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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2006
i love aerobics oz style and never ,miss it when it is on tv .this dvd is great because it is a longer workout than the 30 min show (this is about 55 min)it is a high enery workout or you can do low impact if you want after the cardio section there is some great ab toing then on to a fantastic strech.buy this it is fantasic
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on 11 September 2006
I have been used to Rosemary Conley fitness DVDs where the music is real pop music and the routines are very varied.

In comparison, this DVD seems quite unimaginative, although it definitely gets your heart-rate up!

There are 5 sections of around 10minutes each (all adds up to 55 mins as there are breaks of a minute or so between sections:


Section 1

Section 2

Abs & back mat work

Stretch & cooldown

The aerobics sections - Warm-up, Section 1 and Section 2 are basically exactly the same routine repeated again and again. Grapevines, box steps, small squats, full-jacks, step-claps, heel-digs - all very basic. Section 2 incorporates jumps, but there is a lo-impact version to follow.

The abs & back section is nice to do, but could be more challenging. The stretch section is very thorough and I do this section on its own after eg going jogging.

June Jones isn-t bad as a presenter - pretty good with the directions (although not as clear as Rosemary Conley). I found the girls costumes a bit off-putting (basically bikinis) and one of the girls looks like the Hulk! It was recorded on a public beach and there are various members of the public milling around in the background which liven things up when you-re doing the umpteenth routine repeat!

I do a fitness DVD around 4 times a week, and this one maybe once a fortnight.
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on 21 November 2006
This is the only exercise dvd i have but i couldnt ask for anything better. When i began my fitness level was very poor and i only did the warm up, section 1 and cool down. Now my fitness level has increased and i do the whole dvd which gives a great workout. You can make the exercises harder or easier depending on how you feel. The steps are simple and the routine is easy to follow but the workout feels effective (great when you are uncoordinated like me!). I love this dvd and am going to buy some more soon!
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on 8 January 2009
This DVD is great, a real all rounder guarnteed to get even the most fit person sweaty !!! The girls are all in great and keep you movitated throughout the workout, it is for all levels, you can work as hard as you want too. I used to do Aerobics Oz Style every morning but Sky Sports now put it on too early so I got this DVD instead, plus this workout is alot longer than the TV version, all in all about 45mins of actual working out. I highly recommend the Aerobics Oz Style Fat Burner Breakthrough DVD.
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on 6 February 2009
The steps in this dvd are quite fast so I would not recommend it to people looking for a easy workout. Its not so much hard, just the steps are quite fast.

At the first few times doing this workout, I found the steps were to quick to have any beneficial effect, but after you've attempted it a few times, it finally becomes easier to follow and work your body effectively.

The location is absolutely stunning - however if your like me and live in the UK, it does make you a bit jealous!!!

The fact that the girls are equipped with perfect makeup and hair makes the workout a bit unrelistic BUT i did find the workout fun and the Abs section is good too as it adds a few different moves from the typical ab crunch.

I would recommend this dvd because it is eventually effective (don't be put off by the first go) and its not too long so I think its ideal for a quick aerobic boost.
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on 23 March 2010
I'm a bloke aged 48, and it's hard to find bloke orientated fitness dvd's. There are so many aimed at the female market. It's a high impact aerobic workout which is what I was looking for. I used to do aerobics about 19 years ago at classes in Exeter and so I know all the moves shown in the DVD. If I had not done that and was a complete beginner I think I would really struggle with keeping up this level of intensity at my age!
Even the warm up is fast. It not a DVD to start off with, rather build up using other fitness DVD's and then add it to the weekly plan.

The music is pants, when they do the cool down the music just stays the same fast beat when it should be slower to match the moves. The eye candy is awesome, beautiful young ladies in swimsuits strutting their stuff on an Australian beach!

I'm using it about once a week in conjunction with other fitness dvd's as part of a get fit again programme. It was that or get old and fat! I would recommend it to anyone with previous aerobic class experience. I give 4 out of 5 cos i like it despite the music.
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on 25 February 2009
I have done aerobics classes in the past but never a DVD, when I bought this and Ministry of Sound Pump It Up with the intention of doing each in turn so that I didn't get bored with one.

I only did the OZ DVD once and lost all patience with it - some shots are of faces or upper bodies of the 'dancers', so that you miss what they are actually doing with their legs or the rest of their body. As I don't have a memory for routines I found this extremely irritating. Another frustration was that the camera pans around the group, which looks artistic but is incredibly annoying as it meant I was confused as to which move came next in the routine or whether I should be using my left or right leg, etc.

I found the way this DVD was filmed very frustrating as it interrupted my rhythm and meant I had a very poor workout, and got bored. I also think that the instructor talks too much throughout the DVD but doesn't actually say much that is useful.

Overall, such a poor DVD that I gave it away. The Ministry of Sound Pump It Up DVD, however, is fantastic and I highly recommend it. I didn't have any problem following the routines of that one, as the camera stays at the front of the group and shows the entire body so you don't miss any of the routine.
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on 3 April 2014
This DVD is brill with a good step by step Aerobics work out easy to follow and with the Aerobics done on a sea and beach view it makes you work out even harder and also want to look like and get the cracking bikini figures that all the girls in the routine have
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on 16 August 2013
I bought this because I had several episodes of the series sky-plussed and I used them to work out to in the mornings before work rather than go to the gym. The DVD is OK and fans of the show would find it a good buy if their favourite episodes were deleted (as were mine!) or no longer on show.
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on 18 March 2009
I found this workout DVD very easy and quite boring. I am very unfit, just having had a baby and I didnt feel like I had had a decent work out by the end. Give me 'Pump it up' any day!
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