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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2018
As a fan of Radical Face, I was surprised to hear Ben had another band. I immediately got this album and loved every second of it!
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on 26 April 2006
The album S/T was released on German electronica label Morr Music, the perfect home for this beautiful and fragile collection of pop songs. A perfect mixture of glitch electronica and indie song writing in the vain of The Postal Service and Styrofoam, not to mention a hint of Anticon's cLOUDDEAD. Starting strongly with the self-confident Good Morning Hypocrite, an ever-evolving song that is as catchy as anything. You might get stuck playing this song on repeat for ages, like I did, before trying the next track Insomnia. Don't worry standards never drop with this record and Insomnia is just as good and by now you starting to recognised that with Electric President the verses are just as catchy as the choruses. The music is good enough to work as instrumentals but when you add the poetic, naive, angry and dreamy lyrics found on every track, then you know that we are really on to something here. Ten Thousand Times has the coolest distorted guitar sounds and words you will sing along with the first time you hear them. Grand Machine Number 12 reminds you how stupid working yourself to death for your boss is. However, if Electric President worked for me I would demand one album per week, sorry boys. Hum is short and very sweet and might just break your heart. Snow On Dead Neighborhoods is just beautiful, sorry draw your own insights I got sucked into just listening and forgot to analyse. Some Crap About The Future has many changes of pace and style to keep up with, but this is futureshock you can really enjoy. Metal Fingers is very dramatic, powerful and haunting. We Were Never Built To Last gets off to a quiet, fragile start but soon becomes angry and defiant. The album closes with Farewell but don't despair, you still have 8 minutes of epic ever changing wonder left. Don't be afraid of the sudden guitars bursts either, there is more beauty to come and a playful, childlike reminder not to worry about bad things because "it was all in our heads". A stunning and perfect album that is so well constructed that months later I just can't get sick of playing it.
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on 2 January 2007
In almost every review I've seen written about Electric President there has always been a comparison to The Postal Service, and namely their Give Up album being a "blueprint" for Electric President's self named album.

I own the Give Up album and as much as I love it I have to admit the referencing to them makes me feel like Ben Cooper and Alex Kane aren't getting the praise they deserve.

Electric President is an experience.

I've never heard anything remotely like it.

After buying their album I felt like I'd been let in on a little secret that I became hooked on knowing, so I tracked down both of their "You Have The Right To Remain Awesome" Volumes, which I understand to be the first batch of stuff they did under the name Electric President and was blown away.

I cannot recommend this band enough, every song, every line of the lyrics is dripping with a unique poetic mystery.

For a couple of broke, twenty-something year old guys, recording in a garden shed in the early hours of the morning; the story of the band itself is almost as magical as the music they've conjured.
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on 12 April 2006
As is the case with numerous great bands and artists, I first heard their material on The OC and downloaded a couple of songs from their album.

Their sound is quite hard to describe (their mixture of samples, instruments and electronic stuff sounds quite eclectic and haphazard on first listening but over time it slots beautifully into place) and I think it is certainly an acquired taste but, as a fan of a huge scope of genres and artists, I think it is one that will only improve with time. I'd suggest checking them out on iTunes or a similar website first, where you can listen to a brief sample of their stuff but I for one am looking forward to hearing more of their stuff in the future!
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on 22 June 2006
Electric President's amazing album was released 27th February 2006 on Germany's Morr Label. Hailing from Berlin, Morr have put artist's out such as Ben Gibbard (Death cab For Cutie), Styrofoam, Mum and The Notwist. It is obvious that there is a certain sound to Morr's artists, and if you like one from the collection then it is worth checking out the others.

Electric Presidents self titled album brings together a collection of down tempo tracks that may possibly be compared to that of The Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie. Some ambient moments crossed over with uplifting electronic tracks, so whether you are happy or relaxed this album is worth the play.

Selecting tracks that should be highlighted is difficult, due to every single track being amazing in its own right. Some of my favourite tracks include: Insomnia, Some Crap About The Future and We Were Never Built To Last. It is difficult to pigeon hole this album as I like so many of the tracks.

This album is perfect for a summer chillout as it is easy to have on in the background or just sit and listen to the lyrics. If you are a fan of Ben Gibbard's work then this album is a must.
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on 30 October 2006
Stripped, immediate but at the same time interwoven with euphonic choirs and hymnic melodies - as melancholy as splendid pop songs mostly are.
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