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on 9 June 2006
I was looking for a speaker system for my ipod mini for an upcoming holiday, and I bought this item on the strength of the reviews I read here. I was not dissapointed either!! - it's quite remarkable how much power this unit can generate. The clarity is very, very good, and although the bass end is obviously not the beefiest (compared to a proper hifi unit) it does deliver a good punch, and the bass is still very evident, and retains very good solidity.

The volume controls are very easy to use, and I can't quite understand any complaints about them - you simply tap on them repeatedly to incrementally change the level up or down. The unit is solid, and a little heavier than i anticipated, but that can only helps the bass end I think, and there are no rattles when playing at high volumes, and let me tell you, this can really kick it out, but realistically, you'd probably only use it at half to 3/4 volume for a more than adequate volume for most uses.

Sound quality is retained at lower volumes also. The stereo image is adequate - the speakers are only 6" apart afterall!

I have noticed the same hiss that someone else mentioned (either on this or the white version), but have also noticed this is only when the screen on my mini dims! - I set it to not go off, and there is no hiss at all! - a quirk to be sure, but not enough for me to send it back, since it scores highly in all other aspects.

If you want a true hi-fi sound, then spend a few hundred on a hi-fi with big speakers and a quality amplifier, but if you want portability and power for your ipod, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a solution with comparable quality as cheap, and in fact, I have heard less quality from some hi-fi units to be honest.

Because of that small niggle on the hiss/screen dim, I would have given this item 4.5 stars, but given the value for money and overall high quality of the unit, it gets 5 from me!

Now - I wonder how many of these I could justify throughout the house.... ;)
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on 15 August 2006
I wanted this as a simple speaker system to use when travelling so I don't have to rely on headphones all the time. I hoped it would be loud enough to fill a small room but beyond that I had quite low expectations of sound quality etc. However, it has really surprised me. It goes loud enough to fill a large room with no problem and the sound quality is excellent for its size. It is not too 'tinny' and is very pleasant to listen to. It works brilliantly with both my mini ipod and my ipod photo. It is not as small as some folding speakers but the sound quality and volume is far superior to the folding speakers I owned previously.
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Delivered on time, very well packaged in perfect condition. These are a really good set of speakers for the price. They work via four AA batteries or your plug socket (cable supplied of course). Just insert your ipod/nano/mp3 player(there is a 3.5mm double ended cable supplied) and you're away! The volume is controlled by two buttons, + or - for up or down, simpllicity. The volume is good and you wouldn't have it on full in the house as it would be too loud which means it will be good for in the garden for any parties, bouncy castles, barbeques or just whilst your sitting outside after a hard day at work! The sound quality is really good too for the price. I bought these for my sons bedroom so he can use his ipod nano with them and he's really happy, they look good too. I can definitely recommend them.
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2009
Looking for a cheap n' cheerful speaker system for your Ipod? For under £20 this is a must have for anyone (might I add not audiophile) who wants to share their Ipod songs with their immediate company (or play air guitar without the mess of getting caught up in your headphone wire mid-solo). Perfect for the kitchen, great for the bedroom. Don't expect outstanding quality, but then who would for £20. Highly recommended though for a good sound and a tiny space filler.
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on 12 February 2013
I was looking for an inexpensive speaker system to use in a living-room-sized room. I was not very impressed with the Intempo IDS-01B - weak sound, not overly robust physically. Ended up returning the unit and bought some no-name mains powered PC speakers for the same price, which completely blew these away in terms of volume and sound quality.
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on 31 August 2006
I bought these so we could all listen to my iPod on holiday. The speakers are powerful enough to fill a large room with clear and crisp sound and as an added bonus the iPod is recharged at the same time. The mains power supply is the heaviest part of the kit while the speakers are compact,stylish and well built. Highly recommended.
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on 24 June 2006
I purchased this unit with the view of having a charger for my ipod and for providing external sound. I did not expect the decent sound levels produced. Friends have also commented on the clarity and "punch" delivered. Unfussy and perfect for small rooms, you cannot go wrong at this price.
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on 18 June 2007
I was looking for some speakers to go on holiday with in 2 weeks that would double up as a charger. I looked around Comet, Currys and HMV but didn't really want to spend too much in case they get lost or damaged out there. So I came on here and noticied these were on sale. I was a little apprehensive at first due to the fact I didn't know if they'd be loud enough for what I wanted. So when I got them naturally the first thing I did was fire up the volume to see what was going on. For their size, as stated by the reviews, they are immensly loud. I can clearly hear every word and beat from downstairs when they;re playing upstairs. Unless your having a full blown party with no neighbours and a room fit for 200 people, you won't need anything louder than these. They also vibrate like mad when you crank up the Bass Booster in EQ!!!

They are really compact and lightweight and are fect to take with me. People have commented on its plasticy look but I'm not so sure about that and do quite like the look of them. Theres even a neon light in the back. Be realisitic here, you're not buying the top of the range speakers with all the gizmos and so they're not going to be the most stylish things ever, but I think they look good enough.

People have also reported concerns on here regarding the volume dials. I happen to like the "buttons" they are quite sensitive, but you soon get used to it. Would be nice if you had a volume indicator, but you definetly know what top volume is!

I also here the hissing sound when music isn't playing which is a bit of a worry, and this isn't removed when you place the backlight on permanent or not at all as someone on here suggested.

A potential problem might be the fact that they work on the mains and not batteries. I'm having to get an adapotor to sort that problem, but its far cheaper than spending double for that feature alone.

Overall, these little speakers are very good and are perfect as a holiday companion or just to have music on in the backround.
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on 12 April 2006
Great product, I was about to go out and spend a fortune on Bose speakers but these are a fantastic purchase particularly for the keen price. While they are not home stereo speakers they can definately be compared to them. Awesome clean sound and can be heard from a distant.

Best part is your ipod gets fully charged while you listen, so you can grab it on the way out the door.

To sum up, if your looking for speakers these are the ones unless you dont mind spending a few hundred on Bose speakers.
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2007
This is a wonderful piece of equipment, especially for the price and size. It plays any mp3/IPOD. But Creative Zen M owners DON'T DON'T DON'T plug it into the docking point, that is for Ipod's, use the supplied adaptor which plugs into the earphone socket on the Zen. I plugged it into the docking point and it fried my Zen. Creative have very kindly replaced it because it was still within warranty but I was without it a month!! Intempo do not warn you about this problem so BEWARE. The sound is excellent but will only fill a small room. I have it on my desk at work and its brilliant.
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