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on 2 February 2009
I bought this steamer in September after an extensive research. One of the most important features for us was that the trays are dishwashable. We were very happy with the steamer, as it is very easy to use and maintain. I cook vegetables in this four to five times a week, and after each time the trays are put into the dishwasher.

However, within a few weeks the handle of the lid started to crack. It got worse and within two months of purchasing, the handle completely came off.

I contacted Amazon but unusually they were unhelpful and did not want to repair or replace it. Even though they have legal obligations under the contract, they wanted the customer to go to the manufacturer. The lady at the customer service at Tefal I spoke to was not keen to 'service' either, and said that they will order a replacement lid once they receive a copy of the receipt. It took a month for it to arrive after I sent the copy, as it was sent from a third party. In the meantime, I was having to lift the lid with a cloth, which is very dangerous. The lid becomes slippery and hot with steam and I have of course burnt my hands a few times.

I have used the new lid for a month now and can see the glue is already weakening. The bottom tray (most frequently used, as you have to put them in a particular order) also has many cracks, one of them serious. I will no doubt be contacting Tefal again in the near future.

The product is meant to be exposed to heat, yet the trays nor the lid are able to withstand it. Given it is marketed as dishwashable and the product being a steamer, the plastic should be thicker and the lid be made in one piece, not two stuck together. Most Tefal steamers seem to have the same design, and I can now see that it is not surprising the handle comes off so easily. I would also have hoped that Tefal (or Amazon for that matter) would be keener to ensure the safety of customers.

It is a product of great ideas, but if you are planning to use it frequently, please be aware what you are letting yourself in for.
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on 12 February 2006
I have to feed a family of 6 daily and the amount of vegetables that I need to cook is obviously more than the average family. this steamer is the only one I have found that can do the job...and do it well......the baskets are deep and provide enough room for a good amount of vegetables. It even cooks potatoes and fresh carrots within 50 mins (it has a turbo steam)....something which my other steamers have failed to do....they took over 1hr and 20 mins and still the potatoes weren't done enough to mash.....not so with Tefals little baby.
The compact way this stacks the baskets upside down over the base unit means that it doesn''t take up much cupboard space.
The baskets went through the dishwasher ok too...which is always a bonus!
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on 12 January 2007
On the back on other reviews read here, we bought two of these Tefal steamers (yes we did buy one for my Mum!!) having previously used the saucepan method to steam our veg etc. I must say the Tefal VC1000615 3 tier unit is excellent. Well pleased with the result. It steams potatoes in approx 30mins along with most hard veg, ie: carrots, parnips etc. The other softer stuff, broccoli as an example, goes into the second tier and takes around 15mins depending on your taste. All in all a welcome addition to our Kitchen. (Mum's pleased with her's as well)

One point. It's so efficient that it gives off a load of steam..... so beware that cooking underneath any kitchen wall cabinets is out of the question, or anywhere near fragile wallpaper for that matter. The condensation can be horrendus. That of coarse is not the fault of the unit, that's what it is supposed to do! We use ours alongside a wide open window. Permanent daily 30mins plus steaming in an enclosed enviroment could cause all sorts of problems later on.
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on 8 February 2006
what a bargain!!It is my first steamer,a bit concern before i bought it, because not really sure if it will work well as described, but now i am very happy for purchasing this steamer, first it looks good, and it is very good for someone have limited space! i cooked vegetables last week, it took only about 15 minutes, it is much better than i cook vegetable in the pan, taste great! and 2 days ago i steamed fish,for less than 15 minutes, i love to cook fish this way, it doesn't lose the natural flavour of the fish.. it is very easy to clean as well, also dishwasher safe, i highly recommend you this product, buy a great product with the great bargain.
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on 5 June 2007
I had this steamer as a present from my son to replace one i'd had for years. It is absolutely brilliant and cooks vegetables to perfection. It is also very compact and easily stored away. I can't praise it enough and i use it all the time. If anyones unsure which steamer to buy they should buy this one because i don't think there's a better one on the market and the price is excellent to.
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on 19 March 2006
So pleased, great for doing large and small quantities because you can use one, two or three compartments. Quick and tastes so much better than boiled vegetables. Handy timer and easy to clean, throw it in the diswasher. I havent used the rice box yet but will soon. I am so impressed I have brought one for my mum! Wish I'd brought mine sooner.
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on 16 March 2006
Very pleased with the steamer, had it only 3 days and have used every day for veg. No complaints here.
Need a little more practice with rice, tried brown basmati, ok but not perfect. The instruction book was initially confusing on rice as it quoted method 'depending on model' Add water to rice or not add water ???? I added water.
Overall, for the price very good. Boils water extremely quickly
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on 24 February 2006
Fabulous steamer at a great price. Really simple and fast to use. Easy to clean and stores nicely when you are not using it. Wish I'd bought one sooner!
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on 20 May 2007
Greate steamer, goes with everything and cooks food well, and quickly too. Veg tastes much better than boiled veg, i'd go as far as to say that you may find yourself enjoying vegetables with this, even if you wouldnt touch them with a barge pole otherwise.

Fish tastes good too, still gotta try out the rice box!. 5/5 from me!
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on 10 October 2009
I bought this steamer on a whim from John Lewis, then got home and read the Amazon reviews, and was quite concerned I'd bought a flimsy thing that wasn't going to last. Not a bit of it - I've had it several months now, often use it several times a week, and it's going strong.

I only ever had the type of steamers you put in saucepans before, and they were such a faff, I'd started microwaving veggies, but my kitchen is tiny and it's awkward to get the door open so I thought I'd try something different. This steamer is great in every way. It's as compact and easy to store as they claim. It cooks "boiled" potatoes in less than 25 minutes, most green vegetables in less than 5, carrots in about 8, and it's really easy to keep adding to the stack of layers as your different things need to be ready at the same time. The way the flavour is concentrated is marvellous - brilliant for anyone trying to reduce their salt intake - even potatoes don't need it for me. The rice cooker is also an absolute revelation - I've used it for rice and cous cous, and both come out light and fluffy.

It's brilliant in the mornings if you want potatoes or boiled egg for a salad - you can put it on and go and get ready, knowing it will stop steaming when the timer finishes - no more boiled dry saucepans or green eggs!

I don't find it hard to clean at all - the bases are indeed a separate piece to the surround, but if you are careful you can keep them in one piece whilst hand-washing, or easily reassemble them afterwards. We don't have a dishwasher and I wonder if that's what the problem is for some of the unhappy customers here - my old one used to get to 55 if not 65 degC, which is obviously much hotter than hand-hot water. They really only take a gentle wipe with a wet dishcloth, no elbow grease at all.

I haven't had to contact Tefal so I can't comment on their customer services, but for me, I have no issues with the build quality whatsoever. It is indeed silver coloured, not chrome, but it's not really a display item so doesn't bother me. It blends in enough.

It's my best gadget purchase EVER.
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