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on 29 September 2011
I know all the range of fitness dvd made by Ministry of Sound and Clubland with the same fitness trainer Deanne Berry, and I believed that this dvd "Pump it up Hi-Energy" was full of aerobic exercises like those made by Deanne Berry, but as soon as I opened this dvd I found a dvd full of dance coreographies! Despite I have been a dancer, I found so many difficult to follow the fast movement of coreography... Because if I want to do aerobic exercises to keep myself fitting, I don't wanna press my nose against the screen to follow the steps of coreography. If you would like to buy an areobic dvd, buy the others of Ministry of Sound with the famous Aussie fitness trainer Deanne Berry.
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on 26 February 2009
I ordered three pump it up workouts as a special order. But so far I already returned both The Ultimate Dance and Pump It, Burn It, Lose It. The reason is simple. If you want to really workout- hi Energy is the king!!! I am not a sporty person, nor I am good at choreographic moves. It really took me a week to get my head around even mambo moves, but This workout makes me sweat, while keeping a big smile on my face. Why? Don't ask- it has nothing to do with anything "hilarious"- I suspect the endorfins are released like crazy, and this is good enough for me.

The warm up is really energetic, and gets you going straight away.

Burn it up is a challenge- a lot of jumping and jogging, real fat burner.

Dance it Up is super hard- I have been skipping it so far, but only dew to my choreographic dislexia, I want to nail burn it up first and then go on to Dancing.

Tone it up is BRILLIANT!!!! Brilliant!!!!! Hi energery pace and check out pelvic exercises- crusial for new moms and evety one of us (plus I read somewhere such exercises really improve your libido and open your sexual chachra!!!

Cool it down is great too. No muscle pains at all - suprising after such a hard workout.

One more thing- The presenter is super!!!! Beautiful, easy directions, very appealing and NOT AMERICAN- was a big plus for me as I find american instructors overdoing with cheering up everytime- so annoying. I didn't know she is English, but as I have bought a few of this series dvds it actually really made a difference!!!

Do buy this workout!!!!!! Really
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on 10 April 2010
This workout is certainly good in places but in others can leave you frustrated!

The warm up is pretty short but in a way at least there is not too much time wasted on it.

The second section 'burn it up' is very good! it is a good aerobic section which doesn't feel as if it lasts 20 minutes. Although the instructor moves quite fast the repetition means eventually you will get the hang of the moves and whilst i handn't quite mastered it by the end with a few more tries i surely will.

The third section is where i became frustrated! in my opinion the instructor moves through the moves far too quickly! i felt if i could actually do the workout properly i would be doing far more exercise but i felt myself moving about aimlessly trying to keep up with the people on the dvd. Perhaps by pressing pause more i could eventually leanr the moves a lot better but this will take a lot of time. There is a section on the dvd with tips and techniques and perhaps they could have added in slowed down versions of some of the moves. However they barely touched on any of the moves in the 'dance it up' section and so i was left to struggle! This section could be very good but if you are not a quick learner at dancing it will take a lot of time and effort to master. Nevertheless i did still manage to work up a sweat.

The 'tone it up' section is also very good. You can really feel the squats working and there are some other very good exercises for the lower body and tummy. There are even pelvic floor exercises and the 'tips and techniques' section is very helpful for aiding the exercises in the toning section.

The cool down is good in that it is relaxing at the start before moving on to the stretches needed to help the body.

All in all the dvd is good, but in places can be frustrating to those who are not so coordinated or find dancing does not come naturally. I am sure however that with time the dvd can be mastered, just don't expect to find all the moves easy to follow straight away as not much help is given off the instructor.
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on 27 February 2006
I loved loved loved the first Ministry of Sound dvd 'Pump It Up! The Ultimate Dance Workout
' with Deanne Berry, and this one is nothing like it.. Deanne Berry is a pro and the first dvd was a great mix of dancemoves and really hard workout from top to toe.
This dvd is just jumping around doing silly dancemoves and the new instructor is impossible to follow.. Maybe this is ok if you like pure dancing, but if you want to feel you are doing some proper workout as well this is really quite bad..
Bring Deanne back!!!
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on 6 March 2013
Ive been doing this workout now for about 3 weeks and along with healthy eating, have lost 10 lbs.its fun and although the dance section was hard to follow at first, is now easy and you don't think that your working out but just dancing and learning new moves. Its not long and drawn out, gets straight to the point and i sweat buckets! would fully recommend this DVD
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on 24 May 2010
I've owned this DVD for about 4 years now and it's one of the best ones I have used. I like the Burn it up section the best because the instructions are easy to follow and the moves are hard work. I've never got through it without being out of breath and sweating! The music is good too.

The only downside to the dvd is probably the instructions on the Dance it up section. I did dancing for 15 years (to a high level) and whilst I can do the moves, the instructions are not clear and too quick to follow in parts. It frustrates me that the instructor doesn't demonstrate the moves more than once - just expected to pick it up from seeing it once. And sometimes there are two many moves in one instruction. However if you stop and start the dvd a couple of times to master the moves, this makes it easier the next time round and it is a good workout once you get the hang of it.
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on 6 March 2013
I've already got the beach body one, which I think is brilliant.
I fancied a change so thought this might be good.
It is way too fast, you've really got to be good at dancing to be able to pick up the moves quick enough before they move on to the next.
Ideal for a semi/professional dancer.
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on 24 August 2016
Didn't really break a sweat doing this my favourite is still the 1st pump it up dvd it still gives me a good sweaty work out
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on 9 July 2009
I have the MoS's Pump it Up. Burn it. Lost it DVD so I had high hopes for this one. However, I was very disappointed with it. The problem is simple: the moves are much too complicated and the presenter doesn't demonstrate them clearly enough. I found myself spending large parts of the workout standing around in a state on confusion rather than actually doing any exercise. I'm sure if I spent enough time watching, rewinding and re-watching the moves I could get the hang of them eventually. But I just want to get on with a workout, not spend hours trying to decode what's going on.
It might suit someone who has had some reasonably advanced dance training- they may have more luck picking up the steps quickly. Otherwise, avoid.
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on 5 March 2009
I love Pump it up dance mix dvd with Gareth Walker, buy that one instead. I'm sure that this choreographer is very nice, but her voice is very grating and annoying, i just can't cope with the racket that both her voice makes, and the terrible music choice for one of the workouts. This is coming from person who loves dance music. This is also why i prefer the 2007 ministry of sound workout video with Gareth, as the music is far better.

Gutted :(
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