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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2006
I just bought the show for the heck of it (actuallt the cover looked nice and the synopsis intrigued me). It grabbed me the first second the Danny Elfman theme started and didn't let go 'till the season's untimely finale. I'm not going to repeat all the Buffy/Angel comparisons. The woman are pretty then men are cute, the story is fun and exciting. This is not rocket science but supernatural television at it's (almost) best. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Oh, and even though it was cancelled and some websites mention it ends on a cliffhanger....you don't feel cheated after watching the 13th episode. Only by Fox for pulling the plug.

The only question is: what to watch next...(any suggestions?)
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on 19 August 2006
This is the story of Christina Nickson, a beautiful and angelic looking girl who is found floating in the sea and is rescued by Jesse, the local lifeguard. As Christina spends time in Point Pleasant we soon find out that she is the "Child of Darkness", her father is the Devil and it's his plan that she wreaks havoc on the unsuspecting people of the town. Her presence causes inner and negative emotions in the townspeople to erupt and the introduction of Boyd, the right hand man of the devil worstens things for them.

After watching great shows like Buffy, Angel and Tru Calling I was waiting for something to take it's place and Point Pleasant actually did that for me. Marti Nixon one of the writers and Executive Producers of Buffy also worked on Point Pleasant and this is very clear in some of it's themes and characters. Christina represents the light and the dark, the good and the evil in all of us as she is a metaphor of the inner struggle within us humans. As her mum was a church abiding innocent girl and her father is the devil, it is for her to choose to be evil or good. Like Buffy she also represents what it is to be a teenager trying to find her way in this big bad wide world.

The relationship between Christina and Jesse parellels that of Buffy and Angel's, in the sense that they are two tragic lovers, one a symbol of goodness, whislt the other is the extreme opposite, yet they still love each other and try and overcome it. The season finale is unbelievably good and it drums in that message that religion doesn't solely exist in what a church or a mosque preaches to us, it also lies inside us.

I think it's a pity it was cancelled as too many great shows are like Tru Calling, but I am happy it ended with the last episode tying everything up. If you're a fan of supernatural shows like Buffy and Angel then I'd recommend you watching this!
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on 25 January 2006
This DVD is a collection of all the episodes of the excellent but ill-fated series Point Pleasant. The collection includes all the episodes screened in the series' short run on Fox as well as the 'unaired' episodes.
Point Pleasant is the story of a quiet town subjected to all manner of disaster when a mysterious young woman, Christina Nickson, is rescued from the sea during a storm.
Christina believes herself to be the daughter of a wealthy businessman. In fact she is quite literally the daughter of Satan. As Christina begins to discover her true lineage and the terrifying power that comes with it, the battle for her soul begins.
Christina's father has sent a servant to the town to cause her misery and pain and turn her to evil. Meanwhile others in the town pull her towards good.
The series is excellently constructed, and only let down by a slow start. Elizabeth Harnois portrays the lead character very well and the other cast members grow into their roles over the course of the series.
The plot development over the course of the series is great.
I would recommend this DVD collection to anyone who likes this genre. The only negative about this product is the fact the series has been cancelled.
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on 22 January 2007
I didnt expect such a well made series when I started seeing "Point Pleasant".

It start as a typical teenage drama with "suble hints"(cough) pointing mystical powers . You clearly notice that the series was intended to last longer than 1 season because lots and lots of characters are introduced but never really "filled out".

The series somehow reminded myself on "Carrie 1+2" simply in a longer version.

Teenager fights its dark heritage, tries to make friends or even find love and people who accept her.

For some time it looks like she is winning against her dark side but all starts to slip away and the all people around her betray her or leave her alone.

I dont know why people want to compare this series to Buffy. But if you like supernatural series like Hex, Buffy, Angel, Roswell, Witchblade for example. I think there is a good chance you will like "Point Pleasant" too.

I really enjoyed this series. Sadly this series was axed before it had a chance to really show its full potential. (Fox seems to have a tendency to invest in great series "Firefly" etc. screw up the potential in sending episodes out of order (5 chapters of point pleaseant where never shown on tv) and then axe the series in midrun of the first season. The show never had a chance (Even Buffy got really succesful in the 2nd season and the first season was really bad)

What is left is the beginning of a great series. (The writer still did a good job of giving the series a good finish in the limited space they had)
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on 28 November 2005
I got region one copy of this DVD recently, which meant I was finally able to see all thirteen episodes. I loved the show when it was briefly shown on British television and I was thrilled when the DVD was announced. The episodes I had not already seen have proved to be even better than I had hoped for!
The show attracted some very negative and at times quite abusive criticism right from the start but I could never understand why. Any flaws are outweighed by the myriad of good things about it. The concept might not be new, but it was an intriguing show drawing on supernatural elements and feminist concepts to tell a story about the eternal struggle between good and evil. I thought it was fabulous and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.
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on 9 October 2011
This interesting series is the story of a teenage girl Christina [I do not know if it is intentional irony that her name is derived from `Christ'], mysteriously washed up on the beach of a small town on the east coast of the USA with only a vague story about where she has come from. She is allowed to stay with a local family and begins to mix with the local teenagers until people begin to notice that strange events cluster around her. Christina herself begins to realise and use her developing unnatural powers, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes deliberately.

She realises there is something dangerous about her powers, which Satanic strangers hope to use for sinister ends.

Christina tries at first to stay on the side of good and to find friends and allies to help her. However the increasing suspicion with which she is understandably viewed even by those closest to her, once they realise there is something dangerous and not of this world about her, mean that Christina is rejected. Being a little young to cope on her own, she is left feeling there is nowhere for her except on the side of evil.

`Point Pleasant' was intended by the Fox Network as a more popular mid-season replacement for the excellent, but prematurely cancelled due to minority appeal, supernatural series of a very different kind Tru Calling - The Complete Series [DVD], starring Eliza Dushku. According to Wikipedia many of the crew of Tru Calling transferred to Point Pleasant.

In fact Point Pleasant got even lower ratings than Tru Calling and was prematurely cancelled as well, although the 12 episodes that were made still make for a series of a decent length that the writers were able to bring to a dramatic finale, even if it is perhaps not quite how they originally intended to end the series.

The leading writer/ producer on Point Pleasant Marti Noxon was previously right hand woman to Joss Whedon in his ground breaking series `Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and its spawn `Angel'. Out of Joss's shadow, Marti fails to come up with anything so exceptional, here, but she does produce a good series well worth watching.

Like many series 'Point Pleasant' takes a little while to introduce the characters and get into its stride. If after the first episode you wonder if it is little more than a teenage soap opera with the odd supernatural sensation thrown in, do not stop watching yet. There soon turns out to be more to it than that.

While none of the characters in Point Pleasant are as explosively memorable as several in Buffy or Angel, the cast of Point Pleasant, most of them previously unknown to me, are good in their roles, especially Dina Meyer as Amber, a scheming Estate Agent (or `Realtor' as they call them in the USA) with designs on someone else's husband; Cameron Richardson as Amber's daughter Paula, Aubrey Dollar as Christina's friend with whose family Christina lodges, and Grant Show as an agent of Satan out to claim Christina for the forces of darkness.

Elizabeth Harnois in the lead role of Christina is good rather than outstanding, but it seems unfair that she does not (so far, at time of writing) seem to have found any other major roles.

`Point Pleasant' is what you might get by crossing the American teenage heroine in coastal town series Veronica Mars: The Complete Collection [DVD] with the British supernatural sixth form drama Hex: Season 1 [DVD] [2004]. All of these deserve to be better known than they are. To anyone who has seen and liked any one of these series, or the others I mentioned earlier in this review, I recommend trying the others, but they are all different and each have to be taken on their own terms.
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At the New Jersey resort lifeguard Jesse rescues unconscious Christina from the sea, unaware she is The Daughter of Lucifer - her task to create havoc throughout the town, a trial run before destroying the planet. As her mentor Lucas explains, "This world is a sick dog and needs to be put down." But Jesse also has hidden powers, he God's representative to prevent this happening. As the two fall in love, they could prove the ultimate Romeo and Juliet....

Glowing reviews tempted me to buy. Sadly I cannot be as enthusiastic. The central idea is great, but the treatment less so - the impression given of a soapy offering for teens, its look seemingly more important than everything else. The scripts are lacklustre, the characters shallow and by no stretch of the imagination can the acting be considered a strength.

The series (soon axed, indeed some episodes were never shown here) is perhaps best enjoyed as a guilty pleasure. Disregard all the loopholes and absurdities. Just sit back and relish the increasing tension between Good and Evil, those special effects and a thirteenth episode climax that goes so entertainingly over the top. Savour too that 666 design - an inspired touch.

(Those who study cast lists may be interested to see Aaron Paul occasionally included - he destined to shine in "Breaking Bad".)
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on 26 February 2013
Brilliant i started watching this when it premiered on tv but it stopped abruptly and I have been fustrated ever since not knowing what happened. Now I know , well worth it
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on 28 January 2014
I was really getting into this series when it was suddenly and abruptly cancelled. I had to buy the DVD box set to view the last few episodes which are quite rushed.

Still worth watching despite this!
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on 23 June 2009
It starts off almost like a weekend drama or soap opera, setting the background to the story which is about to unfold. Unfathomable opening theme would continue to echo creepily in my head while watching the earlier episodes, not knowing what to make of it.

It has quite a build up, and that's the double-edged sword - perhaps the reason why it fell on its sword. It is a beautiful drama which is built up piece by piece, brick by brick, supposedly for the major finale, but perhaps it may be too "patient" for its intended demography.

And that's the keyword: demography. There's some design and structural issues here. The drama aspect attempts to deepen the background of many characters, very patiently, as if to appeal to drama enthusiasts. The story aspect seems to be more for the modern generation, providing a "kick" that the mainstream pop culture demands.

It works for me and I liked it, but I can understand how this clash may have resulted in poor ratings on mainstream TV. It just didn't come across like a series for the older generation, and the younger generation may not have had the patience to sit through all this. It's more like a classic book than a modern TV series. Usually a good, long book gets "bastardized" to make a mainstream TV series and that was needed here, perhaps.

I myself could not quite grasp the story till towards the end of the 1st disc. I could feel that something was building up, yet it refused to give anything away for several episodes. This gave me a major hype and I loved it, which made the ending truly shocking. I wept, perhaps for the main character, or perhaps for myself as the realization dawned upon me that it really was the end. I wanted more and I knew I wasn't getting it.

I could easily give this 3 or 4 stars purely out of frustration and annoyance, but I will not; it's not fair to mark it down for "what has not been done", or rather, "what was not allowed to be done". For what it's worth, I enjoyed it and the big disappointment at the end just goes to show how much I loved it while it lasted.

I feel sorry for the production team who must have put a lot into this. What a missed opportunity this was. This "sort" is something of a lost art in this day and age. It could have been so, so much more, if only were they allowed to continue telling this peculiar, yet engaging story.
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