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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 7 February 2006
Watched this on skyone and have been waiting for ages for it to come out in dvd. as cabin crew i know it can be far fetched sometimes I only wish my nightstops were that fun. Its funny with some great charaters. buy it you will not regret it.
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on 23 June 2006
I really enjoyed watching the series. The programme follows the lives of several crew members from the Fresh Airline. It can't be said that the programme is dull with unique situations unless, of course, your a flight attendent. It's perfect for all those people who imagined what the job would be like. It is slighty larger than than life which is ideal for all the dreamers watching. The acting is great, when I first saw it I had imagined it would be awkward, but the series is brilliantly created. It isn't long before your identifying with one of the characters and being completely drawn into it. A great buy and a good series for binge watching!

The ONLY critisism I can find is with the backing Music. If you have Sky Digital you'll recognise it as the TV Guide backing Music. When the show was aired on Sky One, I'm CERTAIN it had decent background music, as an Avid Coldplay fan I know they were featured as Background Music. I assume they had to change it for legal reasons.

No Matter, It Doesn't Detract From The Good Quality Show It Is And I Still Gave It Five Stars. If You Liked Novels By Colin Butts Or TV Shows Like "Is Harry On The Boat?", Also By Colin Butts. This is Defnitely One For You To Buy!!!

The Series Just Gets Better With Time, Resulting In A Spectacularly Flawless Ending...
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on 13 October 2006
I really enjoyed watching Mile High on Sky One when it was on, and I was sad that it was all over after only 2 seasons. So I was pretty glad that it came out on DVD. To be honest, I'd forgotten about so many good stories and one-liners.

There are two disappointments though:

1. There are absolutely no extras. If the DVD hadn't been on special offer here at Amazon, I'd have felt pretty let down.

2. As another reviewer has mentioned, they have abandoned the soundtrack that originally aired with the programme. The thing is that, not only is the DVD soundrack really insipid, but the orignal series had an excellent soundtrack in my opinion. The original songs chosen were not only good songs in themselves, but also really made some of the scenes come alive. This is most apparent in one of the last episodes on the DVD where they do manage to throw in a Dido track. That's when it really hits home how big a difference it makes.

Anyway, if you were a fan of the series, I would recommend buying it as I certainly don't regret it. I just wish they hadn't cut corners.
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on 15 September 2007
I bought this A1 boxset 1&2, and found it the best watchable drama since "Eastenders" fell on our screens, the characters are chosen carefully & well. My favourite is (Will) Adam Sinclair & Marco (Tom Wisdom). I had missed the first few episodes,but since having it on boxset I,ve caught up and found it "Fresh,funny & enjoyable,it,s only ashame that it only lasted 2 seasons,they should do an update on it and carry on from there,I,m sure "Sky" would buy the production from "Hewland" this was far the best drama I,ve seen. Every time I seen "Emmerdale" and see "Grayson" I think Captain Croker and his stuck mannerisum. The sound track had some classics that I remember goin 2 school. I,ve even applied to being Cabin Crew,NOT because of the fun they had,but for the experience of being "Miles High". Have fun watching the memorable drama if you have bought it (IF NOT,THEN DO SO!)
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on 15 December 2007
A brilliant drama that doesn't pretend to be serious but is lots of fun. It's so much more than that; there are interesting snippets of background information throughout and the cast is very well represented between the kinds of stereotyped characters you might expect and those who perhaps don't fit into the typical airline employee mould.

In my view, this was one of the best dramas ever made and it certainly beats everything that the current epidemic of reality tv that broadcasting sees fit to offer the licence-paying public at every turn.
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on 11 May 2007
This is one of the cheapest shot, poorly written shows ever...BUT I LOVE IT!!! I got hooked on it on BBC America and had to track down the DVDs. "The World is Mine" is my ringtone. This show is so full of trashy sex and failed relationships and exotic locations, bow could you not fall in love. You are totally made to care about the characters and look forward to all of their exploits. This is truly one of my favorite shows. :-) Inhale the joy ... inhale the fun .... the world is mine and i'm feeling so divine!!! Yesss.
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on 3 March 2006
Having first seen this show on satellite TV 2 years ago (and unfortunately missed a lot of episodes), I was only too keen to own the first season DVD box set.
"Mile High" is an unconventional British soap opera charting the lives of several cabin crew on a fictious budget airline, Fresh! Air. Though not exactly jet-set in the standard sense of the phrase (i.e. filthy rich!) the characters are mostly single, hedonistic, debauched and having the time of their lives. With the advantage of a different exotic European setting for each episode as well as the airline's base in London, the recurrent theme is parties, alcoholism and illegal drugs, fuelling a web of temporary relationships, backstabbing and emotional breakdowns. There are very few dull moments in this 13-episode run.
Serious issues tackled include prostitution (would you pay to join the eponymous Mile High club?), adultery, suicide, theft, attitude towards homosexuals, and sex between colleagues - most controversially, between naive junior steward Marco and the domineering female purser, Janis, almost twice his age, who is later revealled to be a former hooker.
Towards the end, there is a great rivalry between Janis and two of her staff, Lehann and Emma, for the rank and responsibility of purser. Both younger women have been through several sexual partners (despite Emma getting married in the first episode) but are politically correct enough to state that they merely want a single, steady relationship. Their platonic friend and colleague Jason, although being a successful ladies man with a string of conquests among passengers and other Fresh! employees, is in fact in love with Lehann and gradually realises that his "anything with a pulse" lifestyle just isn't emotionally fulfilling.
Will, a flamboyantly gay steward who (like Jason) sees his job as a source of sexual opportunity, develops similar unrequited feelings for Marco which ruin his professional enjoyment - just as he inadvertantly manages to ruin a passenger's impending marriage by awakening repressed homosexuality. And the stereotype gold-digging blonde, KC, is the victim of financial temptations which lead her to take her role beyond the fairly low-paid budget airline job...
Season 2 starts with major cast changes (I certainly can't imagine KC returning in any legal fashion!) and is almost twice as long. I sincerely hope it becomes available on DVD soon.
Overall, this series was a thrilling, shameless and sometimes cringeworthy ride through human joys and failings. Perhaps not realistic, perhaps all too true to life at times, but most of all great fun to watch.
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on 12 April 2006
It took a long time coming but great to see it finally on DVD. If you are a flight attendant then this is a must have item. Looking forward to series 2 coming out on DVD too.
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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2008
This is an easy viewing DVD. Dont expect deep plots and twists, but sun, sea, sand and all that goes with it. This is about a group of young cabin crew on a typical budget airline, and all the things that go with it. The acting is suprisingly good for this type of program with quite a few faces you will recognise. Have to admit though, a flight on EasyJet will never seem the same again :-)
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on 19 February 2013
I love this series and have watched it over and over again when being shown on TV. I decided to buy the series which consist of 12 of the earlier episodes. Excellent value for £2.00. Would highly recommend this hilarious series.
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