
They have done it again they shocked us with another mind blowing album Inhuman Rampage by dragonforce. The fast guitars and "fantasy metal" or "power metal" woteever you want to call it its amazing, I can't wait till their concert. But buying this album is a good idea it wont dissapoint if your a lover of metal powerful fast riffs you will like this.
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on 10 January 2006
Well what can be said about UK band Dragonforce?. They are a force to be reckoned with (no pun intended). Seriously!. This album is their 3rd studio cd. Each cd by the band is great, but they get better with each album. Imagine this (for people who havn't heard their music before!), The best melody elements of Iron Maiden, thrash metal referances from the likes of Megadeth or Slayer etc, shades of Helloween, all served up in their own style of madness at 120mph. Yes the vocals are a little cheesy at times but who really cares when the music is this good!. Buy this album without hesitation, or just buy all their albums. The drums are relentless, the twin guitar assault/3 minute alternating guitar solo's are stupendous(imagine Steve Vai style here but faster), the keyboards are great and add nice atmosphere(did i mention the odd keyboard solo thats as fast as the guitar solo's). i could talk about each band member and how talented they are etc. Full heavy metal furvour is about for those who like power metal or any metal for that matter. BUY NOW!....
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on 22 January 2006
Well what can i say. Dragonforce are here. Ive been a fan since the days of dragonheart which was there original name before they changed to avoid confusion with a comic. I didnt actually think it was possible to beat the originals but theyve done it. This album is a must have for any metal collection. The young thrash band are here to stay anyone that appreciates good music cant disagree. Revolution deathsquad is amazing the guitar solos in this song are only beaten live by the incredible keyboard solo halfway through the set. The bass riffs on this album are so quick and technical. Just listen to the fills and say hes not very good. Trail of Broken hearts is played with so much feeling while still being so powerful it makes every head turn when they here it. I would quite happily get on a plane and pay just to go and see them if i had to. This album has made me think about the style of music my band are playing. It has something for everyone (except chavs). Even blues "hippies" such as my dad and all his friends loved Trail of broken hearts and the consistancy of ZP Thearts powerful voice. Guitarist should all listen to herman Li and Sam Totmans guitar teamwork and learn to play with the rest of the band like them. Before i heard the crazy duo i thought Iron maiden and metallicas guitarists were quick. Of course Iron maiden and Metallica are awesome and im not insulting them or anything cause i love them to but Herman Li's fretwork is something else.
A new idle has entered the metal scene for people that have never heard them. Dragonforce are incredible.
Rock on guys you are amazing and you always will be.
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on 11 January 2006
One word sums this album up......incredible!
Dragonforce have out done themselves once again.
the previous 2 albums have been something but inhuman rampage is just, WOW something else.
each track has its own balance of incredible vocals, INHUMAN guitar solos and extremely powerful melodics, so powerful even the greatest metal artists are probably rolling in their own graves.
You can't set aside each track from the others. Each track is significant in its own right with each track having its own incredible lyrics and powerful riffs.
the combination of Sam and Herman’s guitar playing mixed in with ZP's wide vocal range, Vladims INCREDIBLE keyboard skills and Dave's drumming, makes this album something else....something that no artist other than dragonforce have accomplished.
Thought the fire and flames is the first track on the album which given to all dragonforce fans as a taster on their website. Just with this song you could tell the album was going to be something stunning. The intro to the track is equally as good as the rest of the track. Just hearing the begging of it you can tell the song is going to be something special, which once you get further into the 7 minute will prove your assumptions right
Revolution deathsquad the 2nd track to this intense album is also an incredible track, showing their dragonforce's trade marks, lightning fast, incredible vocal range, and bonuses added such as the electronic features used in the voicing and guitars. making it, yet again a very powerful track.
Storming the burning fields being the 3rd track on the album once again adds to this albums intensity. Zp's vocals are stretched and moulded into the shape of the song. the guitar riffs are extremely powerful with an also powerful solo, combined with the keyboarding skills of Vladim making it something special.
Operation ground and pound is the 4th track of the album. This track shows just how much dragonforce have changed since their last album, as this is something completely different. As normal lightning fast guitar playing, which is expected, powerful vocals and powerful melodics used from the keyboard's near the beginning of the song. All of this gives the song a very powerful feeling
Body breakdown is the 5th track to the album. in my eyes this is the most powerful vocal track on the album. Theirs a lot of vocal ranges used in this track as well as a nice little computer sounding solo from keyboardist Vladim, which ties in with the guitar solo.
Cry For Eternity is the 6th track of the album, which to me personally is the best track of the album. a very powerful keyboard intro which then gets a burst of life from the mini guitar solo riffs that continue up until the beginning of the lyrics. a rather powerful track which combines electronics , interesting guitar solo's, extremely powerful vocals and a very nice little ,almost alien, keyboard tune.
The flame of youth is the 6th track of the album, which is a rather powerful lyrical track. In this track you will hear many a guitar screech, which sound almost cartoon. The vocal’s are once again as strong as ever and the combined with powerful guitar playing give it a very POWERFUL theme.
Trail of broken hearts is the 8th and final track. The other 7 tracks I find are the more powerful tracks, with their own extreme guitar riffs and well powerful vibes. This track I find is the most melodic of the rest. Guitar’s combined with powerful but soft vocals combined with yet more melodic keyboarding. A very powerful melodic track and a very nice way to end the album.

A certain 10 out of 10 is deserved.
An album that will most certainly not just be sitting on my shelf gathering dust.
This is a must own for all power metal fans, no one will be disappointed with this.
You can tell why this album is named "inhuman rampage" its just INHUMAN!!
Power metal at is best!!
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on 24 April 2008
Having been listening to dragonforce for around 5 years now, i would say that if this is your first Dragonforce album, then you'll either love it or really really hate it in a big way. That's because for some reason Dragonforce carries certain negative connotations in the music world now (In the same way people slate MCR)

If you're fairly into dragonforce and have one of the other albums i would recommend buying this one as you will be able to see what they are trying to do with it (In the terms of progressing their sound - albiet they only make it more extreme)

If people don't like this album then i can only imagine that they didn't really know what they were in for when first hearing it - which is fair enough.

Basically if you're new to Dragonforce go buy their first album 'Valley of the Damned'. Firstly the drumming is better on it (their first drummer played on that album) and secondly the guitars have more musical quality because they were not trying to be so extreme with it. It's just better. Having listened to that, then approach Inhuman Rampage with curiosity as to just how far can a band push themselves?

To touch on the album itself -

Opening song, 'throught the fire and the flames' is probably the best song on here. It is also now their most popular song - although to die hard fans their key song will always be valley of the damned (and they always close with that live)

Trail of broken hearts is great although not as good as their older slower songs and the other stand out song is cry for eternity with the acoustics.

A personal favorite of mine is body breakdown, just because on that intro they must have just said 'everyone play as fast as you can'

The rest of the songs are fine and the only real weak link is 'the flame of youth'
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on 12 January 2006
As a huge Dragonforce fan, i can quite honestly say that i think Sonic Firestorm was one of the best metal albums in history, the insanely fast guitar riffs and mindblowing solos just blew me away and still to this day make my hairs stand on end when i hear the powerful vocals. This my friends, truly is power metal.
Despite the sheer skill that came with that album, i couldnt help feel at the end of it that some of the songs sounded a bit samey, and im sure i heard bits of solos that had been borrowed from other songs on the very same album. I still left it on my shelf with the highest regard but had a quiet dread that this Inhuman Rampage would suffer the same fate.
Inevitably it does, infact i was able to compare songs on Inhuman Rampage to "equivalant songs" on Sonic Firestorm, theres a lot of noticable similiraties. But there is a reason theyve kept this formula. Its because it works...
Enough complaining, now im just gonna let rip, (like Herman Li on one of his solos) on my own praising solo.
Inhuman Rampage is every bit a classic as Sonic Firestorm, and in many more ways even better! It has the same insane riffs and solos, the same spine chilling vocals and harmonies, and heart wrenching ballads.
This time they have gone slighty heavier on the synthesisers which sounds like a mistake but in many ways gives the new album a more modern feel. I no longer feel they are singing about dungeons and dragons battles etc, it sounds more modern. The decision to electrify the singing in the style of some sort of Daft Punk song in the middle of Revolution Deathsquad turns out to be a real pay off, and for me is one of standout moments on the album!
It sticks with a similar formula to Sonic Firestorm, kicking off with a pant shreddingly fast collection of about 4 songs. But whereas Sonic Firestorm decided to slow things down with a ballad about there, Rampage continues the (forgive the pun) rampage with more fast (but not quite so fast) songs.
Heres a track by track guide to the 8 masterpiece tracks.
Through the Fire and Flames
I actually heard this back in November when it was available for free download on myspace. It reminds me of My Spirit Will Go On and opens in a similar fashion, blowing the heads off listeners with "no time to breath" choruses and seamless guitar solos.
Revolution Deathsquad
This track is easily comparable to Fury of the Storm because it features some of the most impressive guitar work this side of the sun. The only difference however being that where Fury of the Storm elevated Herman Li to the guitarist Hall of Fame. This song gives him the right to walk into the said Hall of Fame, take down his pants and piss all over everyone else. One of the standout tracks on the album and one of my favourite songs of all time. (he actually makes his guitar sing...)
Storming the Burning Fields
This song tries to keep up the rhythm, but i fear they may have outdone themselves with the last two songs, meaning this song kinda crashes. Not because its a bad song, because its just not good enough to match the last two. Kinda like the Matrix Sequels. Compares to Fields of Despair
Operation Ground and Pound
This song has a really stupid name and sounds similar to the last track.Once again failing to meet standards, better than Storming the Burning Fields though. It also opens with a sort of blowpipes sound, which is just cooler than the fonz. Good solo.
Body Breakdown
When this song kicked off, for a few seconds I was convinced ti should have been the Boss fight music of a Final Fantasy game (listen and see what i mean) This song lowers the pace of the last four songs, which is a good thing. As peoples ears may be smoking at this point. The change of pace actually gives this song a chance to shine, making it my favourite song on the album. Revolution Deathsquad had the best guitar work i have ever heard but this song just makes your hairs stand on end with the most powerful of power metal singing and and awesome chorus!!! Also features a great breakdown towards the end, all I can say is i want to be at a gig when they do that!
Cry For Eternity
Sounds dangerously similar to Prepare for War from Sonic Firestorm, but holds its own as a good song. Nice vocals with a great guitar solo makes this a good listen, not a standout but good nonetheless
The Flame of Youth
Now this is where the inevitable has occured. There is nothing about this song that makes it stand out from the rest of the album. Its good music, but it feels like one of the other songs shuffled around a bit. Its here that the album becomes a tad repetitive...
Trail of Broken Hearts
Remember Dawn Over a New World? Well this is very much the same song, but exchange pianos for a slightly more electric sound. A great ballad with a heartfelt guitar solo. Id want to be at a gig when this was played, as it would certainly get my lighter in the air. A good finish to a good album
So at the end of the day this album is too similar to Sonic Firestorm for me to say its a completely new sound and revolutionises metal as we know it. What it does do however is take this formula and create a better, perfected version of Sonic Firestorm. Repeating the revolution in power metal that caused. An amazing achievement, just a bit more variety next time guys...
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