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Time Bandits [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 6 December 2017
I remember my wife buying me the first release of Time Bandits on Blu-Ray may years ago and being very giddy about the whole affair. It was around the time when I first took the plunge to go HD and as much as I appreciated the gift the end result was nothing more than baffling.

Firstly the DVD looked better than what I was seeing. After inserting the disc there are scenes playing in the background on the main menu and they were nothing more than breathtaking bearing in mind these were just 2 second clips gearing you up for what you were about to see and it was just stunning, seeing the film like it was the first time. Then pressing play takes you into a whole different experience. It was just awful, black lines appearing and jumpy screen shots popping up from nowhere. Whoever viewed the Blu-Ray at head office and signed it off as a worthy release is clearly not working in the industry today and if he or she is then maybe any poor release on Blu-Ray is because of this person.

So after a couple of years of never forgetting this rough start into trying a new format Arrow Video announced they were releasing a remastered version of the film with Director approved extra's. It has to be the best release there will ever be on the film. It has a lot of what we have never seen. It is lacking a full throttle all you can eat documentary but has many interviews with Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, David Warner etc to keep you satisfied. My actual favourite addition to the extras was a restoration demonstration which to me fees like an apology for the first release but it wasn't made by Arrow then but still a great way to look at it. Seeing how they restored the film is an exciting insight into how remastering is done.

Never be in doubt Arrow's release of Time Bandits is the best there is and possibly will ever be so do not hesitate and buy this as soon as you can.
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on 16 January 2015
Young 'Kevin' (Craig Warnock) reads of times gone by, one night, his bedroom seems to have become a portal, as
six dwarfs led by 'Randall' (David Rappaport) enter his bedroom through the wardrobe, they are running from the
'Evil One' (David Warner) they'd stolen an enchanted map.
'Kevin' gets swept away through a Time-Window along with his new found friends, this triggers a new and wonderous
adventure as with the Dwarfs he begin a journey to steal whatever they can.
The Dwarfs by using the map can travel through portals to accumulate and escape...........their fist encounter is with
'Napoleon' (Ian Holm) who has a complex about his 5' 1" stature, stealing from the legendary conqueror far too easy,
the portal lands them into 'Sherwood Forest' where 'Robin Hood' (John Cleese)is more than happy to relieve the would
be thieves of their ill-gotton gains.
They are unaware that the 'Evil - One' is tracking their every move, he wants the stolen map back to further his evil plans
to rule the World with his brand of justice.
'Kevin' escapes through the portal alone on this occasion finding himself in Ancient-Greece where his entry into that time
saves the King of Mycenae Agamemnon (Sean Connery) who decides to make 'Kevin' his 'heir' in gratitude.
However the loveable thieving 'Dwarfs' are not far behind 'Kevin' as his adventure continues.....
Will 'Kevin' find his way back home and return to reality.........(What of the Photo's he takes with his Polaroid Camera ??)
A superb family friendly fantasy adventure that can be enjoyed by all.........the 1981 movie's upgrade to the Blu-ray format
actually most acceptable.
Features -
* Chasing Time Bandits a new interview with Terry Gillian - Writing the film that daes not to say his name - A new interview
in which Michael Palin discusses co-writing and acting in Time Bandits - The effects of Time Bandits a new interview with
Kent Houstan, founder of the peerless camera company, discusses Time Bandits special-effects - Playing Evil a new interview
in which David Warner remembers producer George Harrison and playing Evil in Time Bandits - The costumes of Time Bandits
a interview with costume designer James Acheson - The look of Time Bandits a new interview with production designer Milly
Burns - From script to screen - A new animation featurette in which Milly Burns takes us through her production note-books,
location photographs and storyboards revealing how Twentieth Century Morocco was transformed into Ancient Greece -
Original trailer - Reconstruction demonstrations - Collectors booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic James Oliver.
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on 7 February 2014
Time Bandits is one of those quirky movies. I guess it's bet described as fantasy. It's clever, it's funny, and it has midgets. I won't go into detail about the plot, look at IMDB. But it's got a great cast and is well written. Characters have three dimensions.
Anyway, clearly I have loved this film since it was first released on video. I never saw it on the big screen, but had video then DVD copies. Neither of which were great. The picture quality was always very grainy, never clear.
The blu ray was a whole new movie to me. The restoration work has been paintstakingly carried out to restore it to the best it can be. It's colours are bolder without being gaudy, the definition is a huge improvement. Yes, there are still moments of soft focus, but that's what the film would have looked like in the cinema
It also comes with some great featurettes, interviews with a Terry Gillian, a doco on the restoration.
I am so pleased to have been able to watch this film as it should be seen. The poor old DVD was always an effort to watch, the clarity on the blu ray is fantastic
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on 23 April 2009
Terry Gilliam's film is an amazing fantasy romp through a comic book version of history and a comment on life, media, consumerism and technology of the early eighties. Kevin is a lonely boy, living with his disinterested TV and microwave oven addicted parents. When The great and sadly missed Dave rappaport and crew crash into his life and bedroom an adventure takes him to meet among others Napoleon, Robin hood and Agamemnon. Cameo appearances from Ralph Richardson, Sean Connery and Shelley Duvall (with co author Michael Palin)are very good and charmingly out of place. The film is perhaps a little too long but highly original and very much a real life version of Gilliam's animations from his "Python" days. The extras are interesting too, I ilke the storyboards of scenes that never made it to the cinema release. I would recommend this one as a rare piece of entertainment (to use the dreaded cliche!)for the whole family with only a few scary bits for the under 10's to hide behind the cushions for a brief moment. The visual effects are at times amazing!
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on 5 March 2015
I remember seeing this film when I was young but only can remember a few scenes. Wonderful and interesting story on fantasy and myth. Extras in this DVD are great as they explain how the film was made and what work was done to create what I see as one of a few movie masterpieces.
I would recommend getting this special edition DVD if you're a fan of terry gillian. Sean Connery is fantastic as a caring character in this movie.
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on 2 January 2011
Time Bandits - an all time classis children's film that I remember seeing on my 8th (+/- a couple) birthday and loving then. Slightly slow start, but - for me - really kicks in following the Napoleonic section. 5 stars for the film.

Transfer - shockingly bad. Worst blu-ray I've ever seen for stains, fuzz, speckles and all manner of other horribleness. Yes, it's probably the best available, but even so ...

Finally, no subtitles. Not even in English for the hard of hearing, let alone other languages. I don't think that's acceptable in second decade of the 21st century.
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on 27 September 2015
Time Bandits is a fantastic Film for all the family its essentially a kids film made by the monty python team with Adult humour for the parents that'll go over the Kid's
head that not adult as in unsuitable for children, just sarcasm in displaying Robin Hood as a bit of a burke!"etc...!
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on 3 November 2015
This film is a joy, and can be watched again and again. Aimed at children of all ages, it is a delicious romp through time, space and time.

Best watched on this lovely BD edition.

'Tell me about... ...Subscriber Trunk Dialling!'
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on 7 March 2018
My eleven year old son enjoyed it as I did 25 years ago.
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on 27 December 2013
I was pleased to have found this DVD as I was stuck for a film for a 9 year old that he had not seen on TV. Hence I was pleased (5 stars) to have found one. I don't know his reaction yet as it was a Christmas gift and there was so much for him to wade through it will be a while before he needs a film to entertain.
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