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on 1 January 2017
Son loves his wrestling watches over and over great quality
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on 28 July 2014
Awesome Pay per view. some great matches. really worth having for any wrestling fan, a must have
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on 10 June 2015
this was a present and was really enjoyed
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on 3 January 2015
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on 18 April 2011
all good fights but my fave one was matt hardy vs edge in a cell nothing like a good cage match
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VINE VOICEon 6 June 2013
Maybe it's because it came after a tremendously strong Summerslam, but at times I did feel a little underwhelmed by Unforgiven. There was nothing wrong with it, and there are some very solid matches, but it just didn't feel right for me. On paper, the card seems pretty weak, but that is simply not the case, with some very entertaining matches that I wasn't looking forward to at all. I guess the aim of the PPV is to build rivalries up until the next big event, but for me that wasn't executed as skillfully as I would have liked. Your commentary team for the night is JR, King and Coach; JR keeps things going along very well as always and King is really on form, with some great, zingy one liners delivered. Once again I'm left wondering why Coach is out there. He doesn't really add anything to the production, so he shouldn't be there.

Carlito is still new to the game here, and it shows in a fairly boring moveset; although I have no doubt that this is also a contribution on the part of Flair - I imagine there are some things he just can't do now he's getting on a bit. We have pretty standard fare here, with little excitement attached to the match (which shouldn't be the case with a title on the line). However, the crowd are pumped up and there's nothing wrong with the match, so it was an acceptable way to open the event. ***

TAG TEAM MATCH - Trish Stratus/Ashley Vs Victoria/Torrie Wilson:
A very, very strong match from the divas, with some great, entertaining wrestling from Stratus and Victoria. Wilson goes through the motions well enough and Ashley's far too inexperienced, but when Stratus and Victoria are in the ring everything is different. Definitely the biggest shock of the card, and a very good match in its own right. ***1/2

Big Show Vs Snitsky:
This feels very shoehorned into fitting the PPV title, with some hastily tacked on need for revenge. As a result the story behind this comes across as rushed and I really couldn't care less about the outcome. Big Show is a solid performer (and a great worker behind the scenes) but at this time his in-ring skills were pretty repetitive, and having Snitsky as an opponent doesn't help matters. Instantly forgettable. **

Shelton Benjamin Vs Kerwin White:
Possibly the worst gimmick of 2005 was getting Chavo to rebel against his heritage and pretend to be a white, upper class, golfer. Let's face it, Chavo is where he is because of the family name, so it definitely doesn't fit his character to get rid of the name. That said, Chavo is a decent in-ring performer and Benjamin is an amazing talent that was largely wasted throughout his WWE tenure, so we have a decent match here. And the move that closes the match is one of the most convincing deliveries I've ever seen. ***1/2

STEEL CAGE - Matt Hardy Vs Edge:
This match really does fit the Unforgiven name, and is match of the night for me. Some good storytelling, both n the build-up and the in-ring action and some good, entertaining wrestling too. I've always been a big fan of Edge, and Hardy is none too bad either. With some well worked psychology, some great spots (watch out for the finish in particular) and decent talent there's little I can criticise. As an overall story, I prefer their Summerslam match, but as a spectacle this wins and could easily have acted as a feud closer. ****

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES Hurricane/Rosey Vs Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch
Hurricane and Rosey have always been a bit of fun - Helms is actually a damned good wrestler and Rosey had some moves too (for a big man he was pretty quick). Cade and Murdoch are solid Raw fare, and work well when paired with the right opponents, especially at this stage of their careers. In this match their best is brought out, and the result is a fun match. With a well constructed set piece the middle of the way through that acts as a big game changer, I have to say overall I enjoyed it. ***1/2

Shawn Michaels Vs Chris Masters:
Michaels is a great worker and has had some amazing matches, but this isn't one. It is, however, fairly entertaining with some flashes of brilliance. The big question coming into this really is how will the Masterlock come into play? And it is really this that drives the entire match, to great effect. There are some innovative counters and avoidances, which elevate the match above standard fare, but there wasn't enough spark there to really enthuse me. ***1/2

WWE TITLE - John Cena Vs Kurt Angle

I'm a massive fan of Angle, not so much Cena. All goes along well in the first half of the match, nothing too exciting but a good showing and some nice exchanges between the two. I personally would have liked to have seen Angle forcing a bit of a wrestling match in the opening minutes, but instead we get increasing frustration at not being able to do so (which is actually pulled off very well). However, then everything gets a little fiddly, with a ref bump and run in to deal with, which to me just breaks any believability in the match - referees always go down too hard and for too long at the slightest push. An indecisive ending obviously sets up for bigger and better things, so I understand the need, but I would have liked for some nicer in-ring work first. That said, there is a little post-match payoff which serves to set up their next match perfectly and is a saving grace of sorts. ***1/2

In the DVD extras, you have an "interview" with ZZ Top which actually turns out to be twenty seconds of Maria's gimmick and about 5 second of actual interview. But you do also get an 8-man tag-team match from the following night's raw: Cena/Michaels/Big Show/Matt Hardy vs Angle/Masters/Snitsky/Edge which is in all honesty better than a few of the PPV matches and well worth a watch. If Raw was always like this I'd definitely be sad not to be seeing it.
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2011
2005 was one of my favourite years as a WWE fan. The roster of that generation was so hot and there was a lot of great things going on that made both Raw and SmackDown such essential entertainment.

To me, Unforgiven 2005 captures the vibe of then-WWE beautifully. Looking at the card, it reminds me of what a thrill it was to be a fan of that era, with so much talent, rising stars, new players and legends really leaving their mark. Although this edition of the (now-retired) Unforgiven event is hardly an unforgettable show, it's still an excellent showing, and the Oklahoma City crowd make for a fantastic atmosphere.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Carlito (Champion) vs. Ric Flair
The Nature Boy learned to thrive after the implosion of Evolution, and chasing after the Intercontinental title certainly put him back in the spotlight at this stage in his career. Carlito had yet to be the polished pro, but he definitely had a memorable run as the IC Champ. This was a decent little program that resulted in a decent opener. Could only be `okay' due to Flair's age and Carlito's greenness, but it's still a watchable outing with some nice moments and a pleasing outcome. (6/10)

Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro vs. Victoria & Torrie Wilson (w/Candice Michelle)
From a time where the WWE women's division still mattered, Trish had come back from injury to help the 2005 Diva Search Winner (Ashley) against "Vince's Devils" (genius!). The action suffers from the highly inexperienced Massaro (who in fairness was thrown in the deep end right away) and Torrie's less-than-stellar performance. However, because Trish and Victoria were actual wrestlers, they saved the match from being a disaster and their famous chemistry made this an entertaining women's bout. Worth a watch. (6/10)

Big Show vs. Snitsky
Snitsky was just a waste of time, really. Another muscleheaded monster with no skill. So it fell to the Big Show (a proven legend) to at least try and make the match entertaining, and thanks to him, the result is actually okay with some good spots. Obviously, it's not even remotely special, but it could've been absolutely rotten. Instead, you can actually sit through it and enjoy the Big Show giving Snitsky what he's got coming. (5/10)

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White
Why in the WORLD would WWE decide to repackage an accomplished, highly-skilled veteran like Chavo Guerrero as a GOLFER? The Kerwin White gimmick was one of the stupidest, most forgettable gimmicks I've ever seen in my life, and for Chavo to be landed with this for a brief time was both pointless and illogical. And it's THAT reason which takes too much enjoyment and potential away from this bout. Still, there are flashes of outstanding wrestling here, and a wicked finish. Shelton was one of the greatest IC champs of all time, and was still so hot at this point. So why he couldn't just wrestle CHAVO GUERRERO (a more identifiable opponent who we could take seriously) in the setting the bout deserved...is BEYOND me. (7/10)

Steel Cage Match
Matt Hardy vs. Edge (w/Lita)
Perhaps wrestling's most shocking, real-life love triangle translated into one of the most successful rivalries we've ever seen. Edge (and Lita for that matter) used the scandal to drive their heel personas and careers to new heights, and for Matt Hardy, his fan base and resurgence went through the roof! The crowd are truly alive for this one, and the real-life tensions between former friends/lovers drove all involved to provide us with one of the most memorable cage matches in history. Dramatic, psychological, bloody, exciting, intense; EVERYTHING you could expect from a great cage match is right here. The AWESOME outcome has to be seen to be believed! Match of the night. (9/10)

World Tag Team Championship
The Hurricane & Rosey (Champions) vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
This is just a means of providing fans with a breather after the epic previous bout. Still, it's another decent match-up with Cade (RIP) & Murdoch set to become a fine tag team, and Hurricane and Rosey performing well. Shame the bout kind of falls through after Murdoch's WICKED DDT on the floor (poor Hurricane!), but the outcome's satisfying nevertheless. (6/10)

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters
It's such a shame that the Masterpiece's drug problems sent his career into a complete nosedive. Because watching him throughout 2005 and early 2006, Masters CLEARLY could've been a main-event player. Here against Shawn, he more than holds his own against the Showstopper in a gripping, dramatic battle that established the Masterpiece and his Masterlock (a simple full-nelson) as something to legitimately fear. Shawn was on form as always, tearing the house down, providing excellent psychology and giving fans another rollercoaster ride from start-to-finish. (8/10)

WWE Championship Match
John Cena (Champion) vs. Kurt Angle
These two had wrestled several times throughout 2005, and although the No Way Out collision was the best, this is still a fantastic main-event. Angle's unparallel technical expertise and Cena's unorthodox yet explosive style gel well together, and although it could've gone at a faster pace, the match (and the crowd) remain excellent. Points knocked off for the finish, but Bischoff's involvement and the aftermath are fun to watch. (8/10)

For extras, expect to see WWE Diva Maria interviewing music legends/wrestling fans Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill from ZZ Top(!) and an absolutely EXCELLENT 8-Man Tag Team Match from Raw the following night as Unforgiven participants (Cena, HBK, Matt Hardy and Big Show) stand together against their rivals (Angle, Masters, Edge and Snitsky) in all-out war that allows everyone to shine. WWE Home Video should include more matches like this for special features on TODAY'S releases.

WWE Unforgiven 2005 is a very good show, all in all. Even the worst bouts on the card (i.e. Show vs. Snitsky) are watchable, and there's plenty of great matches to make this a recommended purchase. Especially now that it's at a bargain price. One to own.
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on 27 November 2010
WWE Unforgiven 2005 did bring back some memories today, when I watched the whole event on DVD for the first time. This PPV is jam packed of some quality matches, with some really good talent e.g. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle with more that I could name.

Match of the night had to be the steel cage match between Matt Hardy and Edge, who had a heated rivalry back in 2005. Matt Hardy and Edge really tore each other part, inside the steel cage with Edge taking some domination when he started to beat up Matt. The match got turned over when Matt had his chance of kicking and beating the living hell out of Edge with the use of the steel cage and the money in the bank briefcase. In the end it was Matt who won the match when he delivered a huge leg drop off the very top of the cage, which was the best moments that should be talked about because it was awesome. ****

Other Matches I Liked
The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels went up against The Masterpiece Chris Masters in my second favourite match of the night. These two put on a good match with both showing their true talent inside a WWE ring. There was moments where we thought Masters was going to beat Shawn with his unforgiving Masterlock, but Shawn hit Masters with a huge Sweet Chin Music for the victory. ****

John Cena vs Kurt Angle which was for the WWE championship ended up as a disqualification, but the match itself was very much entertaining. The match quality was superb with Kurt Angle showing why he wanted to become the new WWE champion. It was just a shame the match ended as a DQ, but the very ending to this PPV was awesome when John Cena performed the FU on Angle through the announcers table.

Overall this PPV was awesome and has to be one of the best PPVS of the year 2005.
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on 26 August 2008
Unforgiven 2005 followed on from a great summerslam and this event was also filled with a good level of quality with some matches that wont be forgotten anytime soon.
The event opened with the WWE intercontiental title on the line,the champion carlito went up against the 16 time world heavyweight champion ric flair who had battled hard prior to this to earn his chance.
The match was pretty glorious if im honest,i really enjoyed it,the crowd sensed something special may happen here and acted accordingly and this spurred on both men into having a very good match,the aftermath was great and a real reminder that when the WWE wants to entertain they most certainly can.
A tag team match featuring the divas wasnt going to do much for anyone as trish and ashley went up against victoria and torrie wilson,this was purely rotten.
The big show fought snitsky next and was what we all knew it would,dull!,two big men slapping each other and trying bouts of strength and so on,you get the idea and you can also be assured that this wasnt a match to remember.
shelton benjamin went up against kerwin white (chavo guererro) next in a bog standard kind of match,the kerwin white gimmick didnt hold much weight,it wouldnt as the commentators kept calling him chavo,and this match could have been better,too much prancing about and not enough wrestling,a let down.
The same cant be said of the next match,a cage match featuring matt hardy and edge,their feud was more real than some knew at this juncture,and the cage was used to contain their rage and ensure that this ended once and for all and they went out in a blaze of undisputed glory. A real stunner of a match,flawless.
The world tag team championship was up next,the champions cade and murdoch went up against the hurricane and rosey,i sense that people didnt expect much from this but they along with myself were proved wrong,the two teams put on a great display and i was very pleased with this match.
There is an old saying,shawn michaels doesnt have a bad match,well when he fought chris masters next that belief was retained as these two shared a great bout and masters impressed.The ending was good and the majority of this can be called very good.
The main event was up next and the WWE championship was on the line,the champ john cena went up against kurt angle,first things first,i found the ending a bit of a letdown but the match itself was fought at a fair old pace and some tremendous skills were viewed,both men raged and battled with all they had and you cant ask for more than that,3.5 out of 5.
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on 28 February 2006
i watched this event live and was just blown away by the awesome cage match...
This match was better than i expected, i am not a fan of either guy, but both really sold the match, and the end spot with carlito choking on his apple, followed by the figure 4 really worked for me....3.5/5
Trish Status and Ashey vs Victoria and Torrie Wilson
I really dispise the diva search thing, and this just proves to me that it is pointless.....1/5
The Big Show vs Gene Snitsky
I didnt mind this match too much, nothing special, it was what it was.... 2/5
Kerwin White vs Shelton Benjamin
I am a big fan of both guys,so was looking forward to this...slightly dissapointing, but still a good match...3.5/5
CAGE MATCH= Edge vs Matt Hardy
Match of the night...i am huge fam of hardy and was waiting for him to be given the green light to show what he can do...this had it all, great psychology, insane bumps...side effect of top rope, powerbomb into cage and off top rope..lita been given the twist of fate and the kick out of the spear...followed by the greatest leg drop ever...from the top of the cage..great match..5/5, now of course hardy is being buried again..should have gone to TNA
WORLD TAG TEAM MATCH= Hurricane and Rosey vs Murdoch and Cade
not too bad, The Hurricane takes a good bump, rosey doesnt really impress me....2/5
Chris Masters vs Shawn Micheals
HBK is a wrestling God, he really made this match entertaining, this guy just doesnt have bad matches..i saw these too face off in manchester, they work well together..4/5
WWE TITLE= John Cena vs Kurt Angle
Cena is not a worthy champ...i aint gonna knock the guy,cus i can see why people like him,he has charisma, and he is decent in the ring,but he should be mid card, nothing else..angle on the other hand should be champ, and he is the only reason this match was any good....3.5/5
Aside from the cage match,this ppv was only slightly above average, WWE isnt what it used to be and ppv's like this highlight that.
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