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on 23 March 2009
Played on Windows Vista 64 bit.Compatability:Windows 98/ME.

Having recently played the latest, and better installment of this series Men of War, i went back to see what this was like, as it is only a fiver. Basically it is a RTS game similar to the highly acclaimed Company Of Heroes game.It does look allot more dated than the newer MOW game, but the controls and interface are still there at its roots, although not as good as the new polished version. Overall it isnt too bad for the value your getting, I would reccomend it, but make sure to get MOW too at some point, it is the latest update & better imo.
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on 10 March 2017
Another one i gladly threw away
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on 18 April 2006
Having seen reviews in magazines for this "hidden gem" I decided to give it a try and wasn't disappointed. The game play is easy to master with the training missions, although the missions themselves are a tad more challenging! With plenty of missions and non-linear game play, this should keep you amused for hours. As with any game, there will always be some criticisms - enemy AI springs to mind (soldiers not reacting despite bullets whizzing past their heads!) - but there are also some great features (my favourite being the destroyable scenery)! Generally I'm a fan of the WWII FPS genre, but I found this WWII RTS really worthwhile - and the price just makes it a must have. Enjoy!
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on 21 October 2015
purchased this for my husband, unfortunately never been able to play it as not compatible with our system, contacted mastertronic who were no help at all
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on 3 July 2015
I ordered the wrong product
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on 30 March 2015
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on 25 July 2011
Ironically the reason I am reviewing this game is because I am currently playing Company of Heroes. Although Company is a great game the reason I am reviewing HOWW2 is because, I believe it deserves more praise and it isn't getting the attention it deserves. This game has 6 reviews on Amazon, Company has 27 (Not including anthology or special additions) and I just believe that is not fair.

Company of Heroes seems to share a lot of characteristics with this game, I just feel Company doesn't flow as well. Heroes is a much more free game. You can do many tasks in different ways. For example. you have to block a road that goes through a valley. I couldn't find anything explosive to use and was running out of time. So I drove a German Halftrack into the stone wall next to the road. And behold the rocks fall blocking the road making a German convoy take a detour through the village I'd set an ambush in.

Disable a tank and make the crew get out. They will continue to fight with their side arms. Kill the tank crew. Now you have a disabled tank that cannot move. Or do you? Get your men to repair the damage. Oh no its out of fuel. Find a newby fuel can but its empty. Not a problem siphon fuel from a nearby vehicle i.e a truck or jeep. But whats this? There is no ammo left. Not a problem. Got another tank in your control or another disabled nearby. Simply get your men to take the shells from one tank to the other. Now you have a fully fixed, fully fueled and fully armed Tiger in your control.

Another example. Need to stop some Messerschmitts taking off and getting your friends in a runaway plane? You could get your men to man the AA guns, fair enough but not guaranteed as the fighters are fast. Do as I did block the runway off with all available vehicles on the map. Bulldogs, Halftacks and trucks all become barriers. Watch as the Messerschmitts smash into the blocking vehicles and burst into flames.

Also the way you control individual soldiers is brilliant as well. Got a man hidden behind a way holding fire. Control him manually. Hold down the control key and you can move him with the WASD keys. Use the mouse to aim, which is more accurate than the automatic AI's aim. Got a sniper rifle. Watch as the coloured dot of your cursor becomes a sniper scope allowing head shots. Got a grenade or antitank grenade to throw? aim it yourself to make the most of these explosive weapons.

This game isn't as pretty as Company and the videos that tell of the story may not be as cinematic. However the nice looking destructible terrain, the multi ways of solving a problem and the sheer genius of the control scheme, in my opinion, makes this one of the best RTS world war 2 games ever made.

Graphics, sound and plot however are still all brilliant.

Buy this game and lose many hours finding out all the little amazing features it holds within.
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on 31 January 2009
I bought the CD version a few years ago, and keep going back to play it, have now cot the DVD version (which has a few modifications to the Original), I also bought the sequel (very rare) Silent Heroes, which has less but longer missions, I have also downloaded Mods for the original which add evan more missions to the game.
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on 19 June 2006
This is my favourite game ever, the one installed on my machine all the time and the one I keep coming back to. Once you have finished the game you can download loads of mods that give you new missions to do; some are as big as expansion packs (I don't do MP). That said, I actually bought this game twice as the first time I found it so frustrating I got rid of it so you do need some patience to get into it.
It is way better than CoH where you have tanks with health bars that drive up and down minefields until they die. What is that about?! In Soldiers one hit (in the right place) can destroy a tank but if you are shooting head on into thick armour you can slug it our for ages before doing any damage. As long as the tank doesn't blow up you can then use a repair kit to get it going again - or capture the enemy's armour if it is better than your own (although a lot of the fun is in taking out enemy armour with a weaker tank of your own by flanking it to hit the weak parts).
The soldiers all have inventories and can only carry so much. No endless ammo either - if you shoot your gun bullets get used up so you have to manage all that too. Not sure what the other reviewer meant about this being a good game for people who don't like blood though as a grenade or tank round can literally blow the little men limb from limb. Not nice!
The best bit, which is essential for these games but rarely appears is Direct Control. Hit the End key and you grab hold of a unit and control it with direction keys. This is great for tanks and a winning concept.
The follow up to this game was Faces of War, which was a bit poor and very disappointing. The next in the series will be Men of War, which is supposed to hark back to Soldiers so hopefully will be my new favourite game. If it is as disappointing as Faces I just hope the modders still keep writing new missions!
Update (April 2011!): Unfortunately while Men of War is undoubtedly very good and has dozens of positive reviews for me it still does not top Soldiers. In Soldiers you have the time to look at the scenario and plan a strategy but MoW is basically an updated Blitzkrieg type game where it's a case of selecting large numbers of units and throwing them at the hordes of advancing enemy rather than making precision attacks from clever locations. You still have the great inventory system but it does not work when you have an army to control and equip.
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on 21 June 2006
It is a really good game. For people who like army games without any blood in, this is the game for you. You get to use loads of weapons and vehicles. The levels are challenging and there are bonus levels for you to do.

Overall a bullet of a game!(excuse the pun)
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