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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2013
Sonic hasn't had a great reputation in recent years as a gaming icon and this game is partly to blame for it.
The gameplay is unpolished and buggy.
The story has many plot holes and questionable choices.
And as a game that was released to celebrate 15 years of Sonic's career, it failed on a massive scale that has seemingly crippled the franchise for many years in the eyes of the public.

Yet despite all of this, I actually really like this game.
I will never deny that this game was a total failure, but I still love it despite that.
All of the points I just mentioned regarding the game's cons are mostly quite the opposite for me.
The story is one of my favourites in all of gaming and I can still enjoy the gameplay despite it being flawed.
And as hard as it might be to believe, the game has actually gained more fans as time as gone on. People like me who know the game is bad but enjoy it regardless for their own reasons. That doesn't at all make the game good, but it shows the even the worst games can appeal to some people.

At its core, its a bad game. But that doesn't mean you'll have a bad time with it (if that makes any sense).
So buy the game if you want and see what kind of time you have. If not you could always look up videos of it on YouTube and experience it from afar.

Who knows? Maybe you'll enjoy it.
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on 29 January 2014
Riddled with plot holes,glitches way too much loading,technical problems, bad level design choices, awful voice acting and lip syncing, bad control, butchered characters, and just bad ideas
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on 13 November 2008
I must confess to only playing the demo from the Xbox Marketplace but I think that was enough,I had already seen/heard the bad reviews of this so wasn't expecting much but...oh deary me!
The graphics are so so,they're not great,the design is a little stale and is halfway between real and more in keeping in with the older games.it doesn't work,Sonic himself looks okay but the robot designs are too 'modern' and as for the eagle(s)flying round they don't look too bad but fly around like paper planes.
No,the biggest crime this commits is the camera,it is singularly worse than the 2 games on the Dreamcast,and that's saying something!
You push the stick forward and it's a gamble which direction Sonic will go!,likewise I 'attacked' some boxes on a bridge and went flying off the side,the barriers just weren't there!
You have to do homing attacks to get on slides and strangely non-elastic ropes and it's 50/50 whether you make it or not,the camera always seems to be looking at the floor,indeed I fell off a slide even though I wasn't touching the controls!!
There was no intention of me buying this,I just wanted to see if things had improved,the answer is NO!
P.S This still has the 'get hit once lose all your rings'from the first DC games which nowadays is really unforgiveable.
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on 8 June 2007
The game was a disappointment on most aspects; Sonic's speed is nothing like what it was in the previous titles. It doesn't feel fast even when hitting the dash boards and when in the "Super Fast Stages", it may feel faster than the ordinary game play, but it certainly doesn't feel like you have control over sonic any more. The only thing about this game, which I think has only really been accomplished, was the colourful and well designed background graphics and this doesn't at all make up for it's many other flaws. The music is like it always has been, but I wish I could say the same for the stage music. Sometimes it's good, but sometimes it makes you want to turn your TV down. The thing which really annoyed most gamers was the fact that, everyone expected this game to be an unbelievable masterpiece, but when it turned out as bad as it was; gamers sent scores of disgraceful marks and reviews than the game really didn't really deserve.
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on 2 February 2007
Like many people, I was excited about the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog was going to have a his own new game on the 360... From all the pictures and running footage I had seen, it certanly looked like a promising game, with fantastic looking, ultra smooth running graphics, but sadly, that's all this game really has going for it.

I've been a Sonic fan since the days of the Master System and Mega Drive, and have REALLY only thought that Sonic works in 2D. The only 3D Sonic game I have really enjoyed was the first PROPER 3D Sonic game, Sonic Adventure 1 on the Dreamcast. (just incase someone mentions the aditional feature in "Sonic Jam" on the Saturn which was 3D)

Being a Sonic Fan, I have still bought all the newer Sonic games that have been released, and sadly, I feel this is the worst one to date.

Now I'm all for a good story line, but I think this one streches it a bit too far. There are parts where you're just thinking "Yeah, yeah... Let's just PLAY the damn game!" as the plotline goes on and on in the cut scenes.. And when you actually get to PLAY the game, the disapointment continues...

There's somthing about the controls in this game that seem wrong, and I just can't put my finger on it... They just seem to sensitive when running around and when you try to change direction... Sonic has far to much chance of falling into nothingness. You'll be using the homing jump into an enemy, and instead you'll be falling to certain death over a platform. Also, the camera angles are poor. They never seem to be at the angle you want them to be, until you're running fast and the camera angle lowers behind you. It needed to be slightly further behind Sonic rather than as "top down" onto the character as it was, like when you are stood still.

In all, I was disapointed by this game, but it didn't suprise me. As I say... There hasn't been a decent 3D Sonic game, (in my opinion) other than the original Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. I only give this game 3 stars as the graphics really, really are very nice indeed... Especially on an HD telly.
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on 4 January 2008
I bought this game hoping against hope that it would be good, that all the reviews I had read were wrong. This was a mistake, which I shall not be making again.
Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast was one of my favourite games, and still is. It was one of the games that really got me into gaming. I still play it every now and then; it really is that good.
When I first heard that there was going to be a proper Sonic game coming onto PS3 I was ecstatic - Since Sonic Adventure 2 there hadn't been a good Sonic game, and I needed a new fix of speedy goodness. This game was meant to provide it, with wonderful next-gen graphics.

This game has not provided it, for various reasons (although the graphics are very good indeed, this is probably the only really positive thing about this game).

1)It isn't very fast. For some reason, SEGA seem to have slowed Sonic down. It is so slow that I really thought at the start of the game that there would be some kind of upgrade coming along soonish to speed Sonic back up to his Dreamcast speed. None of the reviews I'd read had mentioned that Sonic was now relatively slow compared to previously, and I still haven't seen one that has brought this up. Well, I am. To be fair, that's not a major gripe, though it is vey annoying: I wanted next-gen speeds to go with the graphics (which are very good actually, but don't compensate for lack of oomph.)
2)The story is poor. it bears no relevance to previous titles in the series and is simply quite atrocious. Again, not a huge deal, but you'd have thought they'd have made an effort with theirfirst next-gen game. Sadly not.
3)The game is chock-full of glitches which are so glaringly obvious you'd have thought any idiot could have irooned them out. Not SEGA unfortunately. There really are some whoppers here. Sometimes, when you're going along, on foot or on a snowboard or however else, one (either after hitting something or not) stops dead still. To be going along (moderately) quickly, and then to suddenly stop, even if there's nothing that is visibly impeding one's progress, is very disconcerting and actually makes you think about just how little effort has been put into making this game. Other notable glitches include a character, for no reason, moving up a slope that they're supposed to be going down, and then it being impossible to turn them around again, hitting against a wall and falling into the scenery, losing a life (it's quite difficult anyway without the added handicap of being swallowed up without a trace for no reason at all)
5)The camera is godawful. This has been a problem in 3D Sonic games since the Dreamcast in 1999. That's eight years! And now the camera is even worse, somehow. It gets stuck very easily and generally conspires against you to make you fall into holes that are impossible to see until you are in them, etc. Not good.
6) To compensate for the general slowness of Sonci in the game, SEGA have put in special "Speed Stages" (I'm not joking, that's what they call them. The whole damn game should be a bloody speed stage. Sounds like "free speech zone", it's ridiculous). In these "Speed Stages", you can't stop or go faster or slower, do any of the moves you can normally do, and the sad irony is that it's not even that "Speed"-y. No more that you'd be expecting for the game as a whole.
7)Gameplay is generally OK, but not as good as in previous incarnations - obviously the whole thing's vastly slower (in previous games, other characters were almost as fast as Sonic himself, in this, Sonic's not fast and the rest are just slow). They kept the horrible vehicles form Shadow the Hedgehog, which are just unnecessary and really aren't fun to drive at all, and to add insult to injury Shadow now moves with a horrid waddling motion which is irritating to look at and, as mentioned above, isn't fast.
Tails has a little girl's voice - I don't know if it's the same in the Japanese voices, but the English one is the wrong gender and age. It sounds stupid. (Also, there's no lip-synching. This is supposed t be NEXT-GEN,the least they could do is taking the effort to lip-synch it for the English release. Anyway, Tails controls badly, can no longer hover and has lost the ability to do a normal attack as previously. What this has been replaced with is frankly a joke and I cn't quite bring myself to discuss it here. Rest assured, it's awful. All the other characters have their good points, but most are flawed in irritating ways that taint the gamelay. Some bits are so glitchy as to be virtually unplayable, for example, thre is a snowboarding section that is actually beyond my power to describe it, it really is that abysmal.
8) This may just be my copy, but pre-rendered cut-scenes judder and have slow-down (somehow) if anything is happening much. It sucks, but I'm guessinhg this may just be mine as I've seen it running fine elsewhere. Whatever, it's annoying.
9) Some bits just aren't well thought out at all. For example, loading screens are very numerous and often the game will, when one has decided to do a challenge within the game world, the game will spend twnety seconds loading, then maybe a line or two is said, then it loads for twenty seconds again. I knew about this before I got it, so it didn't get me annoyed to start with, but now, it gets me seething whenever it happens. They should have thought it through better.
10) Often, much of a level will simply consist of pressing forward on the analogue stick and not actually interacting very much. the majority of the game is either on a fixed, narrow track or on a rail, and in many areas, it's possible to just sit back and watch the game play itself, which actually isn't that fun.

To sum up, this game, while having some good points, fails in most categories to delier, and disappoints far more than it enthrals. To those new to SOnic, I'd say, if you're interested, get Sonic Adventure or Sonic Adventure 2 and a Dreamcast. This is not only cheaper, but you will be playing a much better game. To fans of the series, sorry guys, this is another stinker, I'd advise you not to buy it. This is dross, SEGA needs a kick up the backside for expecting us to go out and buy this crap.

To be honest, this game probably deserves 2 stars overall, but it isn't just any new game, it's a Sonic game by one of the best developers on the planet, and they've spewed out THIS. So it only gets 1 star.
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on 31 December 2007
when i first saw this game on the market i got really excited and just had to ask for it for christmas this year, after aquireing my 360 console.As soon as i started this game the first thing i loved was the graphics, they are wonderful and i'm glad that sonic hasn't lost its cartoon edge.
But as soon as i started to play the actual game i wasn't overly impressed, the story seems good but it has a few patchy parts in where i lost interest fast. The level design is pretty cool in some areas but a few of them reminded me or Sonic Adventure, for example the first stage the beach level was almost EXACTLY the same as the emerald coast level in SA (and i mean exactly)heh it even included the race with the killer whale sound familliar?
camera controls....well sega has never been very good with those. some of the stages where sonics centre of gravity is STRAIGHT FOREWARD you aren't in control at all apart from jumping and moveing around in left or right directions, these levels are very frustrateing not to mention the in game loading screens, some of them are absolutely needless they don't need to be there but they are and the little glitches here and there in some levels annoyed me quite a bit. Its now easier to get A ranks and S ranks on the levels which is a welcomed relief, and gameplay is quite fun running smoothly without a hitch and the small tasks you can do to earn rings are usually very entertaining. all in all its a good game but with a few annoying bits and peices here and there.
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on 28 February 2014
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) to me, is quite a OK game. I will now go into detail about my likes and dislikes.

1. Good control,
2. Nice storyline, (For individual characters)
3. Hub worlds that give more to explorers,
4. Gold Medals (Like emblems from previous games) that give you awards,
5. (Xbox 360 only) Achievements to collect,
6. Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network features,
7. Multiplayer mode (Tag or Battle),

Now for my dislikes
1. In White Acropolis, bad snowboarding controls,
2. Tails, Knuckles and Amy have reduced speed from their Sonic Adventure / Sonic Adventure 2 debuts,
3. Connecting all 3 storys together is a mess,
4. Silver need rocket shoes (He's so slow),
5. Shadow's 2nd stage involves boating through trippy areas with collapsing statues,

Voice acting
Jason Griffith - Sonic / Shadow
Pete Capella - Silver
Amy Palant - Tails
Dan Green - Knuckles / Mephlies
Caren Lyn Tackett - Rouge
Madeleine Blaustein - E-123 Omega
Erica Schroeder - Blaze
Lisa Ortiz - Amy
Mike Pollock - Dr. Eggman
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on 30 July 2014
Watch out for this game as the series that's been falling for the past couple of years finally hits rock-bottom, whether it's playing as the dreadful Amy Rose, or raging your way through the abomination that is Flame Core, you're bound to have a bad time with this game, even if you find some of this game good, they'll always be one part that frustrates the hell out of you, me, I don't hate the whole game, playing as Omega's a blast and Crisis City's a lot of fun, but still, the controls are messed up, the level design's bad and it has one of the worst story's in the entire series, not to mention voice acting that rivals Mega Man 8, and in-game cutscenes that... I genuinely can't think of anything this bad, so if you are curious like I was, then by all means, try it out, just don't feel as though you have to finish the game, and for goodness sakes, don't play the extra missions, unless you feel like walking a dog around a city, but still, you're sure to get kicks out of the awesome soundtrack!
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on 17 May 2014
the first quater of the game was cool as a sonic adventure but the rest is clearly unfinished... with testure like dreamcast and a lot of bugs everywhere (sometime hilarious) the story is messy and the gameplay is random...
if you love sonic adventure you can play it to say good bye to sonic... if you are not don't pain yourself
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