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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2006
As an old fan of the whole Columbo series, I have one grouse: why can we not have a list of the titles on each disk? A list of the series and the titles on each disk would be an enormous help. It is frustrating to order a disk in a series and find it contains all the episodes you have already, and none of the ones you hoped to get.
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on 15 November 2005
The Review appears to mislead - I've just received this boxed set, and can find no sight nor sound of the 'Mrs Columbo' extra episode listed in the review - its just the straight 2-episodes-per-DVD box-set as with Season's 1 and 2.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 January 2006
Season 3 is pretty much irresistible if you've enjoyed 1 and 2, and you won't be disappointed. Eight episodes, all beautifully done in exactly the style you expect.
Columbo is all high flyers, actresses, scientists, millionnaires... lovely technicolour landscapes of Los Angeles finery and the most exotic sports cars abound.
And amongst all this is a scruffy detective driving an ancient Peugeot ("I have another car, but my wife drives it; it's nothing special, just transportation.")
As always there are big stars to watch too, like Donald Pleasance as a creepy and eccentric wine connossieur. The presence of the stars is a testament to the standing these 'films' had in the industry. They are very well made.
As usual in this series, you get nothing but the eight episodes: no special features. That's a shame. Perhaps they're saving the special features for the final DVD. Or perhaps they'll be on a separate disc, entitled 'Just One More Thing'...
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on 23 January 2006
Like many many people I grew up watching repeats of Columbo,and they always entertained, and brightened up a dull afternoon. However when the first DVD came out I was a bit reluctant to purchase it especially since there were no extras.
But I was glad I did - and now have Season Two and Three as well!
From the fashions on display it may not be entirely correct to say the show hasn't dated but while the episodes are over thirty years old they retain their sharpness and ability to entertain.
I think this is because Columbo is not only a classic show but a show with class - from direction to script and of course the "names" that appear.But the added plus of this season is I think is Peter Falk really has the character nailed.
The best season of Columbo?Perhaps.
But in my mind its certainly contains the best guest performance - watching Falk and Donald Pleasance again in "Any Old Port in a Storm" was worth of the price of the set.Despite the lack of extras!
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on 2 February 2006
The series itself is great, but it was a great disappointment to find no subtitles on this collection. I've been buying these for a friend who's hearing-impaired and this box set was useless to her. They included subtitles on series 1 and 2, why not here? Let's hope they rectify this for the next set.
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on 5 September 2005
C'mon universal, hurry up with the region 2 release of season 3 of Columbo. The region 1 version was released almost a month ago. Why is it that the British always have to wait longer than the Americans?
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on 29 August 2006
Season 3 is possibly the best of the lot, with Lt. Columbo on peak form, giving immensely watchable performances which combine humour with perceptiveness, and up against some of the most memorable villains. My personal favourite of all Columbos is here - 'Any Old Port in a Storm', which stars Donald Pleasence who gives a masterfully complex performance as the wine enthusiast who kills his younger brother to protect the family winemaking business. This is one of the occasional films in which Columbo does seem to regret catching the killer, whom he has (as he often does) befriended. This episode has a generally melancholic and highly atmospheric feel.

Also on season 3 are a galaxy of other guest stars - Martin Sheen and Vincent Price in a battle of cosmetics empires which of course ends up in murder, Jose Ferrer in a bizarre episode involving scientists and robots in a think-tank, and, best of all, Johnny Cash playing.... a country music star. This last episode is completely brilliant.

It's simple, really - if you are a fan of Columbo or even just if you have fond memories of watching him occasionally, then this is the DVD set to get. It's also great value, as you are effectively getting eight film length programmes, and the quality throughout is consistently excellent.

Buy it now!
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on 17 January 2006
You've gotta love the little guy - every episode he brings down another oversized ego. However, after reading the review at the top of the page I'm wondering whether I've missed one of those all important little details. Can't remember seeing any sign of Mrs. Columbo and (without going home to check) I can't remember seeing Vincent Price either. The set is certainly worth the money, but don't be surprised if it's not exactly as advertised here (17/01/05).
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on 26 May 2016
Great series that I followed as a kid in the 70's and has lots of fantastic stories. I think the series highlight is Double Exposure which stars Robert Culp. It is a highlight because it is a cat and mouse story but the villain (Culp) is a real match for Columbo and there is much frustration for Columbo as he tries to figure out how to catch him.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 November 2014
I think all the other reviews have said it all really. This is prime period Columbo, and certainly one of the best, if the THE best series of them all.

Peter Falk is marvelous as Columbo and I think because he played the part for such a long time he became underrated as an actor. Well as can be seen in this series, with some very good actors (Donald Pleasance for example) he was a superb actor, and easily matches and frequently over-shadows the other cast members. Columbo was not Peter Falk! All the mannerisms were created by the writers and his acting talent.

I'm not going to describe the excellent episodes on this set, as its been done already many times. However like one other reviewer I will point out that there are no subtitles on this set. I don't need them yet, but one day I may...
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