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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2008
Fightstar were the first band to come out of the Busted split, with the reason being Charlie's decision to make metal music and they released material in the middle of 2005 .Son of dork followed them up in November of the same year with a far more impressive and suitable album and much better songs. It wasn't too much of a difference from Busted, whereas Fightstar were about as different as you can get. I was anticipating the release because Busted were my favourite band when they split, and I was waiting to see just how James could do with a group he had combined together. My view when I discovered the band was just to listen to the music and that was all. Blink 182 had become my favourite band by that point and it was around the time of this album that they split up too. I have really bad luck with bands! My musical taste by then had somewhat matured so I really accepted this album whereas maybe I wouldn't have when the band had split. I was pretty impressed with what I heard as soon as I listened to the album for the first time. I could tell that it was much more pop punk than pop rock, but I was fine with that. One significant difference I came across was the guitars. The guitars in Busted were somewhat hidden but in this album James has decided that the band should have noticeable guitar riffs and they should soar to the listener.

The album, in my opinion is not as good as Busted's 1st album in that it isn't as polished but it is certainly better than Busted's second album. The band had to change record label instead of Island to Mercury. The band has set out a theme with what they are and what this album represents and that theme is being a loser. The album's name is an indication of trying to escape that fact but what this album conveys is not escaping but actually experiencing living the life of a loser. The album is very teenage sounding music and is straight up pop punk. There are themes of sex and teenage life throughout, in some songs more than others. Instrumentally the band are outstanding and there are some brilliant guitar riffs in a few songs. Boyband, Eddie's song and Slacker are the most noticeable. The drumming is well done too. It is a shame that the band didn't progress with their song writing and make another album. If they could move on from the teenage pop punk to something more mature, but still with a similar sound then they would be a great band because they work well together and they're proper musicians. In the songs the singing is done by another guy not just by James. I think James has the perfect pop punk voice; it's really smooth, and the other guy has a smooth voice as well.

The opening song was the first release from the album and pretty much sets up the scene for the rest of the album. It is a fast paced pop punk song with a nice sound. If you listen closely you can hear Dave screaming near the end. The main reason I bought the album. It isn't the best song but it was perfect as the 1st single. Eddie's song is a rock anthem and it's ironic to the album's theme. I think I heard it was based on Van Halen. Little things is a really immature and soft sounding pop ballad with a nice sound and lyrics about teen lust. Party's over is another really teen sounding song., with the lyrics 'I just watched my girlfriend get laid on the sofa' and 'Stranded at first base I never saw her naked', it's pretty pathetic but you sympathise with him. Boyband is my favourite song on the album, purely for the sound. The intro is a headbanger and the song is so sarcastic. The best guitars and riffs - that's probably because there are 3 guitars playing different parts, which is something that the band likes to do. Sick is a dark song. The cello in the verses are a diverse element in the album. The lyrics are quite teen sounding , but it has deep emotions in it. The bridge has the singer contemplating suicide which shows intensity. Slacker is apparently the band's favourite song. It is about a teenager who lives in his own world of neverland. He is nerdy and plays computer games all day and night , and is compared to Napoleon Dynamite. It has great guitar riffs and an energetic sound. Holly I'm the one is a highlight with the guy telling his best friend how to win the girl and hating him when he does. It's the embodiment of the teen loser! Wear me down has been compared with Busted's Can't break thru but I think this is better. It still sounds like teen lyrics but it has a good message and has some power within. Murdered in the mosh is one of the best sounding songs. It is about letting people see your musical tastes for who you are instead of pretending to like other stuff and being a faker. What is really silly is that there is a hidden song with a choir singing the chorus. It lasts so long in between the two songs that it's 13:28 when the choir enters and 14:30 when the song ends. That is so much wasted space and time, especially if you put it onto your mp3 player, because it takes up so much memory. This could be replaced with 2 other songs instead because of the time. After listening to this teen pop-punk, having a more mature choir singing the chorus makes me laugh.

If you like pop rock/punk and you can relate to being a loser then you'll love this - I know I do!
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on 22 November 2005
Having been a massive Busted fan I was upset when Charlie decided to leave, causing the band to split. When I heard James was starting his own new band I was excited - he had been the main songwriter for Busted after all.
This album lives up to the expectations that I had about his writing abilities. This is how I would have imagined Busted's third studio album would sound, had they made it that far. The songs are more American influenced than previous Busted material but I don't have a problem with that. Most of the songs are about unrequited love or they are stories - for example, "Slacker" tells the tale of a computer geek who is bullied at school but has the last laugh by getting a job at Nasa that he loves.
Basically, this is great pop and if you liked Busted and that type of music, this album is perfect. If you're a music snob who only likes "real" rock music or whatever, give it a miss. The only complaint that I have about this CD is that there are only 10 songs, but I'd rather have 10 good songs than adding in weak fillers to pad it out.
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on 30 November 2005
I LOVE this album! It's amazing. For the first time in eleven months, I don't miss busted at all! James has come back with some of the most amazing tunes I've ever heard. It runs from being like, the cheesiest of cheesy pop, (Little Things) to teenage angst that is bordering on psychotic and scary (Sick) to very meloncholy sort of black humour (Party's Over) and everything in between. I really like the fact that the songs seem really honest. They talk about their own music, about the people who are too ashamed to admit they like pop music (Murder In The Mosh) and they laugh over the fact that they'll never be taken seriously because they do make pop music and yes, they are VERY cute. (Boyband) The only thing wrong with this album is it's too short. And James spends a lot of time hiding bushes...
These guys are awesome, and they can only get better. I would recommend this to anyone, anywhere. No matter who you are or what you listen to, there is at least one song on this album you will, (even begrudgingly, privately in your room when no one's watching) like.
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on 29 November 2005
Congratulations to James for writing such a fun, energetic, and Busted-esque album. Considering he was the driving force behind Busted it's no surprise that this contains the same cheeky lyrics and teenage obsessions.
The album starts where it means to go on, with pacey guitar tracks sprinkled with heartache and illegitimate children (as mentioned in 'Eddie's Song'). The first five tracks are superior to the latter, although most tracks are very good. I'm not entirely fond of 'Sick', but that's probably because I prefer the upbeat tracks. 'Boyband' is a fun track probably about how they felt after joining Son Of Dork. I especially like the lyrics which no-one could take seriously, and mention James' close friends McFly.
The best track on the album comes in the form of 'Little Things' which I am glad to say will be the third single. It describes the feeling of wanting the girl next door, but makes the guys sound more like stalkers (he saves up to buy binoculars to watch her play badminton). The song is infectious and very radio friendly.
One criticism of the album would be that it's too American in places. You're British guys, so please sing British! Another is the lack of songs on the album, only ten. I'm sure they have recorded more than that. Busted fans have been waiting since the new year for this album, more tracks are needed. Apart from that I would fully recommend this album for anyone who liked Busted and enjoys five guys acting thirteen again!
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on 7 July 2011
I've loved Son of Dork forever and it took me ages before i finally got round to buying the CD but i loved every minute of it. Only slight complaint is "Murdered in the Mosh" seemed to not be that good quality.
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on 2 March 2013
love james bourne he is an awesome song writer i just think this band arrived at the wrong time people wanted different and so many band didnt last because if that,. good if you like catchy popy songs
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on 29 November 2005
James Bourne was the main songwriter behind BUSTED - he returns with his new band with the upbeat debut album, "Welcome To Loserville". Apart from the first release "Ticket Outta Loserville", other stand out tracks include "Eddies Song", "Boyband" and "Holly I'm The One". If you like pop/rock then definitely buy this album, you wont be disappointed!
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on 29 January 2013
I bought this album after going to see Loserville the Musical. I loved it so much and these songs are amazing and remind of the musical!
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on 9 February 2012
great for the money. came within 7 days, i got this for my daughter and she loved it. anything to keep her happy.
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on 17 May 2014
I love love love James Bourne. Pop rock joy. This reminds me of my early twenties. Fun times. Enjoy this!
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