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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 March 2011
Having just been through my first marathon sitting of "Arrested Development" (all 3 series in about 4 days) I have to say that, while I was impressed with the program as a whole, Season 2 is what struck me as being pure comedy genius. Genuinely, I could not name one dud moment in the whole season.

From reading through some of the other reviews, they've covered many of the highlights of the season - Martin Mull as "Gene Parmesan", poor private detective but expert of disguise. Oscar "It's your father's birthday... which coincidentally... is my birthday" Bluth comes into his own this series, played to perfection by Jeffrey Tambor (absolutely my favourite performer on this show). Legions of innuendo from Tobias ("I just blue myself") alongside more zany antics from Gob ("Look at us Michael, crying like a couple of girls on the last day of camp") and some great performances by Michael Cera whilst describing his girlfriend ("She calls it a Mayonegg... are you alright?").

Sorry, I just couldn't stop from having a quote fest there. The comedy has been ramped up to unbelievable levels from Season 1, and I often found myself in tears (of laughter) during some of the episodes. Like the previous Season, the show is smart & self-referential, with varying degrees of foreshadowing ("I never thought I'd miss a hand {chair} so much") and continuity that just sets it apart from every single other show I've watched.

If there's one show I recommend you watch in this lifetime, make it Arrested Development, because if you "get" it, you'll feel like it has changed your life completely.
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on 18 March 2006
This is simply one of the funniest shows you will ever encounter. Anyone who is sick of the garbage that so often passes for comic writing will not fail to disagree that 'AD' is an oasis in an otherwise barren wasteland. Within the 'sitcom' genre perhaps the only other show that comes remotely close to the originality and ingenuity of 'AD' is 'Seinfeld'. The only shame is that this show is/was shown on Fox, which wouldn't understand 'funny' if it bite them on the behind. Moreover, and this is not an overstatement, 'AD' proves that an critical intelligence still exists in the United States, one that is not bogged down by the suffocating atmosphere of disingenuous 'political correctness', passivity, fatalism or the consumer haven that we have carved out for ourselves. The impeccable performances, along with the quality of the writing produce a show that will have a cult following for years to come.
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on 1 February 2008
A truly great, hilarious, witty, and intelligent comedy.

This is the only sitcom where almost every line of dialogue is a punchline/wisecrack. The plot is dense, and the scenes move quickly, making repeat viewings essential.

All the cast are terrific, most notaly Will Arnett as the conniving/stupid magician (sorry, 'Illusionist') Gob.

Buy with confidence!
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on 23 October 2007
There's not much i can say that hasn't been said already. This show is fabulous. I love how each character is so different and quirky, and i struggle to have a favourite. George-Michael with his try-to-please attitude, his unforgettable girlfriend Bland and his secret crush on Maeby. Who as it happens has conned her way into a job in a movie studio (Marry me!) Lucille's ongoing love triangle with George and Oscar, Gob's struggle to be recognized as a magician and, of course, Buster!

If you're looking for something that's not your run of the mill comedy but will have you laughing just as much, this is for you. The humour here can be quite subtle, and you can sometimes miss it altogether til the next time you watch it. There's very little slapstick (though i just love it when Tobias is "blue" and follows Lindsay, using his disguise to blend in with his surroundings!) Love this, it's definitely one to be watched a few times.
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on 30 April 2009
Believe the hype, Arrested Development is every bit as good as everyone tells you it is, and probably better!

Season 2 carries on where Season 1 left off, and the mayhem doesn't let up once as the family rolls from blunder to blunder. So many great moments, so many great characters, this truely is one of the best sitcoms of the new millenium, probably ever!

Highlights include:
A Tobias Dance Troupe
A visit from Tobias to the 'Blue' Man Group
All the usual GOB fun
Lots of confusion with George Michael Sr. and Oscar

and of course: "We shan't be telling your mother this, shan't we?"

Buy it now!
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on 13 December 2005
Arrested development is one of the funniest sitcoms around at the momement, if like me are sad and had a whole in your life left by the end of such sitcoms as Friends and Fraiser then arrested development is for you. It incorperates so many different styles of humour from the slapstick comedy of Buster to the idiocity of Gob, to the highbrow humour of Michael or the cringe factor of Tobias and George Michael. Arrested development is one of those shows that sounds rubbish but in fact is a brilliant piece of television. It is under-rated in this country and deserves more than an eleven 'o'clock slot on BBC 2. If you give it a chance you will never stop watching this DVD. It is superb.
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on 30 December 2014
Arrested Development is a fantastic TV show. This second season is just as good as the first season, and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments. The stellar cast return and the special guest stars are brilliant too, especially Henry Winkler as the Bluth family's hapless lawyer. A must have for anyone who enjoyed the first season of this hilarious show.
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on 15 June 2011
I am a huge fan of this show, and this season does not disappoint! It keeps up the humour of the first season, and just gets better and better! The set up of some of the story-arcs i.e Buster, starts very early on, and the more I re-watch episodes the more I find and the more I love it! Comedy at its best! Definitely worth a watch!
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on 25 February 2009
Bought this item as a gift for my boyfriend, as we had seen season 1 and absolutely loved it! Since then we also purchased season 3 and loved every minute. It's such a shame this show had to get cancelled :(

Would recommend to anyone who has a love of comedy!
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on 15 September 2014
Arrested Development is just amazing - if your not into it - seriously you need to watch it again - it is possibly the best, hilarious and brilliantly underknown masterpiece i have ever seen!!!!
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