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on 30 July 2017
Lol. Kids. Bought this game cause they heard it was one of the worst games ever made. Disk plays, came packaged ok, no issues with delivery time or seller, but its is a crap game cause kids got so frustrated with it to the point of tears! They hate it. Poor sonic.
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on 31 August 2017
This is very hard for children so my son has not yet completed this game
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on 26 August 2015
As described. Thank you.
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on 17 July 2013
Sonic hasn't had a great reputation in recent years as a gaming icon and this game is partly to blame for it.
The gameplay is unpolished and buggy.
The story has many plot holes and questionable choices.
And as a game that was released to celebrate 15 years of Sonic's career, it failed on a massive scale that has seemingly crippled the franchise for many years in the eyes of the public.

Yet despite all of this, I actually really like this game.
I will never deny that this game was a total failure, but I still love it despite that.
All of the points I just mentioned regarding the game's cons are mostly quite the opposite for me.
The story is one of my favourites in all of gaming and I can still enjoy the gameplay despite it being flawed.
And as hard as it might be to believe, the game has actually gained more fans as time as gone on. People like me who know the game is bad but enjoy it regardless for their own reasons. That doesn't at all make the game good, but it shows the even the worst games can appeal to some people.

At its core, its a bad game. But that doesn't mean you'll have a bad time with it (if that makes any sense).
So buy the game if you want and see what kind of time you have. If not you could always look up videos of it on YouTube and experience it from afar.

Who knows? Maybe you'll enjoy it.
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on 29 January 2014
Riddled with plot holes,glitches way too much loading,technical problems, bad level design choices, awful voice acting and lip syncing, bad control, butchered characters, and just bad ideas
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on 13 November 2008
I must confess to only playing the demo from the Xbox Marketplace but I think that was enough,I had already seen/heard the bad reviews of this so wasn't expecting much but...oh deary me!
The graphics are so so,they're not great,the design is a little stale and is halfway between real and more in keeping in with the older games.it doesn't work,Sonic himself looks okay but the robot designs are too 'modern' and as for the eagle(s)flying round they don't look too bad but fly around like paper planes.
No,the biggest crime this commits is the camera,it is singularly worse than the 2 games on the Dreamcast,and that's saying something!
You push the stick forward and it's a gamble which direction Sonic will go!,likewise I 'attacked' some boxes on a bridge and went flying off the side,the barriers just weren't there!
You have to do homing attacks to get on slides and strangely non-elastic ropes and it's 50/50 whether you make it or not,the camera always seems to be looking at the floor,indeed I fell off a slide even though I wasn't touching the controls!!
There was no intention of me buying this,I just wanted to see if things had improved,the answer is NO!
P.S This still has the 'get hit once lose all your rings'from the first DC games which nowadays is really unforgiveable.
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on 6 August 2010
The game disk can be used as a great placemat or a really good frisbee.

Slow loading, More unwanted characters, poor level design, rubbish story .

At first I wondered why it wasn't called Sonic Adventure 3, but now I know why, if this is the best that Sega can do for Sonic on his 15th Birthday, then maybe Sonic should be shipped of to an old folk's home early.

For over a year before its release I for one waited for any news or screenshots of this game and hoped it would be as revolutionary as it first looked back in September 2005.
As the newer screenshots seemed to show a fantastic looking game with a Demo that played quite well, it was easy to be mislead. This sadly is almost as bad as Sonic Heroes, and with a £50 price tag (at the time) , it makes it worse then Shadow the Hedgehog.
Gameplay- The game starts in the middle of a town, but most of the surrounding areas are blocked off till later on in the game. The camera is the worst part of this game, for some reason left is right and right is left. Most of the time the camera gets stuck, and changes at the worst possible time. There is not even a zoom in and out feature.
While in the town the controls and camera don't really prove to be much of a problem, it when playing the action stages that it becomes a problem. The camera seems to get stuck behind trees or even rocks with no way to move it, meaning that guesswork comes which usually means loss of rings or even death.
Loops and corkscrews seem to be a problem in this game as well, a good example is when running along the beach to keep up with a flying ship, at one point Sonic runs round a corkscrew and must hit the springs at the end, but because controls a limited on this it is easy to completely miss it and fall to a horrible death. Originality in this game is sadly not present most of the time, the first level for sonic sees him running along a board walk with a whale chasing him, of course this would have been fantastic if it hadn't already been done in Sonic Adventure, 10 years ago on the Dreamcast. There is also a snow boarding level...again, but some how they made it go from being fun to just plain hard and unplayable.
Loading times are just too long and most of the time for pointless reasons, at one point it took about 45 seconds to load a 5 second video, and then has to load again for the level.
RPG would be a nice side quest for this game if they don't interfere with the main quest, but sadly they do, like trying to find the real captain to carry on to the next level, this is both pointless, boring and results in more tedious loading times. There are also times when there are bottomless pits that carnt be seen which really does p**s you off when on your last life and have to start from the start of that level.

Graphics- the screenshots looked brilliant and Sonic looked like it was coming into the next gen, but for some unknown reason, the game looks like a Dreamcast game. The is no real blur not much detail on the level and the shadow effects would be very poor for the Gamecube.
Sound - Not too bad, but once again this proves that Sonic is similar to David Beckham, they should never speak, as the voice is just annoying. The acting has no emotion most of the time or if it does it's over done.
The music is rubbish for a sonic game, there is no classic tunes like Green Hill, instead there is some noisy rock music playing.

Achievements :- Very Hard.:- Completing the game as Sonic is hard enough and most will problly give up before they get that. I myself have only got about 200.
Thanks for reading
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on 8 June 2007
The game was a disappointment on most aspects; Sonic's speed is nothing like what it was in the previous titles. It doesn't feel fast even when hitting the dash boards and when in the "Super Fast Stages", it may feel faster than the ordinary game play, but it certainly doesn't feel like you have control over sonic any more. The only thing about this game, which I think has only really been accomplished, was the colourful and well designed background graphics and this doesn't at all make up for it's many other flaws. The music is like it always has been, but I wish I could say the same for the stage music. Sometimes it's good, but sometimes it makes you want to turn your TV down. The thing which really annoyed most gamers was the fact that, everyone expected this game to be an unbelievable masterpiece, but when it turned out as bad as it was; gamers sent scores of disgraceful marks and reviews than the game really didn't really deserve.
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on 2 February 2007
Like many people, I was excited about the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog was going to have a his own new game on the 360... From all the pictures and running footage I had seen, it certanly looked like a promising game, with fantastic looking, ultra smooth running graphics, but sadly, that's all this game really has going for it.

I've been a Sonic fan since the days of the Master System and Mega Drive, and have REALLY only thought that Sonic works in 2D. The only 3D Sonic game I have really enjoyed was the first PROPER 3D Sonic game, Sonic Adventure 1 on the Dreamcast. (just incase someone mentions the aditional feature in "Sonic Jam" on the Saturn which was 3D)

Being a Sonic Fan, I have still bought all the newer Sonic games that have been released, and sadly, I feel this is the worst one to date.

Now I'm all for a good story line, but I think this one streches it a bit too far. There are parts where you're just thinking "Yeah, yeah... Let's just PLAY the damn game!" as the plotline goes on and on in the cut scenes.. And when you actually get to PLAY the game, the disapointment continues...

There's somthing about the controls in this game that seem wrong, and I just can't put my finger on it... They just seem to sensitive when running around and when you try to change direction... Sonic has far to much chance of falling into nothingness. You'll be using the homing jump into an enemy, and instead you'll be falling to certain death over a platform. Also, the camera angles are poor. They never seem to be at the angle you want them to be, until you're running fast and the camera angle lowers behind you. It needed to be slightly further behind Sonic rather than as "top down" onto the character as it was, like when you are stood still.

In all, I was disapointed by this game, but it didn't suprise me. As I say... There hasn't been a decent 3D Sonic game, (in my opinion) other than the original Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. I only give this game 3 stars as the graphics really, really are very nice indeed... Especially on an HD telly.
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on 6 April 2008
I bought Sonic hoping for a modern platform game for the family.

We lasted an hour and a half before giving up with the game.
Totally disappointed.

Buggy camera, found we could end up going through solid objects, nothing to strive for. Obviously not designed by the same people who made Sonic for the Sega (bless its cotton socks).
No challenge or anything to strive for. The game obviously didn't have a director to make sure it had a plot and direction. I've seen cheesy teen movies that had better plots!

If you're hell bent on buying this game, go rent it first before buying... That's my advice.
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