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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 December 2014
I was a huge fan of the first series and was expecting big things from the second. It certainly did not disappoint! The humour is again delivered in the trademark surreal Boosh style, with Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt again proving to be a fantastic double act. There are a few familiar characters as well as plenty of new ones, and fans of the first series will not be disappointed. For me, this did not quite live up to the brilliance and originality of the first series but it is still fantastic and definitely worth a watch
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on 1 March 2006
I haven't seen all of this yet, so I must add that my cautious 3 stars is for what I've seen so far. The yeti episode was good but something that I can't quite put my finger on is missing. It is as surreal as ever but the songs are so far less effective as are the plots. Oddly, removing the hapless pair from the Zooniverse sems to have not given the series the opportunities it could have. Perhaps they are constricted by the music links, which seem odd anyway as Vince was so anti Howard's efforts in that direction anyway. It is still very enjoyable in a surreal sense but the desert music episode whilst interesting, raised no laughs for me.
I hope it gets better and that there is a series 3 that raises the bar, as so far nothing comes remotely near the Hitcher or Spirit of Jazz episodes form series 1. Not even reintroducing the Evil Man Witch worked except for the 'malt loaf? Yeah I'll have a slice' Moment.
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on 27 June 2013
I was introduced to The Mighty Boosh at work and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

How best to describe The Mighty Boosh? It's hard to do but if you like comedy that is a bit "out there", strange, weird and sometimes not making much sense at all; if you like comedies that are original and have people looking at you and saying "what the heck is this?" with amusement and/or bafflement, then this is possibly for you.

This series takes us away from the Zoo in series one and now we see the team living in a house, including Naboo's familiar, the ape.

I believe there are 3 series right now.

The green-skinned Hitcher makes an appearance in this one as well as Noel's parents and 5-year-old cousin (who plays Kirk, one of the Shaman Council, whose real name is also Kirk).

This is a double DVD which as 4 of the 6 episodes on disk 1 the remainder on disk 2, along with, out-takes, deleted scenes, the making of series2 and commentary by the main cast on various episodes.

Oh, and by the way; you can get these series in a 3-series box set for £17, but if you buy the series separately you save about £5.

So, all-in-all a great, funny, weird series. Awesome!
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on 7 December 2015
I love the Boosh, all three seasons, though I would say after repeated watches over the years they suffer from slightly decreasing returns. The first season is definitely the best, only lacking the inclusion of the hilarious shamen. Season two (this product) is still very entertaining, with only one dud episode (in my opinion) which I find boring for the most part; that is the second episode, called The Priest And The Beast. Because of that episode, this season drops a star to only four stars.
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on 25 July 2007
I LOVED series one of The Mighty Boosh.I thought it was the best comedy I had seen since Vic and Bob's Big Night Out all those long long years ago-I wondered why my mouth was dry half way through the first episode then realised I had been watching with my mouth COMPLETELY OPEN.
I can't describe then how bitterly disappointed I was with the second series.I stuck through the lot back to back thinking what self indulgent nonsense it was-then stalked off to bed in a huff half way through the last episode 'the Ballad of Milky Joe'which I thought had REALLY pushed it.Then it rotted in the dvd box till my little boy dragged it out months later. And you'll never guess what...(!)-it just gets better and better!Julian Barratt's music is fantastic and the worlds they create are completely involving and utterly beautiful.I especially love 'The Priest and The Beast'.It's beyond comedy.If the Boosh was a circus I'd run away and join it.
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on 14 December 2005
so youve seen series one... probably seen most of the episodes of series 2...... maybe missed a few due to your think-tank going and you not remembering its on but hey. Get the dvd.... seriosuly... the boosh series 2 made me laugh and cry. The props, the people, the storylines and, ofcourse, the songs all are perfect. If your buying this for a loved one, pet or unborn child bear in mind that this dvd will blow your head off with its comedy genius. this is one thing the bbc actually got right....
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on 22 March 2006
With the exception of Spaced and probably Peep Show, I don't think I have ever waited for a follow-up series with such eager anticipation. Mighty Boosh Series 2, however, was a bit dissapointing.
I really wanted to love it as much as its predecessor but in abandoning the Zooniverse in favour of Naboo's bedsit, Howard and Vince's existence lost the charm which it gained from such an unusual and original concept.
With the new setting the storylines have become overly far-fetched. This is probably an attempt to satisfy those cringeworthy media critics who dubbed the Boosh 'zany' and 'surreal' - which to an extent is true but not in the "I'm well mad I am!!!" sense...
Howard has lost some of his trademark whinging and universal contemplation while Vince’s chic androgyny and mod stylings from the first series have turned into full-blown dressing in girls clothes.
The saddest fact of leaving the Zooniverse behind is the loss of the Zoo Manager Bob Fossil. The actor who plays Fossil, Rich Fulcher, appears in Series 2 as various other minor characters but all are a mere sliver of the genius which made the idiotic manager an integral part of the Zooniverse.
I am the first to appreciate the need for comedy to evolve, particularly in this country where really good shows are few and far between, but sometimes change isn’t always for the better.
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on 1 January 2006
Pure surreal genius! From the evil Nanatoo demon who looks like a granny who kills with bus passes and knitting to Old Gregg who has a man-gina and a Bailey's obsession you'll laugh and not really be quite sure why. It is the sort of programme that the more you watch it, the more you find funny and look forward to the same lines time and time again. Don't even think about trying to describe it - well there's these guys on a desert island who make people out of coconuts and call one Milky Joe but it turns into a tale of twisted love and murder... So many little things to spot as well like the fisherman's bar phone being covered in shells (and his wife too). If you haven't been introduced to Howard Moon and Vince Noir then NOW is the time to get to know them before they stop being cult on BBC3 and go mainstream.
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on 28 November 2006
series 2 of the mighty boosh is sensational,from the off i wish to say i dont think its as good as series 1 but thats not the end of the world as series 2 is still odd,brilliant and funny.

the big difference that will strike you when you watch series 2 is that the zooniverse has gone and that howard and vince live with naboo and bollo in a flat and that howard and vince have dreams of making it as a band,along the way they encounter lots of different characters and moments of surreal brilliance,i wouldnt want to give too much away but the last episode with milky joe is probably the best episode ever,this show aint for everyone,that much im sure of,but this is essential in my world.
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on 4 July 2014
I've bought this three times now, the previous two I loaned out and never got back.
This is in my opinion the best series. I don't think the world was ready for the third series,
as it went a bit too surreal .
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