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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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After the 80's unthinking testosterone action movies, the 90's marked a real change in action ouput, even from the Bruckheimer / Simpson producing team - and so came about this unusually intelligent war movie.
Following in the tradition of classic submarine movies like `The Hunt for Red Octobe' or `Das Boot', there are all the traditional action notes you would expect - torpedo attack, flooding compartments, sinking towards crush depth etc., all done with the technical and editorial perfection you would expect from Tony `Top Gun' Scott. However, all the action is merely a backdrop for a real character study and moral dilemna.
Hackman's veteran Captain is of the old school, `I like things simple' approach. When unrest in Russia becomes critical enough for them to receive orders to launch their nuclear payload, he sets out to perform his duty. However, a second message is received - and it is incomplete, therefore can not be verified. The radio goes down, and the sub is now out of touch with the rest of the world. The `new school' Executive Officer played by Denzel Washington feels strongly enough that they should not follow through with the launch until the message is verified, leading him into direct conflict with the Captain and a tense, riveting and exciting showdown ensues.
The action is note perfect, but it is the acting that makes the movie stand out. Seeing Washington and Hackman `mano-a-mano', cannot fail to knock your socks off with its intensity. Indeed, all the actors have their moments to shine, including a pre-Lord of the Rings Viggo Mortensen, and an excellent George Dzundza playing `Chief of the Boat'.
One early scene encapsulates all that is good about the movie - in the officers mess, a philosophical debate occurs around the launching of the atomic bomb on Japan. Hackman defends the bombing, but Washington at the end of a verbal cat and mouse interplay, replies that `In the age of nuclear weapons, the true enemy is war itself. It is this conflict of ideas that haunts the movie, and the viewer, long after the movie is over. There are no out and out bad guys - just two principled men with different world views -surely there can be no greater drama.
The extended cut offers no substantial difference to the original, and seems to have little reason for existing. The scenes reinstated are almost all minor character moments, giving the minor characters in the movie more time to shine, and helping consolidate the feeling of camaraderie in the submarine, which makes the eventual schism that much more shattering. Other than that, there is a small documentary about the movie which is more promotional than educational. If you have not seen the movie, do so immediately. If you have, and wonder if the extended cut is worth getting? I say don't waste your time.
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on 26 June 2013
And to think so many people wasted their time watching The Hunt for Red October. This is the better film by a country mile.

Denzel Washington is good, Gene Hackman is awesome and at times quite frightening. Hans Zimmer's score fits this epic film perfectly. Tony Scott's (RIP) direction is tight and he keeps momentum at all times.

The Blu Ray is significantly better than most 1990s films, with a surprisingly clean picture during the many dark scenes.
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on 11 February 2015
Run Silent Run Deep
The Enemy Below
The Hunt for Red October
Crimson Tide

Probably the 4 best up periscope films ever made

This has it's 2 leads on top form,excellent supporting cast,sound plot and storyline

Possibly the mutiny on a mutiny was uneccessary,but a top film anyway
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on 4 January 2016
You can easily predict the outcome, but the actual end of the story is satisfying. The acting is as good as it gets and various twists and turns keep your attention. Overall a good movie is you like action drama. There is a lot of swearing but it is in context. It says 15 so I suppose standards have changed but I wouldn't watch it with a 15 year old daughter not necessarily because of the four letter words but some of the references in jokes might need explanation I would not want to be required to give.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 August 2014
Russian rebels have seized one of their government's nuclear missile bases and are threatening to attack the U.S.A. A patrolling US nuclear submarine is ordered to fire, but almost straight afterwards an incomplete counter order brings uncertainty. The submarine Captain and the Executive Officer come into conflict as to which order to follow, and thus the subs crew are torn as to which officer is right or wrong.

Directed by Tony Scott, one could be forgiven for thinking that Crimson Tide would be an outlandish ball of explosions and slaughter, thankfully it isn't, as Scott gives us one of the best underwater thrillers going. Scintilating characters are cloaked in dynamic claustrophobia, and this coupled with the ever increasing unbearable tension, makes this a must see for fans of films that are scary because of what might happen, and not because of what many blockbuster film makers actually show you.

This is not a standard good vs evil plot piece, or even a good vs insane cretin film, this pitches old school stickler for the rules Captain Ramsey against the deep thinking common sense purveyor Lt Commander Ron Hunter. Ramsey believes that the completed order, which is basically to blast the Russians before they blast us type thing, should be followed, Hunter on the other hand feels that the second incomplete order must be clarified before any action is taken, because after all this could be nuclear war! The film then twists and turns as the sub is divided into two factions, mutiny is rife, but what will the outcome be? Can the radio be fixed to complete the order? Will it be too late? All these questions are tensely drawn out by Scott to get the maximum impact from what is an admittedly standard global crisis in waiting story.

No shortage of machismo here either, brutishly brilliant is how I find Gene Hackman in this, his Captain Ramsey is the quintessential leader of men. Then there is Denzel Washington as Ron Hunter, eloquently spoken and a voice of reason, his ruggedness coming to the fore as the submarine starts to implode. There are few better sights in 90s cinema than watching Hackman & Washington go at each other the way they do here, starting off as just a fractious relationship, it then explodes into a war of belief and wills. It's through these pair that the film's neutral stance shines bright, what would we do in similar circumstances? Who would we follow? Both men ethically right, yet both men accountable for probable disaster.

This is a wonderful picture, a lesson in tough tension building that is perfectly wrung out by a rousing Han Zimmer score, with the only weak point being a multi written script that tries to fuse pop culture references with technical lingo, something which doesn't quite sit right. However, even that can't hurt the excellently unfolding sequence of events that closes quite brilliantly with a written piece that all of us should take note of. 9/10
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on 5 April 2014
This film had the strapline: "tension you can chew" and that description is spot on. Hackman and Washington are perfectly cast as opposites in the claustrophobic and tense environment of a nuclear submarine. Not sure that the Blu-Ray is much better quality than the DVD, though...
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on 27 November 2012
I won't use this review to discuss the plot, direction, or performances in this film - I'm sure you know all about that by now. However, what I will say is that within my ever expanding collection of Blu Ray films, this was one of the first I bought and it is easily one of the best in terms of the picture detail and quality. The upscaling of the original footage has lead to an incredible viewing experience and it still remains my 'go to film' when I want to show friends and family the kind of experience that they can expect from Blu Ray.

I bought it on Blu Ray because at the time there was not much difference is cost between this and the regular DVD version and what I got was a real gem and an unexpected visual treat.
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on 11 August 2014
Not reviewing the film although excellent in my opinion, (IMDB 7.3/10) this is for the Blu ray itself, the film is a 1995 so wasn't expecting too much due to age of film, however I have seen this on DVD and in my opinion this is a massive improvement in picture quality, this is a nice transfer, soundtrack is spot on too with 5.1 uncompressed audio, and presented in 2.40:1, have always liked this film but in this quality a joy to watch again. Highly recommended purchase.
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on 29 March 2010
Blu-ray all zone

Ratio of the feature film:

Languages of the feature film:
PCM 48 kHz, 24 bits, 5.1: English
DTS 5.1: European French, Castilian Spanish
Dolby 5.1: English, European French, Castilian Spanish

Subtitles for all the videos:
Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, English and English for the hearing impaired

An outstanding picture and sound quality but with only a few extras (3 deleted scenes plus 2 documentaries).
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on 10 September 2009
If you have seen this movie on dvd and liked it then you will love this version. The sound and picture quality are really good.Well worth the upgrade.
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