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on 25 January 2015
Cheap looking but fun an adventurous - unlike a lot of sf films.
not heavy on nudity - unfortunately,
though its talking elevator scene is laugh-out-loud.!
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on 4 January 2015
Ce film, aujourd'hui, s'avère une fort agréable curiosité; Que ceux qui croient trouver ici érotisme torride, perversité ou simplement action et excitation passent leur chemin: la voie empruntée ici est plutôt celle de l'amusement décontracté et du ludique, le tout naturellement enrobé de séduction. De plus, pour bien apprécier ce film il ne faut pas être pressé et au contraire se sentir dans une humeur bien 'cool': en effet, souvent considéré comme une montagne d'ennui (ce qui n'est pas entièrement faux), l'état d'esprit du moment est primordial. Le casting est charmant, sympathique et foisonnant ET l'acteur principal met dans la poche, très rapidement. L' histoire, bien qu'incongrue et alambiquée, s'enrichit vision après vision tout en conservant ses zones d'ombre.. Alors, si ce film n'est pas véritablement une grande réussite, cela est sûr, il sait charmer et devenir attachant ce qui n'est déjà pas si mal!
[L'édition Blu-ray est simple, sans le moindre supplément ni sous-titre, mais fort convenable tant pour l'image que pour le son]
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on 1 October 2013
I had read about this film in author Simon Sheridan's KEEPING THE BRITISH END UP, his strangely compelling book about British sex comedies, and what with being a bit of a Valerie Leon fan, I'll admit that I was sold once I discovered that she would be making an appearance!

True, ZETA ONE is not a great film, even by the dubious standards of British sex comedies. Simon Sheridan is right in his sleevenotes when he describes the opening strip-poker game between Robin Hawdon and Yutte Stensgaard as "laboriously sluggish", while it is also quite plausible to assume that most of director Michael Cort's meagre £60,000 budget for the picture was blown on the highly exclusive Monteverdi sports car which can be glimpsed being driven by secret agent Hawdon throughout the film. There certainly doesn't appear to have been much left over for the special effects or, indeed, for the costumes worn (if that's the right word) by the invading Angvian women, all of whom must have been freezing as much of the location footage appears to have been completed during the winter.

Those reading this, then, might consider my three-star rating somewhat generous. Well, it's not that badly acted for what it is - a comic-strip romp - and once that interminable strip-poker game is out of the way, the remaining hour or so moves along pretty swiftly. Dawn Addams seems fully into the spirit of things as Zeta, while James Robertson Justice also appears fairly game - contrary to Sheridan's notes, in my view - as Major Bourdon, the pantomime villain of the piece. And as for Charles Hawtrey... well, what else is there to say?

But the star of the show for me is Valerie Leon, whose jaw (much like my own) must have dropped to the floor when she saw the barely-there apparel she was obliged to wear as Atropos, the apparent leader of Zeta's kidnapping squad. Still, she's at her haughty best here, fending off Major Bourdon's deerstalker-wearing gang of gamekeeper henchmen - a truly surreal spectacle under the circumstances.

Technically, the DVD transfer of the film isn't too bad. The exterior shots look a bit grainy, which gives the impression that a 16mm print has been blown up to 35mm, although the sets constructed to represent planet Angvia are given a lot more vibrancy than they perhaps really deserve, thanks largely to the restoration the film has supposedly undergone (at the BBC of all places!).

So, there you go. ZETA ONE is pretty daft. In fact, no, it's more than that: it's ludicrous. But compared to the endless stream of depressing drama series on the telly on Sunday evenings, watching - or rather enduring - this film actually made a pleasant change!
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on 15 July 2016
Abysmal! All who appeared in this dreadful piece of tat were probably thoroughly ashamed .What. on Earth were Hawtrey and Justice thinking of ? Were they that desperate for the money? I have seen some bad films in my time but" Plan 9 "is a masterpiece compared with this heap of junk.Unfunny, not remotely erotic and an absolute bore from start to finish.
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on 6 April 2016
Valerie Leon & Charles Hawtrey Classic and worth having in movie collection.
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on 26 January 2015
I love seventies sex comedies, and this one is one of my favourites. Yes the story is rubbish. Granted the acting is poor. But what this film has going for it is two things....1. Gorgeous girls wearing very little. 2. The stunning VALERIE LEON baring more flesh than in any of her other films.
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on 6 August 2015
The DVD itself was in an excellent condition. However the story line was diappointing. The last scene,with a young, scantily clad Valerie Leon fighting off a number of middle aged game keepers dressed in tweed suits, was bizarre.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 October 2011
Watching this strange film made me feel as if I had woken up in an alternate reality, where everything looked familiar but nothing made any sense. I won't bother trying to explain the plot (I'm not even sure if I could), but if I tell you that there is a fight scene at the end involving topless space Amazons who fire energy bolts from their hands and some Scottish gamekeepers (who don't), that might help to convey the madness of it all.

Ultimately, this is an absurd, pointless, badly-made film that deserves to knock 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' off the number one spot for the worst movies of all time, and yet it is curiously watchable at the same time - partly because you never know what's going to happen next, but also because it is a fascinating relic from the swinging 60s, with lots of gratuitous nudity and 'groovy threads'.

I can't say I'd ever want to watch 'Zeta One' again - life's too short - but I'm glad I've seen it once.
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on 26 August 2002
Keeping alive the great tradition of corny effects this film would be great if there was just a bit more funny parts. Sadly you just laugh at the film.
Basically the story is your standard outworldy Amazon society who due to having no men fail to reproduce. They resort to kidnapping beautiful women to join them. Of course a few 'evil' men know of there existence and want to destroy them and that's about it.
Good for the garish retro 60's fashions and the 'angliar's troops' uniform of bad wig, blue knickers and a touch of blue paint to hide the nipples and truely 'special' effects which are so bad it makes Dr Who look like it came out of Ilm.
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on 10 June 2013
When auctioneers have a tattered dog of a piece to sell, they some times call it an 'academic' piece. It has historic or teaching value. Zeta One is the academic film of all time: this is how amateurs bungle film making. There are lessons in every frame: pacing, lighting, continuity, even production accounting (there are expensive location shots which add very little to the story).
The curse of incompetence has extended to the re-mastered blu-ray version. The technical people cleaned up the picture, but then they arbitrarily trimmed top and bottom to fit modern TV screens. Because film cameramen focus on the centre of the image this means that the 'best' bits of the film (the rug that disappears and reappears with every change of shot, and the nude actresses more interesting bits) are largely missing.
This is a really poor show by the production company Jezebel. They are selling to a niche market which is very discriminating in its own nerdy way, and this is not even an 'academic' piece. If this is going to be the policy of Jezebel and its sister-company Salvation Films, I'd rather look elsewhere. Any ideas about alternative sources?
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