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on 11 June 2015
great game,not as good as cod but well worth purchasing.
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on 19 April 2006
BF2:MC is a great game, in my opinion the best currently on the 360 even if it is only a port from the PS2/XBOX version.

This game was only really created for one purpose and that was to play online and that is where the game excels itself over the competition. The BF2:MC demo on xbox360 live was the number 1 xbox306 live game for a week after is release, that shows how populer this game is. the online experience itself is again, great. The maps are detailed and can support upto 24 players simultaneously, the teams are always even, or within 2 people, so no one team can be overwhelmed. games can swing either way on all maps, just because you select the team that won the previous round dosent mean your gauranteed to win, in some cases your more likley to lose.

but no game is perfect, in some cases you will get people purposly killing own team mates for what seem like completly stupid reasons. one case of this happend when i played the 360 demo for the first time. I get into the helicopter at the start of the round when over the comunicator somone says "dont take off, wait for me" so i wait for him to get in, he hangs around the helicopter pad with a rocket launcher and i knew what he was going to do but it was to late for me to do anything about it, he fires the rocket and i die. these sorts of people come in 3 forms, 1 accidental ( not often but it does happen, ive done it myself) 2 one of (these guys will just hit you once or twice for the hell of it) and the 3rd one is constant (they will purposly hunt you down throught the entire round killing you when they can. Unfortunatly the vote kicking system isnt very good but the new gamer rep feature of xbox360 live is a small deterant but again its not effective.

overal the online aspect of the game is very very good, the best out there. Dont let the bad aspects put you of, if you are looking for an all action online game then get this.

one last point, this game isnt the same as the PC version, its completly diffrent. The maps, vehicles, weapons they are all diffrent from the console version of the game. bare that in mind if you are moving from PC to xbox360
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on 17 April 2006
I bought this to play on xbox live and not really for the single player game. After a few hiccups with the game freezing i can now say that this is a great fps for the xbox 360.

The online game is a little wierd. You can go for a quick game or custom match but either way there is no host to the game (a little like Halo 2's matchmaking) but you join EA's servers and choose your side in the battle.

The plus side in this is that because it is a dedicated server there is NO LAG which is brilliant. I have played for about 4 hours so far and seen none at all which is impressive with all the explosions going on.

There are 5 types of soldier that you can choose from each time you spawn including Assault, Sniper and support. Personally i alwys choose assault which is your standard soldier.

At the end of each match there is a vote for which map to play next which is an interesting way to get around the 'no host' problem. Also if someone is team killing then you can vote them out of the game.

The 15 or so maps are REALLY good and varied from city landscapes, to frozen wastelands, to an Arab looking small town. The graphics are very good but not quite pushing the xbox 360 to it's limits.

There are only two game modes - capture the flag (which takes place on smaller versions of the full maps) and Conquest (which is basically a territores game and takes place on full maps)

Overall the multiplayer over xbox live (there is no splitscreen or system link) is fantastic and although hard at first, is well worth the effort to learn the ropes.

The single player is identical to the original xbox game and is OK but nothing special really.

The real fun is to be had online...
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on 12 July 2007
OK, So what to say that has not already been said? This is the ultimate war game.

I will start off with the online mode, as this game was designed for online play only... It was only once it got moved to xbox360 et al that the game got a single player mode.

Online, you have the choice to set up your own map (which to be honest i have not done) or you just press the quick play option.. my preferred choice. You are then connected up to the servers and after a short loading time, you are chucked into the action- this is usually at your HQ, if you join the game at the start. If not, if your team has captured any of the other flags on the map, you can start from there, just ensuring you are in the thick of the action straight away. A quick note about the game itself... you can be happily walking along, and then all of a sudden you are dead... is this frustrating? Yes it most certainly is, but at the same time adds quite a bit of realism to the game, whether you stand on a land mine, killed by a helicopter you never saw (or heard) coming, or a sniper from a mile away, just shows what sortof dangers are inherent in being in a theatre of war. I am not particularly good at this game... sometimes i do pretty well, but on the whole i am a bit naff, but the funny thing is, this takes no enjoyment away from the game. It is still great to be in the thick of action, whether you are camped at a base, or out on the streets. It is just superb.

Single player:

This can be frustrating, and would be better to think of it as a refresher course on the little details in the game. The AI in your team, can be best described as total (*&*&ing idiots, but if you view this as a FPS, designed to be played on your own, then you can pass it off as a moderatley good fun episode. Considering you do get to fly helicopters in the single player game, and board boats and the rest of the vehicles, it is really not a bad FPS, but certainly not as immersing as other games. This is an extra to the Console game, and as not on the PC version, so you can say to yourself that it is an extra game in itself to what it was originally designed for, however this is not a game you should buy for the single player, as it is not intuitive. You buy it for the online game, and is by far the best online game i have ever come across, whether it be on PC or console.

My thoughts are that even the 'great' online games do not even come close to this for sheer entertaining, seat of your pants fun... this includes doom URT, and even the MMORG's which i do love, so not come close to this for pick up ability, and absorbtion into the game.

If you have xbox live, you should have this game.
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on 11 April 2007
Ive never played this game on the pc so i cannot comment on that, i played the multiplayer demo downloaded off xbox live and i loved that so i bought the game. im not disappointed as such but this game could have been so so good, it could have been a rival to ghost recon but was let down by stupid oversights on the part of the developers. the main issue i have with this game is the lack of save points, which has been commented on in past reviews.. you are given a mission objective, you complete it, you are given another objective and so on, there may be 5 objectives per mission, you get to the 5th and die, after playing for maybe 20-30 minutes to get ot this point and yes you guessed it! you have to start right back from square 1. now this game isnt the easiest ive encountered, infact i would say its a hard game and after playing the same part of the game over and over again ive just about had enough and ive only had the game 2 days. another problem is theres no way to turn up the brightness in the game and i do feel this is needed, sure you can turn up the brightness on the tv but then you have to mess around when you wanna watch tv or a DVD, a simple brightness control would have been very helpful.

The games graphics are nice, i was quite surprised that even on a regular tv they look pretty good, not stunning but they do the job quite well.

The control system is terrible, everything you have learned about 1st person shooter controls need to be forgotten as this game seems to turn everything on its head, i guess im just too used to Call of Duty's controls.

all in all if you like a game thats quite difficult and you dont mind playing the same parts over and over then you may actually like this game, its not a disaster by any means but a little more thought could and should have turned this game into a classic.

Multiplayer is fantastic but even that lacks game mode types that you will be used to when playing online.
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on 22 February 2009
Its an ok game online its good for the time that it was released at. overall its a fun game :)
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on 11 November 2015
Happy with it ok thank u
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on 14 July 2015
I am very please with it
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on 22 July 2009
I am a fan of the Battlefield range, although until this game I had only experienced them on the PC. Obviously this does not match up to the PC version but it's a very good game on its own. The hot swapping of characters is great the first few times but then gets a bit tiresome, although it's definitely a necessary addition to the console game. The graphics are awesome for a console game and the game play is good. This game really wins out online though - so if you don't have an XBox live account I wouldn't bother with this one.
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on 9 September 2006
This is my favorite game at the moment and you can be pretty much certain that I'm paying this game when I'm playing on my Xbox 360. I've had this for 4 months now and every online game is different. In my opinion though, offline with this game is rubbish. In other words, don't buy this game if you don't have Xbox Live Gold. I gave it 3 stars as online is great, offline is not so great.
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