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on 25 July 2011
Ironically the reason I am reviewing this game is because I am currently playing Company of Heroes. Although Company is a great game the reason I am reviewing HOWW2 is because, I believe it deserves more praise and it isn't getting the attention it deserves. This game has 6 reviews on Amazon, Company has 27 (Not including anthology or special additions) and I just believe that is not fair.

Company of Heroes seems to share a lot of characteristics with this game, I just feel Company doesn't flow as well. Heroes is a much more free game. You can do many tasks in different ways. For example. you have to block a road that goes through a valley. I couldn't find anything explosive to use and was running out of time. So I drove a German Halftrack into the stone wall next to the road. And behold the rocks fall blocking the road making a German convoy take a detour through the village I'd set an ambush in.

Disable a tank and make the crew get out. They will continue to fight with their side arms. Kill the tank crew. Now you have a disabled tank that cannot move. Or do you? Get your men to repair the damage. Oh no its out of fuel. Find a newby fuel can but its empty. Not a problem siphon fuel from a nearby vehicle i.e a truck or jeep. But whats this? There is no ammo left. Not a problem. Got another tank in your control or another disabled nearby. Simply get your men to take the shells from one tank to the other. Now you have a fully fixed, fully fueled and fully armed Tiger in your control.

Another example. Need to stop some Messerschmitts taking off and getting your friends in a runaway plane? You could get your men to man the AA guns, fair enough but not guaranteed as the fighters are fast. Do as I did block the runway off with all available vehicles on the map. Bulldogs, Halftacks and trucks all become barriers. Watch as the Messerschmitts smash into the blocking vehicles and burst into flames.

Also the way you control individual soldiers is brilliant as well. Got a man hidden behind a way holding fire. Control him manually. Hold down the control key and you can move him with the WASD keys. Use the mouse to aim, which is more accurate than the automatic AI's aim. Got a sniper rifle. Watch as the coloured dot of your cursor becomes a sniper scope allowing head shots. Got a grenade or antitank grenade to throw? aim it yourself to make the most of these explosive weapons.

This game isn't as pretty as Company and the videos that tell of the story may not be as cinematic. However the nice looking destructible terrain, the multi ways of solving a problem and the sheer genius of the control scheme, in my opinion, makes this one of the best RTS world war 2 games ever made.

Graphics, sound and plot however are still all brilliant.

Buy this game and lose many hours finding out all the little amazing features it holds within.
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on 27 May 2014
I seem to be the most recent buyer and reviewer of the product, and a I think I should warn you its a game of roulette to see if it will work on your computer. It hates all modern day units, and I'm a big fan of the series, so I came back to see what this one was like. Sadly, it won't even run on Vista, whether or not compatibility mode is engaged. Very disappointed, as I tried for long time to get it working. Even when I managed to run it just gives me a mystery error code saying the program will be terminated. Needs to be updated or removed I'm afraid.
I've got it working! It turns out you actually need to run it in windows 98! Its a brilliant, brilliant game, an absolute masterpiece. Forget next - gen, this is where its at.
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on 21 November 2016
I love this game, it's tough and you can get punished for making poor tactical choices.
The newer games that are similar to this just lack the same fun and immersion
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on 29 June 2017
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on 2 March 2013
Still working on this, Its a lot harder than I thought. For an old game the graphics and explosions are good.
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on 23 March 2009
Played on Windows Vista 64 bit.Compatability:Windows 98/ME.

Having recently played the latest, and better installment of this series Men of War, i went back to see what this was like, as it is only a fiver. Basically it is a RTS game similar to the highly acclaimed Company Of Heroes game.It does look allot more dated than the newer MOW game, but the controls and interface are still there at its roots, although not as good as the new polished version. Overall it isnt too bad for the value your getting, I would reccomend it, but make sure to get MOW too at some point, it is the latest update & better imo.
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on 10 March 2017
Another one i gladly threw away
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 25 June 2015
Soldiers Heroes of World War II is a 2004 WW2 real time strategy game from Ukrainian Devs Best Way and is the prequel to Faces of War and the birth of the Men of War franchise.

The game lacks certain features found in later games of the series but is still a very detailed game for its age, such as physics and environmental destruction as well as penetration values and armour weak points similar to the Close Combat games.

The single player is made up of 4 campaigns each comprising of 4-5 missions as well as 7 additional bonus missions, the campaign is for the most part comparable to Men of War Vietnam, as in you control a very small squad and have to wipe out a brigade sized enemy force.

Difficulty is at best a little random from mission to mission with frequent overwhelming odds paired with the lack of an auto save will lead to frequent mission restarts. On top of this there are times where the game isn’t exactly clear as to your objective, or rather the location of the objective, which can lead to trial and error and sometimes an extensive scouring of the map, which can slow the game down.

The voice acting is, well, let’s just say it has voice acting and is better than you find in most modern budget indie games, but a million miles from the masterpiece that is the voice acting in Baldurs Gate 2.

Multiplayer is easily the best aspect of the game and can be played via LAN or over the internet using Game Ranger, with modes including 1v1, 2v2 and Co-Op. With a handful of mods available at moddb to extend you game even further, although the game sadly lacks any inbuilt editing tools.

Soldiers Heroes of World War II runs fine on Windows 8.1 without the need for any effort, and runs on Windows 7 using compatibility mode and run as admin, just be sure to install the v1.28 patch. I have not personally tested on Windows 8.0 or 10.

If you can get it for the right price, is and easy to recommend title, just make sure to buy a copy for your mate as well for some multiplayer goodness.
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on 21 October 2015
purchased this for my husband, unfortunately never been able to play it as not compatible with our system, contacted mastertronic who were no help at all
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on 1 December 2013
When ever I play an RTS now it is compared to this game. The tutorials are simple to master and the missions are a joy to play.

Previous reviews have said it all, the look of the game is superb, the control and difficulty is also good. I have played the full game several times in the campaign modes for the different sides. Each time knocking up the difficulty a peg and it doesn't get old.

Its great being able to take the enemies superior weapons as an upgrade to your own, my personal favourite is taking the heavy machine gun from an un-repairable (or simply unwanted) vehicle and using it as a hand held weapon. Another great feature is detecting enemy minefields, making them safe, collecting them and re-deploying them to use against the enemy.

The sad thing is that that I no longer have a platform to play this on as I found it difficult to get the support to run this on an OS past XP. The developers patch never works for me hence the 4 star overall.

If you still run an XP machine or can make the patch work this is a must.
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