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on 15 February 2015
I was expecting a lot from this album but it's the weakest album from Godskitchen I've heard so far. Disc1 is listenable, disc 3 is perhaps the best of the three but disc 2 is a yawn fest. Lots of singing on disc 2 about the usual stuff, paradise, starlight etc. Much of the material on all 3 discs is very samey. There are a few tracks which you can pick out and if you did that with this album you would probably have less than 1 disc left over. Some will probably think a lot of this album but when heard next to Pure Trance Anthem from the same label it just sinks like a stone.
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on 16 February 2016
great price, like new
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on 27 December 2014
Thers's a few songs on here that are not bad the rest are pants.
If these are the Anthems I'd hate to listen to the poo tracks.
Contact me and if you pay postage you can have mine.
Also want to get rid of Godskitchen Electric, that's pants too
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on 16 January 2013
Some good mixes and album that has to be played loud , lots of old favourites . good value purchased second hand
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on 22 May 2007
I must start by saying how I cannot understand how people can claim disappointment at buying this. Lets make things clear; all three CD's are trance. There is no house and no electro on here, and there is definitely nothing commercial about this box set. It is out and out trance and as a proper trance fan I flipping love this, a year and a half on from its initial release date.

That's the one downside in writing this review. The tracks are all old now. When it was released the freshest tracks were those on CD3 but now they're all old but they still represent that era of 2005/2006 in trance. CD's 1 and 2 are packed with classics, especially CD2 which is a trip through the best of nineties trance. CD1 contains old tracks representing a deeper, darker side to trance, notable examples being Lustral's "Everytime" (CLASSIC!!!) and M.I.K.E (Push)'s remix of Sinead O'Connor's "Troy" (QUALITY!!!)

I'd love to break into a long discourse of what makes this box set great but I don't have the time. What I will say is if you dig hands-in-the-air trance and you want 3 quality cd's that represent the sound of trance well, up to 2006, then this is for you. Plus Amazon are flogging it for £3!!! What are you waiting for?!?! Buy it now!!!
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on 19 March 2006
There seems to be 'Best of Trance' CDs released every month. One club release one - the others follow. Never have bought one of these style albums before because I usually have the tracks on other albums released at the time. However, this is very good - simply because the tracklisting works well and there are some good tunes which are great to own in one mix. CD3 is the most listened to for me. I own most of them but still found it a worthy purchase just when you want to listen to some real good tunes in one mix.
GodsKitchen CDs are 9 times out of 10, worth buying but it would be nice if they leave the Anthems style CD alone now and focus on releasing current stuff again. I'd hate to see any of the GodsKitchen, Gatecrasher or Renaissance series go the same way as Ministry of Sound, or Ministry of Cheese as they have been known as now! ie. - Don't Sell Out!
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on 13 June 2007
I have shelves full of clubbing mixes and compilations and this one is amongst the best. I already had many of the tracks but not these mixes. I've loaded the 3 CDS (great value by the way!) onto my ipod and expect them to be on "play" for much of the summer. If you are looking for a well-thought through selection of some of the all time classics you've found it.
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on 2 May 2009
This album is great what I love about gods kitchen is its resistance to being termed "commercial". The tunes specified in this album are THE tunes of the time therefore making it an album to own. The mix to tracking treasure on cd3 sends chills as well as following track "Fire".Very good album, my colleague and I listen to it at work and those days they earn their money from us as we work very fast to the music. An excellent album one to take the gym as you will workit!
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on 29 January 2006
Not exactly what i expected from the godskitchen anthems bearing in mind the global gethering compilation. the classic euphoric trance like tiesto and other big festival songs are not there, instead a more house to light trance orientated cd is here.
stand out tracks include skydive by freefall (im not sure whether this is the correct name and artist for the song, personally i believed the track to be free fall by cosmic gate) a high tempo trance song, Hide u by kosheen, a harder rougher trance sound, a classic, the mixing on lasgo's something is extrodinary and disc 2 is finished off superbly by the outstandin silence by delerium
disk 3 however is by far the strongest with tracks from the last year or so. All 14 tracks are anthems, but if i had to pick out a few 'best' i would have to say ernest vs bastians darkside of the moon, love comes again by tiesto, holdin on by ferry corsten, the dogzilla tune and the track from marco v.
overall a very good album and well worth buyin, some of the mixing might not be as hot as expected but dont let you put this off because the songs here are tremendous!
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on 5 February 2006
Yes Most probably the best dance complilation album ive bought in the last few years (and I must have a least 60) Simply loads of thumping tracks.
Would have liked Narcortic Thrust - when the dawn breaks but you can fit only so many tracks on a disc.
In fact liked this album Ive now ordered a seconded copy to pass onto my gym instructors hopeing they add to their playlists
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