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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2005
Ok, lets be honest here. Regardless of whoever star in the new Dukes of Hazzard movie, they can never come close to emulating what was achieved in the TV series. When you come to watch the movie, it is best to try though it may be difficult to forget about what was done before. If you can, you will find an extremely enjoyable film, that blends comedy and action together Smokey & the Bandit style with a few nods to the TV show thrown in along the way. The plot which has be said is extremely thin on the ground sees cousins Bo,Luke,Daisy and their Uncle Jesse fighting to keep hold of their farm from the greedy town mayor, Boss Hogg who wants to use the land for coal mining. Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott make a reasonably good pairing as Bo & Luke - much of the comedy moments stemming from their verbal bickering. Jessica Simpson does what Jessica Simpson does best as Daisy Duke - look good in bikinis, short skirts etc. On the down side Willie Nelson has very little to do and Burt Reynolds is completely wasted as Boss Hogg. But forget all the human stars. The real star of the movie is of course the General Lee which has never looked better and the car chases & stunts are as good as anything produced in the TV series.
Highly recommended overall but for all you fans out there, if you really want to be picky & make comparisons with the TV show I would say that:
1. There is a bit of swearing - eg: Uncle Jesse swears in one scene - something that would NEVER EVER happen in the show.
2. Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane is the disappointing character and brings none of the humour to the movie that James Best did in the show.
3. There is a lack of the family values that was evident in the show - in the movie Uncle Jesse is as much a lawbreaker as his nephews.
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on 1 July 2010
This film is certainly aimed as a feel-good film. it has the typical structure. an aim (to win the Hazzard county race), a dilema that gets in the way and a solution that they solve/win both.

Although it has a cliche structure, you manage to not see it through the humour and the chaos the film has.

I found the funniest bit when they're pretending to be Japanese scientists when they had to find out about the coal.

Overall a good film, and i'd recommend you watch it! :)
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on 2 July 2006
That about sums up this film but the film is centered around the Dodge Charger. In that respect and as a action, teen comedy this is a good film. Many reviewers have given poor ratings in comparison to the old TV series, which I can just about remember. With films like this not everyone will be happy, to make a film from a very popular TV series was always going to be hard. Any remake is bound to be changed and updated for todays audience as well. If they stayed too faithful to the TV show the younger generation this film is aimed at might not like it so much?

Basically the Duke Bros stumble across a lot of trouble as always as they discover Boss Hoggs plans for Hazzard County. Cue cars chases, huge jumps, big western style bar brawls and the sexy Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke trying to get the Dukes out of trouble by wearing as little as possible. Sean Scott is perfectly cast as one of the crazy Duke Bros. The real star though is the The General Lee, Dodge '69 Charger, as it is put through its paces in all types of stunts. This isn't quite the family fun action of the TV series as this seems to be aimed at the 15-30 male, there are a few topless girls in a scene and a lot of innuendo, weed jokes as well. Overall if you don't compare it to the TV show and see it as a fun, action comedy you will enjoy it!

There are quite a few extras but nothing that in-depth. A feature on how short they can make Jessica Simpsons shorts! About 25mins of deleted scenes. Unseen deleted scenes, in other words the rude or naughty stuff. A blooper reel and unseen blooper reel. A feature on the stunts and car stunts from the film. A few behind the scenes snippets and Jessica Simpsons sexy music video "These boots are made for walking". Overall a good fun film with plenty of action. 7/10
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on 11 July 2006
On my first watch of the film I wasn't expecting much as I thought Jessica Simpson acting would be something to never witness. Strangly though Simpson is actually quite effective as well as easy on the eyes. This low expectation of the film may have been the reaosn why I enjoyed it so much. I never saw the original myself and I have also never seen the TV series. I had nothing to compare it to and no anticipation which means I wasn't set up to be disapointed.

If you like comedy films and you are a fan of Seann William Scott's movies then you will enjoy this. It has some great moments and I thought it was extremely funny as well as action packed.

I recommend to the fans of the series that you just take the film as it is. It's a modern take on an old story, they are not aiming to surpass it and they could never equal it in the eyes of the fans. Watch this movie with no prior expectations and you will love it. There was no way that a modern film could live up to the series.

If you like comedy films then I suggest you add this to your collection as it's funny and action packed. The soundtrack is also brilliant.
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on 21 August 2007
Alright, this was always bound to dissapoint fans of the series, but if you kind of push the thought of that out of your head it makes a decent enough film Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville make a suprisingly good double act.
The simple fact is that a classic series had to be degenerated for this generation, which happens to be a generation of morons (I'm a part of it, and I can admit it).
Another problem is that it doesn't really have the same feel of Hazzard County-ness; annoyingly this could have been avoided but occured anyway. The problem is that to make up the bulk of a feature length film based on single-episode stories the writers of this film decided to make them leave Hazzard County. Remember how the League of Gentlemen film felt completely different because they left Royston Vasey? It's the same thing.

But, despite all this, it remains a decent enough film. There are some really funny moments, and, for a modern film, the scene transition is quite good. Just try to tug your expectations down a few notches.
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When I heard they were remaking the Dukes of Hazzard, I groaned inwardly, and refused to watch it on the big screen. But, at home on the TV (the way The Dukes Of Hazzard are in any case meant to be seen), it really isn't as bad as I expected.

Basically, what you've got is Willy Nelson as a very creditable Uncle Jesse, a Dodge Charger that really does have the look and feel of the General Lee, and an Enos who really is quite reminiscent of the original. Sean William Scott does a good enough job as Bo, and Johnny Knoxville as Luke, to not bother you. Jessica Simpson isn't _quite_ cut out to be Daisy, but she sort of makes sense in context. M.C. Gainey, who was a guest star in the original series, is ok as Rosco P. Coltrane, but Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg is really an entirely different character from the short, fat, and ludicrously self-important Sorrell Brooke that we all knew and loved to hate.

Actually, it really is the Boss Hogg character that distances this movie from its original. 'Our' Boss Hogg was greedy but not really evil. He would occasionally call a truce with the Dukes when someone really nasty turned up, and, over the seven series, it turned out he had a lifelong rivalry which was a kind of friendship with Uncle Jesse. Burt Reynolds's Boss Hogg, though, is unremittingly evil -- something which the director makes absolutely clear when he burns Rosco's nose with shrimp tongues which he has pulled out of boiling water.

The other thing which separates this from the original is the slowness of the plot, and the amount of explanation that the director seems to think we need. This isn't just limited to telling us who and what all the characters are -- fair enough if many of the target viewers had never seen the original. Crucial bits of plot are explained over and again, such as when Boss Hogg tries a ruse to get the Duke boys to go out to the Duke farm. In the original this would have been done with a knowing look to camera. In this film, we get it spelled out in three different ways. Likewise, despite the frequent car chases, which are as good as (but not better than) the TV series, the plot moves along very, very slowly.

I want to write that this is a feature length show which has the same amount of plot as a TV episode. But, the truth is, it doesn't actually have that much. Bits of plotting that often found their way in, such as a country singer being stung by Rosco's speed traps and forced to sing in the Boar's Nest to avoid the consequences, are missing, and even the main car chase at the end lacks racing drama.

If you loved the original series, you may well be better off getting the seven series boxed set. But, even if you haven't seen the original, you may find yourself working out the plot about 1/3 of the way through, which is a bit disappointing.

So, what's this film got going for it, then? It's reasonably faithful to the original, at least on the Duke side. The car is very, very good. And, if you can get over the simplistic plot and awkward attempts to bring it up to date, it's a fairly fun evening's viewing.

Don't imagine you'll be watching it twice, though. It's just not that kind of film.
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The Dukes of Hazzard is quite an achievement - a $53m film that's worse than any given episode of a downmarket 25-year old TV show. The plot is serviceable enough but the mindless fun is rarely to be found and the casting is pretty atrocious: Johnny Knoxville is more passenger than protagonist, M.C. Gainey's Sheriff Roscoe is a bland thug, Michael Weston's Enos tiresome, a seemingly ideally-cast Willie Nelson just seems to be waiting for the check to clear and Burt Reynolds, stuck in some purgatory where he's doomed to relive his old movies as a bit player in remakes and imitations, is a curious choice for Boss Hogg to say the least but does have one good moment with a heckler and a hundred dollar bill. You know a film is in trouble when Seann William Scott and Jessica Simpson are the most charismatic screen presences... But worse than the script or the casting is Jay Chandrasekhar's hopeless direction: seemingly born with no conception of comic timing, unable to do much more than basic two-shots and seemingly clueless as to how to shoot a car chase let alone the couple of decent stunts in the film, he seems determined to sap the film of any signs of life before they materialise. There are a couple of neat post-modern moments revolving around the Confederate Flag and Daisy's stereotypical role in every episode, but no film that makes you pine for the days when Hal Needham was directing this sort of thing (and badly) can be a good thing.
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The Dukes of Hazzard truly earns a place in the hall of shame of terrible, ill-advised remakes of previously popular TV shows. Maybe, if you've never seen the show, you might think the movie is OK; the rest of us can only sit and cringe while Hollywood basically makes a mockery out of everything the show was about. The script is bad in and of itself, but the casting is a total disaster. I don't mind Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott so much, but Jessica Simpson is no Daisy, Burt Reynolds is almost the antithesis of the real Boss Hogg, Willie Nelson turns Uncle Jessie into some coarse country comedian you can't begin to respect, and Roscoe - what the heck happened to the Roscoe character? James Best was one of the real stars of the television show; he made most of the comedy happen, and most kids included a Roscoe P. Coltrane impression in their comedic repertoire. I've never even heard of M.C. Gainey, but he could never even begin to fill Best's shoes, even if the script had actually given us a character remotely similar to the original. Maybe Burt Reynolds wanted to hog all of the bad guy spotlight; I can't think of any other reason why the Roscoe character would be treated with such contempt and neglect by the filmmakers. And why is Lynda Carter even in the movie?
Calling this modern Bo and Luke good old boys is stretching the point a bit; these guys actually should be in jail for all of their shenanigans. Heck, the costs of all the property damage they inflict on Hazzard (not to mention Atlanta - which brings up another point: I'm almost sure the TV show was set in North Carolina and not Georgia) should be enough to bankrupt the county. There's really nothing good about either one of them, especially in terms of their treatment of women. It's safe to say that this film won't be found among Gloria Steinem's list of favorites. As a Southerner, I'm not too happy with it, either, as the film went out of its way several times to basically ridicule Southern culture. Then there's the fact that the Duke boys (and even Uncle Jessie) like to smoke something stronger than cigarettes. Denver Pyle must still be spinning in his grave. What's next? An Andy Griffith remake featuring a drug-dealing Opie?
The main problem with this film is the fact that it was primarily built around the General Lee and all the amazing jumps the studio guys dreamed of cramming together in one film. They even messed even that up, unfortunately. The jumps on the old TV show always looked real, but the jumps in the film are too high and too far to look like anything other than Hollywood stunts and special effects. The only two things addressed in the DVD's extras of behind-the-scenes footage are the General Lee and Jessica Simpson's shorts. Now I like watching Simpson gallivanting around in short shorts as much as the next guy, but I need a little more from a movie - something like a decent script, for example.
There are plenty of reasons why loyal fans of the show as well as Ben Jones, the original Cooter and former U.S. Congressman, basically boycotted the film. This rehash stomps on everything that made the Dukes cultural heroes of a sort and makes a mockery of every single character in the film. If there's a film school out there teaching students how not to remake an old TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard is surely the main topic of study and discussion. All you have to do is witness the General Lee hurling down the unpaved roads of Hazzard County to the music of AC/DC to know that something is very wrong here.
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on 22 December 2015
Yes , I am a big fan of dukes , and I am not a racist . I love the 1980s show and am collecting the seasons .This is a good modern film take on the TV show and Jessica Simpson is a complete Betty in this!
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on 12 June 2006
OK, so it's called the Dukes Of Hazzard, it has the General, Bo, Luke, Daisy, Uncle Jesse, Rosco etc, as does the TV series, but that's it. None of the characters, with the possible exception of Cooter, even remotely resemble their TV counterparts. Bo, Luke and Jesse have been turned into crude unlikeable characters with a penchant for causing destruction, Daisy is nothing more than eye candy, and as far as Rosco goes, he might as well not be in the film at all, as he's just, well... there. Boss Hogg is a very weak run-of-the-mill ruthless businessman and has very little to do as well.

Most of the film is centred around Bo and Luke gawping at girls and driving fast in the General Lee.

As a film goes, it's quite enjoyable, but fans of the TV series will be disappointed.
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