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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Normal|Change
Price:£9.83+ Free shipping
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on 9 November 2006
Overall this game is a fun concept. Running around the mall and finding new fun ways to kill the zombies and take their photos could provide loads of free-roaming fun. Unfortunately, the game is not actually free-roaming at all because if you fail to race around completing all aspects of the main story within a certain time you die and have to reload the game. Therefore instead of roaming around enjoying yourself and doing the story if, and when you choose to; your time is strictly controlled and you end up dashing from task to task. The tasks are often rather harder than I would like and can be extremely frustrating. Others are boring and you can feel like you are running around performing a long string of chores. Also you are carrying a phone that rings seemingly constantly, sometimes when you are in the middle of battles. It is very irritating to say the least.

That said, this game was still fun enough that I stuck with it. Mainly because the story itself is interesting and the zombie bashing is well fun.

As far as the look of the game goes the graphics are pretty good. The mall is fun to expolre and the camera control is well done. I do however think that the programmers should have given more thought to what happens when you talk to another character. A small dialougue box comes up, and the conversation happens only through subtitles (the characters don't actually talk to each other). The font is very small and the text disappears too fast. This may seem like a minor gripe but one of the main points of the game is trying to talk to the survivors and find out their stories and the fun is removed from this by lazy programming.

Overall I am glad I got this game free from a friend becuase I think the developers took a good idea, a fun conept and a reasonable story and fouled it up...

Just buy res evil 4 instead. It's brilliant!!
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on 26 September 2006
Do you like zombies? Do you like garden tools? Do you like photography? How about combining all three?

Dead Rising, the latest zombie game from Capcom (creators of Resident Evil), trads ground few games dare to tread. How do you create a game which is violent, gory, and excessively brutal without upsetting the censors? Well, DR manages it with an amazing amount of style. You are a freelance photographer, who has been tipped off about some unusual activity in a small town. You soon find yourself in a shopping mall, surrounded by zombies and dotted throughout with survivors. The simple premise is as follows: You have 72 hours to get in, get the pictures (and maybe even some kind of story?), and get out again. However, remove the zombies from this game, and the comparisons with Resident Evil end. Where Resident Evil has deep plot and linear gameplay, DR is free and wild. It thumbs its nose at traditional gameplay, and actually manages to create a fairly fresh and new take on how action games are played. Let me give you a few examples.

First, you can use almost anything that you find in the game as a weapon. From frisbees to shotguns, baseball bats to electric guitars, steel pipes to billboards, everything is your friend. Anything you see which can logically be used as a weapon, is a weapon. This idea creates a wealth of options, which can create truly bizarre results. I honestly think that this is the first game in which you can (as a man) run around in a ladies twinset and pearls, wearing a toy donkey head over your face, hitting crowds of enemies with a golf club, or a sledgehammer. Seriously though, it keeps the main game mechanic of killing zombies fresh throughout the games main story.

Secondly, you can choose how you want to play the game. You have 72 game hours to get in, get your pictures, and get out. Along the way, you discover events which slowly reveal what is going on and why. If you wish to follow the main plot, you can. If you wish to just try to rescue the survivors within the mall, you can do that too. If you just want to run around finding new and creative ways of killing zombies, or taking weird and wonderful pictures, hey presto! thats allowed too. Or, you can try to find a way to combine all the above and more.

In case you think that this game may get repetitive, DR has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve too. Firstly, the mall is infested with what the game calls "psychopaths". Without wishing to give too much away, these are survivors who have lost the plot in one way or another. These guys tend to have a hostage or two, or a particularly good weapon, or maybe a key to a short cut. Like the rest of the game, you could probably get through the bulk of your encounter without running into too many of them. You would be missing out on some of the games true diversity if you did, though.

The plot of DR is amazingly twisted and bizzare, yet you can't help but good-naturedly follow it along, allowing your belief to be suspended easily. DR is fortunately played out very well, with enough tongue-in-cheek to keep everything darkly funny, whilst without resorting to blatant wink-at-the-camera humour. This was the most unexpected thing about DR for me, as I assumed plot would take a serious back seat to the zombie bashing. The story itself does make you want to complete the missions on your first run through, to see what is really going on. And with 5 different endings, you may need a couple of run throughs.

I can honestly say I picked up Dead Rising expecting to play through the main story, put it down and never return. I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong. It is pretty much impossible to fight all the psychopaths, rescue all the survivors, see all of the main plot and find all the little hidden extras in two or three sittings, let alone one. And the game unlocks extra modes once you complete the main story for the first time. Also, there really is a lot of fun to be had just coming up with new ways to beat the zombies, or trying to take really weird pictures.

Please note one very important thing: PLEASE do not buy this game for your ten year old son or daughter. It has a certificate for a reason, this is a very gory and violent game. I myself am 27 years old, and it shocked me a little at times.

If, like me, you were unsure whether this game would hold your interest for longer than five minutes, let me tell you one thing. I played this one afternoon at a friends. The following day, I went out and bought it. That was nearly three weeks ago, and I still play this for a couple of hours everyday. I can almost guarantee you won't regret buying this game.
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on 1 November 2006
Dead rising is a survival horor action game. Or rather a "Zom-Com" or "zombie comedy game". You start out with a level one character and ite really interesting seeing him develop as you play the game. The story is structured so there are always events taking place, both the main storyline as well as submissions. It would be impossible to complete all the missions in one sitting, and i believe that these submissions are great because they offer new involving scenarios that keep the game fresh each time you play. The central storyline is there as an explanation to the outbreak. If you have completed the game before and already know the outcome then you can instead devote your time to rescuing the dozens of NPC's littering the Mall. Its great fun equipping your little team of survivors with frying pans and hockey sticks before setting off on a zombie smashing rampage.

The game can be played like an arcade free-roaming action game, or you can play out the storyline and the game will progress like a movie. Understandably this will not appeal to everyone, and i wouldnt advise you to buy the game if you didnt enjoy Dawn of The Dead, or Shaun Of The Dead, because thats essentially what the game is.

I think previous customer reviews were a little harsh. Whilst the save system can be annoying, arguably this next gen of games is making the gaming system as realistic as possible. The Save system makes you value how fragile your life is, heightening the tense atmosphere in what is supposed to be a horror survival after all. It makes the boss battles more exhillerating, as well as providing another tactical edge to your style of gameplay.

Meeting the deadlines prompted by the storyline are not as hard as implied either. Once you get to a certain level the zombies become more of a nuisance rather than a real threat, and you will find you can run through most of them, having only to batter your way through the dense patches of the undead.

Lastly the pure scale of the game is amazingly impressive. The amount of variation of the zombies is brilliant, it really feels like they once were a multitude of individual characters. As you have heard there can be hundreds of zombies on screen at any one time. Lastly the idea of being trapped in a shooping mall seemed a bit annoying when i bought the game, but the building really is huge, providing hundreds of locations and hunting grounds.
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on 27 May 2007
This is without a doubt the best zombie game that has ever been made. Killing zombies has never been more fun. The fact that you can use almost every object to batter the s*** out of the zombies and the extreme amount of gore when you use chainsaws, garden sheers, sickles, sledge-hammers, lawn name a few a few of the weapons. (you can even use handbags and footballs!) However, you don't even need weapons to kill zombies, oh no, if you run out or just feel like using your fists, then go ahead. There is also a variety of "wrestling" move you can perform to break their necks, or throw them at eachother like bowling balls.

This game is also a great way of relieving stress. The feeling you get when you stick a sickle into a zombies neck makes you shiver (in a good way). So, if you ever feel like playing an entertaining, enthrawling and just plain fun game then this is what you're looking for. Or if you just feel like chopping things up and just want gore, this is the game for you. *****
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on 3 August 2014
Excellent game that is full of action, suspense and horror.....going back to this game 8 years after first trying it and I have to say I enjoy it more now than I did on first release. Could do with more chances to save your progress but that all adds to the urgency and fear during the game. If you love George Romero,The Walking Dead or simply a fan of the zombie genre then this won't disappoint.
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on 23 July 2013
I found this game a challenge to do but you don't have to follow the story mode. You can just go around and kill zombies. I like how it counted how many zombies you killed and you could pick up anything to use as a weapon. Really recommend this game for players that like free roam games.
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on 2 March 2009
I had my doubts about this game when it first came out; I thought it looked a bit plain and very repetitive. But I recently bought it as it was going very cheaply and I was bored of my other games. Now, it is about the only thing I play on the 360! Don't let demos, screenshots, or other reviews put you off. This game is brilliant. The map is exactly the right size, and there is no danger of going off course as the area isn't big enough to get lost in. Plus, you always have an arrow telling you where to go. The story is about a photojournalist named Frank West, who travels to an isolated town in search of a story. But the town has been overrun with zombies and the last survivors are trapped in the shopping mall. The aim of the game is to work out what has happened to cause the outbreak in the next 72 hours. Yes, you're timed, but don't worry, you will still have plenty of time to slice up thousands of undead with the various weapons stashed around the mall. That's the best thing. Weapons. In CoD 5, there are maybe just over 20 different weapons to use. Not in this, this game has the most weapons in a game ever. Has your pistol run out of ammo? Are you cornered by a huge crowd of zombies? Who cares? Just pick up a bench or a flowerpot and bash them with it! Or your health packs if you need to! That's how big the variety of weapons is! Also, you can go into clothes shops and try on loads of different costumes. It is hysterical when you see Frank slicing through zombies with a chainsaw whilst wearing a nice, white tuxedo. Some of the characters are equally as funny, although some are just freaks. For anyone who is a fan of zombie bashing, this is the game for you! I have completed it 6 times now and I'll still be cutting zombies up with a lawnmower all the way through 2009. If you do get it, go into the maintenance tunnels at night time. I dare you!
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VINE VOICEon 20 September 2006
Having now completed this game (with the true ending) I can honestly say it's the best fun I've had playing a game in ages. Since Vice City in fact. The best way to describe it in a sentence is GTA + Zombies + Shopping mall + an oppressive clock.

You can pick up a huge array of items and use them against the Zombies (and other enemies later in the game). The weapons you might expect are there - chainsaws, pickaxes, baseball bats, etc. But it doesn't end there. You can even pick up Parasols and run around knocking down hapless Zombies with them, You can pick up traffic cones and ram them on an unsuspecting zombie's head, you name it. In terms of getting around the mall, there are vehicles (Cars, Pushbikes, Motorbikes), and an insanely useful skateboard that really helps in getting from A to B.

You can have great fun just running around killing the poor creatures with whatever you find - but there's also a B movie plot that moves ahead whether you follow it or not. Here it's very important to note that this is NOT a sandbox. You are on a very clock (a very tight one at times). One of the major criticisms of the game has been that you can only have ONE save - and because of the multiple endings, it's quite possible to save the game at such a point that it's now impossible to beat. But in my mind this just adds to the urgency of the game - if you make a mistake, you may well have to start over. But do you really want to save every 5 minutes? That would make the game way too easy right? And nothing that's worth doing is ever easy.

Graphics wise it really showcases the 360's capabilities - the characters are beautifully rendered. But this is not one for the kids - the 18 certificate is there for a reason. There's an enormous amount of gore, and certain characters have alarmingly lifelike... attributes shall we say. The Japanese game developers have always been breast-obsessed (fair enough), and I daresay an entire team was set aside purely to work on some of the characters. Seriously, there is an enormous amount of gratuitous killing and semi-adult content. For someone able to put that in context it's fine, but this game isn't for a 12 year old, no siree-bob.

Any criticisms? Yes - nothing is ever perfect. The story could have used a little tightening script-wise, and the voice acting is quite variable. Some is perfect - Frank, Jessie and Brad in particular. But some of the psychos you deal with in the mall are a bit silly. And of course some multiplayer would have been nice. As for the ending....

But in summary this is game you have to own. Do not rent it - it's better than that. Something like Saints Row is only worth a rent - but this is worth every penny of £40. Just don't let your pre-teen kids play it, and be pragmatic about your expectations. If semi-adult content and ultra-violence offends you, put your money back in your pocket. But if you're adult enough to be able to put in in context, buy this game right now.
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on 14 September 2006
And yes they should. You play freelance photo jounalist Frank West, in search for the scoop of a lifetime. You get a tip that something big is going down at the small town of Willemet, Colorado. From the skies it looks like the town is devastated by a massive, violent riot. But it turns out the whole town is infested by zombies. You land on the shopping mall and have 72 hours to figure out whats going on the town.

And since it's set in a shopping mall, why not kill time by hanging around at leasure park, and cut off zombies legs with that sickle. Or go into the alfresca plaza and cut zombies in half with a hedge trimmer, and chainsaw. The sheer range of weopans is absolutely imenise (with more than 200+), and they all respond differently. The is a diffence if you smash a zombies head with a bowling ball, than using a dumbell from the gym. They all make differnt sounds to, so when you hit a zombie with an electric guitar it makes a sound that you want hear.

Also the graphics in the game are beautiful. I don't have one of those HD TV's, but still it's very realistic. They framerate does not seem to skip when there are 500 zombies on screen.

But it does have some cons, like the use of only one save slot, but i suppose if you had more you could complete the game easily. Oh yeh, the length of the game is not 72 hours, more like 6 hours.

All in all, the game is relativly short, but is amazingly fun. Capcom have done well with this, and if there is another game like this, I will be damned as it is so origanly and oozing with class. So if you want to sit down, and play a truely imersing game for a day or 2, then dead rising will be the perfect time spender.
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on 10 September 2006

What A Game.

You ever see that film Dawn Of The Dead? Yep. Well this is that but in video game form. You are trapped in a large shopping centre (sorry I refuse to call it a Mall) surrounded by hoardes and hoardes of Zombies. Your job? Survive. And take some photos of it on the way. You play photojournalist Frank West on a quest to find the truth, and what a quest that is.

See the beauty of this game is the simple variety of it all. You enter a store. You can pick up ost anything from the shelves and there is you weapon now just run out into the centre where there are literally hundreds on the undead waiting for you to try out your new toy to gory and often hilarious results. Find a plank of wood. Swing it into a zombies face. Find a hunting knife. Throw it at the zombies head. Find a lawn mower. Well I'll save that one for you to find out.

This really is what the next generation of gaming should be about. Not only does it have great graphics it has variety. Hundreds of on screen enemies. Hundreds of tools at your disposal. No longer are you restricted by the game designers boundaries.

So why call it old school? Well thats just a personal observation of mine. The difficulty level in this game isnt stupidly high but still fairly challenging and with its rigid save structure you often find yourself repeating certain sections again and again just to beat another of the wonderfully constructed bosses. It just reminded me of the old days replaying the first few levels of a game just because you were stuck on a later one. The key thing here is that it isn't even repetitive. It's nice to have a challenge and by replaying certain sections you start to notice little quirks or weapons you may have missed.

Looking for a game that doesnt take itself too seriously? Then look at Dead Rising. If your sense of humour is as stupid as mine you will love it!!!!
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