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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Normal|Change
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2007
In this game you play as a journalist called Frank West and you are left in a shopping mall to take pictures and gather stories...and Oh yea, the mall is full of zombies. After a few cutscenes, your 72 hour notice of when the helicoptor will be back to pick you up is set and then your off to do whatever you like.

Some people may be put off by the fact that there is a time limit, but its not as if you are going to be in constant worry that you are going to miss the chopper because 72 hours of game time is still many hours of real time gameplay.

You can tackle this game in many different ways, you can stick to the main story and try to uncover the causes for the zombie outbreak, you can go about rescuing survivors, or you can just go exploring and killing and basically causing as much mayhem as possible. Each of these poses different opportunities and rewards and therefore leads to a game with incredible replayability value. I love the shopping mall, because its big, but not too big. This is good because you dont get that dreaded feeling of its too big to explore properly. So after many hours of gameplay, you may end up learning where things are hidden and the most efficient way to get from place to place, and this in my opinion gives a real sense of achievement.

I must admit, it does take a while to get into the game because of the contols and the fact that you are so weak at the start. But keep playing and you'll soon be enjoying it.

Some people found it difficult at the start of the game, but you will progress up to level 10-15 quite quickly and in doing so, the game will become easier to play. This RPG like system allows you to unlock more skills, health bars and item slots and a good thing about this is, if you die, you can start a brand new game with your previous stats.

Some people have critisised the lack of save points in Dead Rising. I think that you just need to know where to find them. Learn where the save points are and you shouldn't have a problem. I advise that you do this as soon as possible because if you die, its back to the last save i'm afraid.

People have also critisised the small on screen text, when recieving phone calls, talking to characters and examining objects. This wont apply to people with HDTV.

Now lets focus on how much fun this game is... in this game, pretty much anything is a weapon from bowling balls to lawnmowers and from cooking oil to toy laser swords, as well as guns and blades. You will most probably spend hours just running around killing zombies in loads of different ways. and if thats not enough you can go into loads of clothes shops and dress Frank how you like. Believe me when I say there are some hilarious costumes out there.

Dead rising is special, its got a great story, fantastic graphics and a fantastic atmosphere about it as well as its fair share of dark humour. and if you get bored doing the missions, why not explore, if you get bored of exploring kill some more zombies. It is very hard to get bored on this game in my opinion. Once you truly get into dead rising, you are going to be addicted to this for quite some. Definetely worth the money, one of the few truly fantastic games out on 360 to date.
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on 12 October 2006
I'm amazed how anyone can't appreciate the techinical achievement that this game is. It is not possible to do this in any platform available today, but the 360 (or some high-end PC)!!! There's 800 characters moving on screen at the same time - the maintnance tunnels for instance.

The story line is one of deepest I've seen in any game, but one has to dedicate much, much more than just a few minutes,

This is an hardcore game at heart. It's Capcom, so expect to offer your time and soul to the experience, otherwise stay away. It's hard! You got to play at least 5 times from start to finish in order to level your character up and learn all the fine/fancy moves, and then you'll have to pull much more than just one button, as a matter of fact there's some pretty hard to pull moves that involve a serie of nutton combination + analog stick push/pull - 25 different moves, that include neck break; round kick, zombie throw, etc. and those are not random, one has to actually do it.

Graphicwise the game's great, zombies has disctinct looks, and very little repitition. Capcom used the very good Havok engine (used by other high-profile new games).

Of course the game has flaws, like aiming wich although explained at the begining of the game (Frank - our character - never had shoot a gun in his life), some unbalanced guns (handgun are way too underpowered, and mini-chainsaw is an unstopable killing machine); the "real-time" structure mixed with the one-slot save can be a pain (although Frank's stats do pass from a game to another) but the biggest "flaw" for me is that I don't have the time (not a teen anymore) to dedicate myself to the game as much as it demands, but for this I don't blame the game, it's just the way it is.

If you can live with this buy it, it's a landmark on the videogame industry. I can understand people beeing angry with the difficulty of the game, but it's not Capcom's fault, they are hardcore!
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on 19 January 2007
Ive had my Xbox 360 for a few weeks now (Since Christmas) and this was one of the first games I played on it, all I can say is what an amazing game! Theres so much to do theres just not enough time to do it all in one playthrough its got 6 different endings and another 2 gamemodes to complete after the first one. If mowing down hordes of zombies with either a chainsaw, a lawnmower or a variety of tools and weaponry isnt fun enough for you try doing that while uncovering the mystery behind the zombie outbreak and rescuing as many survivors you can in the process. Throughout the game you'll meet a variety of different characters all with their own individual personalitys from the good and helpful Otis (Security Guard) to a slightly less friendly Crazed Chainsaw Wielding Clown (Sound Fun?) Its up to you to decide which path you take in order to escape the mall.

And as for the person who reviewed this complaining about small text on a Standard Television there is a easy way to fix this problem by simply setting your Xbox 360 to Widescreen Mode (Doesnt matter if you dont have a Widescreen TV) as it will stretch the image slightly but vastly improve the text readability.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this game!
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on 13 November 2006
As others have said, this is a fun but flawed game.

The save system is somewhat frustrating, and it's all too easy to kill a boss, only to not be able to save.

The real annoyance is the infamous small text, which makes the story almost impossible to follow on a regular TV. My TV is pretty sharp normally (32" Sony Wega), and even there the text is unreadable. I've been playing this game on my PC monitor with a VGA cable, but having to move the 360 and it's brick of a PSU around just to play the game is not really helpful. Capcom really should have playtested it better (or even taken it home to play, one night, perhaps).

The actual game is fun enough, although I can see it's going to get pretty monotonous before much longer.
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on 30 January 2007
This is a game that requires concentration and persistence. Put in the hours and the game comes to life in a way that is very addictive. It may not satisfy the 'I need a quick shoot 'em / bash 'em fix' but it is certainly one of the most original games for the 360.

I have completed the game 4 times now and have unlocked almost all of the achievements (zombie genocider being the most satifying = 55,000 bodycount, yes that 1000 times 55!). This game excels in its intensity. Stuck in a crowd of zombies with a limping survivor and limited weaponry? Think hard on how you are going to get to the security room. By the time you get there you will be breathing a big sigh of relief.

Graphics are good but not excellent but how many other games have hundreds of 'intelligent' zombies on-screen at any one moment?

If you don't like edge of your seat missions with rigid timescales then steer clear of this game. If, like me, you love blood and gore galore, then saddle up, lock and load and kick zombie bottom in a huge variety of humorous ways.
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on 12 September 2006
Dead Rising is NOT another Resident Evil. It is from the same people, but it's a totally different game, both in feel and style. You play Frank West, photojournalist, who has travelled to some small American town in search of a scoop. When he gets there though he finds that all Hell, quite literally, has broken loose and with his ride out of there not due for 72 hours, he has to find a way to survive.

The first thing that strikes you about this game is the sheer mass of zombies on screen at any one time. There are loads of them, vast seas of undead. If you don't bother them then generally they won't bother you, but get too close and they pounce. They are slow and cumbersome and one on one you've got a good chance, but if they manage to surround you, you may find yourself outnumbered pretty quickly!

There is immense fun to be had from this game. The number of different ways that you can despatch the zombie hordes seems endless and limited only by your imagination. You can run a lawn mower over them, churning them up beneath the vicious blades; you can batter them with a variety of implements, from baseball bats to handbags! And that's not all. Frank starts the game with only one, non-lethal move: a punch. But as you progress through the game and gain more points, and more level ups, you'll also gain new moves that would put the WWE to shame!

It lacks the eerie atmosphere of Resident Evil, but that isn't to its detriment. In fact, if anything, it makes the game more fun, because you can just run around killing things if you like and you don't need to worry about the various in game missions that pop up to help the story along.

It's not all good news though. Unless you have an HD television you might struggle to read the messages from your walkie talkie buddy, Otis the janitor, who doesn't speak to you, rather his words come up in text on the screen and on an ordinary tv they're miniscule and indistinct. You can forget about reading this on a portable tv too because it'd just be too small.

Overall, Dead Rising is a MUST HAVE Xbox 360 game. At a total of about 6 hours gameplay time, it might be a bit on the short side, but the sheer number of things you can do, and the fun to be had slaughtering the undead, makes it much longer lasting, in my opinion, than many other games that are twice as long.
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on 15 September 2006
Capcom had already pretty much sewn up the zombie genre with their great resident evil games.

But with this they have really managed to get the atmosphere of the 70's cult classic "dawn of the dead".

Being stranded in a mall with an infinate number of zombies is a pretty tense and claustrophobic experience, you constantly feel in danger or under pressure.

Not only is there the biggest army of undead you have ever seen grace your screen (or HD TV if you are very lucky) but there are alot of unhinged psychopaths running amok too.

Ranging from goth kids who are upset about being picked on, through to homicidal clowns and even a full on apocalypic cult.

Throughout the game you have a number of missions you have to do, called cases, some of these are as simple as being in the right place as the right time to witness a cut scene, some are boss battles and some require you to run errands.

Running parallel to these MUST do cases, are a series of optional missions, these require you to go to certain areas or shops, and either battle psychopaths and or rescue survivors (have to admit, i'm not too good at rescuing....they always seem to end up as zombie chow!)

The survivors do seem to go out of their way to get eaten though, or stand in the way of you swinging sledgehammer.

Boss battles tend to be made harder by the fact the the shuffling undead are a constant threat too, so while for example you will be trying to dodge the bullets of some hick holed up in a shop, you will be trying to not get your brains eaten too.

But there is so much choice with regards to weapons, ranging from shower heads, through to fully automatic machine guns. It is even possible to spit on your zombie foes if you wish.

As the game progresses so does your character, much in the same way as the characters in a final fantasy game, the hero of dead rising starts out pretty weak and slow.....as you go on, kill more stuff, accomplish more challenges, rescure more survivors your "PP" goes up and you level up, thus opening new fighting skills, making you faster stronger etc.

Alot has been said of the fact that you only get one save slot per memory device. Which means if you screw up and dont leave yourself enough time or health when you save, you are probably going to have to start the game again. But chances are you wont complete it 1st time round anyway and even if you do you WILL want to play it through again, try rescue more survivors, experiment with the huge playing area some more.

I have just about completed the 72 hour mode, and i dont think i have hardly scratched the surface as far as what you are able to do goes.

This game has so much replay value, it looks very nice and plays pretty well....controls can be a little weird to start with.

If you like zombies, blood and shopping....get this you will not be disappointed.
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on 17 November 2006
This game is brilliant. You can kill zombies and pretty much choose your missions. Also has a pretty large free roam capability with no end to the zombies.

However...After about 3 days of playing this game I got very bored. The 1st time I died I chose the wrong option to save and had to restart the entire game. That includes the annoyingly long intro. And all the walk throughs.

Then I tried again, this time I done a few missions and got the hang of the game. It was getting pretty late so I wanted to save my game. This is where the problems start. You have to find a rest room or a specific bench to save the game. Now I only found 2 places on the whole game to save. And with the awful map this was very difficult. Not to mention I was nearly dead when I got there. So then when you restart you always have to go in search of food, which is always the oposite direction to your mission.

Mission arrows seem to change direction and point to nowhere. People you are saving or recruit get eaten in 5 seconds. Not only that, the on screen tips and help are written in tiny writing which is barely readable, even on a massive tv.

Personally I would return the game, but I didn't keep the reciept. It looks amazing and the 1st 10 minutes are fun, after that it's annoying and boring, as every mission is just hitting zombies or shooting someone. Everyone you save dies ten seconds later anyway. Then you can't save the game and eventually die yourself. Buy Hitman instead.
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on 7 September 2006
I love this game, and you will too. Like everything these days there are flaws (is life-undead or otherwise ever perfect?), but they are forgiveable and you will want to revisit this gameworld again and again to unlock and see it all.

The plot is essentially that you are a photo-journalist and you have 3 days to unravel just why a towns population has (largely) been transfomed into a slobbering, slathering stumbling mass of flesh eating Zombies. This takes place in the towns mega-mall and involves (obviously!)several twists and turns along the way. There are lots of different endings depending on how you perform and there are also lots of side missions to accomplish, mainly involving rescuing folk and taking them to safety.

The zombies you encounter (and boy are there a lot)act as more of a way to stop you completing your various tasks than as a task in themselves. There is no death quota to fulfil and you can try and ignore them and evade them if you want (you won't..)

There are so many ways of dispatching these poor unfortunates that you will be playing for many hours before you discover them all. You can even "play" with them and mess about with them in non-lethal ways!

This asks all sorts of moral questions of if its right to "worry zombies in this manner and maybe take pictures of the results! Oh yes!, an interesting part of gameplay is that you can take pictures at any time of anything, thus gaining points to upgrade your stats with and unlock new moves! You can view your images and get rated for things such as "horror" content and "drama", and one or two rather dubious other categories..

The main characters are well drawn and highly detailed, but the zombies (whilst still looking good)are not nearly as good(!?) looking. This is perhaps understandable when you see just how many have been crammed onto the screen at any one time. I was quite worried when I became trapped in an underground car-park COMPLETELY surrounded by these blighters,there must have been 6 to 700 of them all of whom were clammering for my flesh.

There are a limited amount of Zomb' models but they all act accordingly and shamble about the place groaning (as you'd expect) quite brilliantly. Ever been to Bluewater?

There are a handful of vehicles to use and powerful weapons are not availiable in any number until near the end of the game. You will be mainly using melee weapons and less obvious "tools, such as paint pots and lawn mowers(joy!) You can always use your fists if you have to, and the combat is well handled. You will rack up thousands of kills in your efforts to reach the games many checkpoints which brings me to my one (slight) criticism of the game setup.

There is only savepoint that is overwritten constantly when you save your progress, if you fail to reach your next objective the game ends, and if you've saved yourself into a corner where you cannot ever reach the next objective you have to start again-but you do get to keep your latest stats and new moves/abilities.

I would ultimately say though(having played this baby to death-or undeath!)that this system instills in the player a sense of urgency and panic(as your watch ticks away)and as you weigh up the choices laid before you- do you rescue the old guy, take out the survivalist psycho or rush to the next (main plot) checkpoint.

The 1st and likely best 360 zombie fest - until res 5?.

Just Buy it people

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on 9 November 2006
Overall this game is a fun concept. Running around the mall and finding new fun ways to kill the zombies and take their photos could provide loads of free-roaming fun. Unfortunately, the game is not actually free-roaming at all because if you fail to race around completing all aspects of the main story within a certain time you die and have to reload the game. Therefore instead of roaming around enjoying yourself and doing the story if, and when you choose to; your time is strictly controlled and you end up dashing from task to task. The tasks are often rather harder than I would like and can be extremely frustrating. Others are boring and you can feel like you are running around performing a long string of chores. Also you are carrying a phone that rings seemingly constantly, sometimes when you are in the middle of battles. It is very irritating to say the least.

That said, this game was still fun enough that I stuck with it. Mainly because the story itself is interesting and the zombie bashing is well fun.

As far as the look of the game goes the graphics are pretty good. The mall is fun to expolre and the camera control is well done. I do however think that the programmers should have given more thought to what happens when you talk to another character. A small dialougue box comes up, and the conversation happens only through subtitles (the characters don't actually talk to each other). The font is very small and the text disappears too fast. This may seem like a minor gripe but one of the main points of the game is trying to talk to the survivors and find out their stories and the fun is removed from this by lazy programming.

Overall I am glad I got this game free from a friend becuase I think the developers took a good idea, a fun conept and a reasonable story and fouled it up...

Just buy res evil 4 instead. It's brilliant!!
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