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on 25 August 2009
I have seen Bryan live on many occasions and his performances whether live or on film have always been great. His performance here and that of the band are superb and drives along at high energy.

The DTS soundtrack is absolutely top class and is well balanced and crystal clear with an extensive mix of old rockers and not so old new stuff-this is the good part.

But Oh dear, the picture. I didn't buy several hundred of pounds worth of flat screen TV to watch pictures which are mostly like viewing in a snowstorm. If I had wanted to watch this DVD through net curtains I would have bought some or perhaps watched it on an old CRT low resolution TV.

The picture is a weaving, bobbing, unsteady mess that would make a deep-sea sailor quesy. The camera operators seem to have been told by the director to point the camera like it was a torch or a garden hose. Many shots never stop at all, but just flow back and forth over the stage and crowd as if camera operators were spray-painting with the camera.

We are even treated to a few fleeting in focus shots in fully saturated colour as if to prove the video is not faulty which would result in it being returned as defective.

Added to this the extreme grain, soft and out of focus shots and shots directly into spotlights resulting in whiteout and you have a dogs dinner of a visual record of the show.

I'm afraid I just don't get this arty farty stuff (my wifes Michael Buble DVD is in the same league) and its another video presentation which for me verges on the unwatchable - totally unavoidable and down to an ill conceived idea - if it had not been for the soundtrack it would have got turned off in the first 5 minutes it was that bad.

Having said that Bryans singing and the bands performance are superb.
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on 12 April 2011
Thanks Amazon UK. I was not able to get this DVD in US. This DVD proves how entertaining are BA and his band in albums and Live!. In particular, watch "Back to you" in this DVD:awesome with Keith Scott's solo guitar towards the end of the song. Also the package arrived neatly wrapped well ahead of the estimated date of arrival.

I do not agree with the reviews that say that the video look like it has been shot with a mobile phone and is not good. There is a originality in the "grainy video" itself. If you are a BA fan, this one is a must. Available as "Anthology" in USA.

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on 5 July 2006
All the songs are perfectly performed by Bryan and his excellent band. He always sounds better live to me, his studio albums don't have the same quality; always somewhat dispassionate sounding. I only really got in to his music after hearing his LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! album recorded in Belgium in 1988.

His voice sounds even better than ever now. The overall sound is not quite as hard as it once was, many of the tracks have been arranged as if they were on the Room Service album. Previous Japanese and Irish DVDs were sparse sounding through the absence of keyboards and a second guitar whereas this offering is back to the full sound. Several tracks are performed acoustically, including "back to you", sounding almost as on the unplugged album. The expected "Everything I Do" is also performed semi acoustically, along with "summer of 69", "Flying", "all for love", "straight from the heart", "room service". The last five in a solo encore.

The version of "heaven" was very different and can't really compare it to anything he has done. I still dont like the cloud 9 song!

His crowd interaction is kinda annoying for me. He's still inviting someone to duet "when you're gone".... at least the girl was better looking and almost as good as pamela anderson!

He walks in to the crowd microphone in hand while singing "best of me" to gets groped by screaming girls which i thought was a bit creepy.

I wish more people could get to see his live work instead of thinking the only thing he did was Robin hood and a duet with a spice girl!

The definition or resolution of the picture is not the issue in this DVD, it's the odd frame rate. Seems like about 12 or 15 frames a second. I don't see what is wrong with the standard film rate of 24. The credits say it was shot on 16mm and 8mm so assume it was originally shot at 24 and then telecined somehow.

Thankfully the sound production is perfect, with 3 audio tracks for the concert, a 2 channel AC3 dolby surround downmix, and 5.1 channel DTS and AC3 tracks.

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on 16 March 2006
I've just been reading some of the other reviews on here, particularly the complaints about the picture quality. The 'grainy' picture was in fact Bryan's idea and he worked closely on this with the director, as he wanted to create an artistic effect, and some of the footage he took himself while using a camera on stage. It isn't to everybody's taste but I think it makes it a bit different and to be fair, Bryan is a very creative person so I'm not at all surprised that he tried something a bit different, something that breaks away from the format of all the standard concert videos that are out there.
The grainy picture in my opinion does not take away the fact that this DVD is awesome. It fully captures the excitement, pace and energy of a BA concert (I was lucky enough to go to 6 gigs on this particular tour although sadly not the one at which this DVD was filmed) and this amazing atmosphere is fully reflected on the DVD. The sound is great too I think...it's been mixed perfectly and shows just how strong and powerful his voice is.
No complaints from me!
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on 19 November 2006
Although some of the filming of this dvd is questionable, the sound, performance and audience participation are fantastic and present a great concert and performance. Perhaps this should have been brought out as a DVD/CD as the sound is so great that it would have made the perfect concert to listen to since it is (soundwise) better than 'Live! Live! Live!' and the Live in Japan CD/DVD. Now backed with the full five-piece band, rather than the three peice, Bryan Adams' concerts are equal to those larger concerts of Wembley Stadium (not available on CD or DVD) that took place back in the mid-nineties when he was huge. Definately worth buying.
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on 8 June 2006
Ok, unlike most of the reviewers I must say this is personally my favorite Bryan Adams dvd release. And here are a few reasons:

1. Unlike Slane Castle and Budokan (which were both good), bryan returns with a full piece band, which fleshes out his songs like the good old days (the Waking Up The Neighbours live era)

2. The performance of 'Heaven' is AMAZING. I've never heard it done this way before and I think it's awesome what Bryan has done with this song here. For me, this version is worth the purchase of the dvd alone.

3. The crowd interaction is spot on. One of the things I've always liked about an artist like Bryan is his down-to-earth manner with his fans. It's so enjoyable here.

4. I don't consider myself 'arty', but I agree with an earlier reviewer in that it's nice to see something different from an artist -grainy picture is fine by me - and it's not like this all the time. There are instances where the picture is 'clear' like a 'normal' dvd.

5. The promo videos are cool.

6. Also included is a radio interview - it's voice-over only though.

So I always say, decide for yourself. But my advice: if you're a Bryan Adams fan, or just looking to get a Bryan Adams retrospective in concert, get this now!
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on 1 September 2014
I'm sorry Brian, your artistic idea just didn't work for me. I can go along with your love of Super 8mm but not in the hands of incompetent operators who can't even hold focus. Even a modicum of training with the cameras would have resulted in a more watchable concert. My heart bleeds for the poor editor who had to cobble the footage together. I'm sure that you could have made a similar video by using the phone recordings from the audience!
The soundtrack, however is an entirely different matter! 5 stars is not enough for this. 5+ at least if not 6 is needed! The quality of the audio is superb, capturing Brian's performance so well and recreating the atmosphere of the venue brilliantly.
Buy this disc for the music alone. You won't be disappointed that way. If you can cope with the video it will be a bonus for you.
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on 8 January 2006
Having bought previous live DVDs of Bryan Adams, Budokan 2000 and the MTV Unplugged, both of which I thought were of a high standard, then this seemed like a natural next purchase, having seen him on this tour in the UK.
What a disappointment. Not the actual performance of BA and his band but the quality of the DVD itself. Horses for courses I guess but this looks like it has been filmed by various people standing in different parts of the audience with hand held cine cameras.
The picture darts around at a furious pace, with heads and hands nearly always getting in the way, the whole thing is just grainy and poor picture quality, and left me wondering whether I was just missing some 'arty' aspect to the filming or whether it was just really that poor.
Also had me wondering just how much BA has to do with this production.
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on 28 January 2006
This is the latest installment of the bryan adams dvd collection and is a particuarly good one.
There are all the classic songs including 'everything i do i do it for you', 'back to you' and 'run to you' all performed to an excellent standard and the sound is amazing (but do have surround dound)
Only minor drawback is the 'arty' type footage which does ruint he atmosphereas it looks as though it was done with a portable camera (BA has one on stage) and is not up to dvd quality.
HOWEVER its only a minor one SO BUY IT
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on 19 April 2014
I was going to return this project because I wasn't sure if it was a copy as the whole concert was blurred. Not sure if it is meant to be like this but my other Bryan Adam DVD's play ok
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