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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2006
Will & Grace has been called the last standing great sitcom. With the departure of Friends, Frasier, Sex And The City etc. Currently half way through season 8 Will & Grace is probably coming to an end.
In Season 7 we kick off from the end of season 6 Karen reiling from her 1 minute Britney style marriage to Finster Karen writes a song called 'I Hurt Too' and is stalking guest star J-Lo to record it with her, with help from Jack. On the other side of things Grace takes out her frustrations of her cheating husband (guest star Harry Connick Jr) Leo on Will who himself is on an emotional rollercoater trying to help his friend. It's a funny but emotional start to a season that proves that, although this sitcom is still the pick of the litter, it's starting to lack the same genious it did in the early days. Relying more on outlandish storylines and shock value jokes rather than witty one liners and snaps this show is starting to look more like 'The Karen And Jack Show With Will And Grace' Where Karen and Jack have always been considered the funnier of the 4 that's because their crazy antics used to be a sideline to Will & Grace's normality. But now with Will & Grace slowly turning more into Jack and Karens themselves this show runs the danger of becoming way too extreme and whacky to be any good.
But don't get me wrong these are just fears I have for the future of this show. This season is still fantastic and the guest stars keep on coming! Maybe the funniest episode in the entire season is 'Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine' Will's FIRST EVER longterm boyfriend in 7 years, Vince, (guest star Bobby Cavanale) brings 'his Grace' Nadine (guest star Kristine Davis) round to meet Will.
Also in this series Jack somehow becomes the executive producer of a new all-gay station called Out-tv. Karen quits Grace Adler Designs after a spat with Grace. Will has his first serious relationship since Michael go bad. (Which I hated because I loved Vince, he was so right for Will)
As usual a butt-load of top Hollywood names whoare themselves out to T.V. popularity! J-Lo returns at the beginning of season 7 and then straight afterwards in episode 2 of the series Jack goes from being a back-up dancer for J-Lo to being a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson. Also in this series are Bobby Cavanale, Kristine Davis, Sharon Stone, Harry Connick Jr, Alec Baldwin (ya know, the only Baldwin with a spec of talent!) Lily Tomlin, Ed Burns, Luke Perry and Jeff Goldblum. Also returning guest stars include Blythe Danner as Wills mother and Molly Shannon as the lovably insane Val, in again one of the funniest episodes of the season! (season 5 & 6 sadly lack an episode with Val!)
This DVD boxset does contain all 24 episodes of season 7 but unfortunately no special features. They seem to be getting less and less. Where seasons 1-4 had blooper reels, interviews, vignettes and so on. Season 6 had a 55 minute interview with the creators of Will & Grace at what I'm guessing was the Edinbourgh arts fair. This DVD lacks anything. But still the 24 episodes contained in this boxset make the boxset worth buying. With season 7 now out there's pretty much no more boxsets to come for a while since they're only half way through season 8. It's still above crappy sitcoms like Hope & Faith, Rodney and According To Jim (nothing against those shows though) but is outdone, in my view at the moment, by shows like Everybody Loves Raymond. But still bloody funny! So enjoy!
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on 15 February 2006
i did not think this was the best series of Will & Grace but it was still brilliant! the cast are so great. it had funny twists and turns and was very enjoyable although i was upset not to see any bonus features such as "bloopers" like on the other dvd's especially when i paid so much money for it! still, very good im looking forward to season 8 which is sadly the last series
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on 29 March 2010
What is it about US sit-coms? The good ones are slicker, funnier and way more entertaining than anything the UK produces. W&G has 4 strong, hilarious main characters and tons of guests as extras and in this penultimate series, is still as sharp and snappy as ever. The first half dozen episodes zip past in a blaze of one liners, slapstick and brilliant performances.

The last series lost its way a bit as unforced OTT scenarios lapsed into caricature but by then they sensibly knew it was time to bow out. This series though still has 5 star quality written right through it and, of course, lots more genuis from the iconic comedic character that is Karen Walker...
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on 7 March 2014
Already possessing and, generally having enjoyed series 1 to 6 of Will & Grace, my wife and I thought that we would buy the last two series, which we had missed when they were broadcast. Unfortunately, what became clear within a couple of episodes was that, by the start of series 7, the writers had run out of ideas. Plot lines were either dragged out ad nauseam or else cynically recycled from earlier series. Worse still the stereotyping was taken to a cringe worthy, toe-curlingly embarrassing level. Not just Jack's pantomime gay, but also Karen's cruelty and Grace's meaness were exaggerated to a hideous degree. True, it was not a total bust as there were still some cracking one-liners, especially from Will but had we known the overall quality (or rather lack thereof), we wouldn't have bothered to buy this set
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on 2 December 2013
I love Will & Grace - or more accurately Karen Walker - but was disappointed that this box set didn't have subtitles. I have hearing difficulties and find it hard to catch Karens quips, my favourite parts.
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on 6 February 2006
Sadly, it's clear that this show has lost its spark. Whereas seasons 1-5 were "really, REALLY funny" and season 6 was "funny", season 7 is "OK". And, I mean "OK-with-a-shoulder-shrug". It's like the writers, or the network, have lost interest.
Something is missing - it's all a bit half-hearted - which is sad, because when I think about how the earlier episodes made me cry with with laughter, I feel that this show, the actors and the characters too, deserve better than this as we move towards the closing season.
I'm looking forward to season 8 (the final season), but only to see how it all ends.
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on 17 November 2010
I love this sitcom. Perhaps seventh season is't quite the best but there are still many memorable episodes and plenty laugths. It is also time when Will has the first long term relationship we are allowed to see. The writing is funny and characters hilarious. Of course they can be often selfish and stupid (and in real life I wouldn't probably care for friends like this), but this is comedy. You have to switch yourself to this special gay-line and you get it and enjoy it.
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on 29 January 2006
In some peoples view season 6 was a dismall year, the stories were pushing the boat and although i disagree with this i do have to say season 7 is a return to form. From what ive seen they've brought back some old characters like crazy lady Val, which shows that the old formula is what made the show a great one! However i have to say im mostly excited about this season because i finally get to see the epsiode guest starring Janet Jackson (waited tooooo long). However this season will revolve around the demise of grace and Leo, and the uprising of will and vince.
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on 7 September 2010
Great comedy. Not overused as Friends, and just as potent and entertaining. All characters are fantastically written. Whether it is Karen, Will, Grace or Jack, not to mention Rosario, there is a great mix of style and character there.
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on 20 November 2011
Will and Grace are very funny.
We get to know them and follow along, as they try to find love and meaning to life.
Their friends help as they can, but things do always turned out as planned.
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