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on 12 November 2005
i bought they're only chasing safety on holiday in the states after my friend introduced me to underoath in the uk, as soon as u start listening to the album i was stunned by how awesome it was, 'a boy brushed red living in black and white' is an amazing start to the album and 'reinventing your exit' is an underoath classic, The rest of the album from 'It's a dangerous business walking out your front door' right the way to the end is amazing and this album should definately be bought by anybody interested in underoath or emo/screamo music, its truely genious
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on 21 May 2015
Amazing product but poor rating due to Amazon messing up my delivery when I paid more than the product for it to come the next day. It didn't and thus the gift was given late but other than that, no complaints.
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on 18 August 2004
Imagine a cross between Taking Back Sunday and Poison the well n thats just about wot we have here! Abs brill from start to finish. The vocalist demonstrates a wide range of vocal ability going from some excellent, heart felt, melodic lines to some gut wrenching screams that would cause every average person to puke their guts out if they tried it!
If your in2 emo or hardcore this is a must have. Highlights include tracks 1, 6 and 9 with the best track being "Reinventing your exit" (track 4).
Underoath sound similar to Silverstein, A static lullaby, from Autumn to ashes and poison the well. If you like these bands, Underoath WILL be ur cup of tea!
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on 20 February 2006
i hear you,you say this reviewer cant be right,hes calling this a masterpiece,arent masterpieces appetite for destruction,the number of the beast and master of puppets,they are masterpieces and im gonna say that this is as well,its one of the few albums i can listen to over and over again ,the band are christian,does that matter ,not really,they are heavy and full of melodies,yes that matters and they excel at it,this is sensational,truly it is,get it and you wont be sorry,for fans of zao,misery signals,as i lay dying
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on 17 September 2004
This album is a killer. The screaming vocals combined with the soft voice in a lot of parts makes you shiver. Delivering a smash in your face with furious energy the Underoath delivers a great album. The song "Reinventing your exit" is probably well-know to some, but still it is not main-stream. A lot of bands tend to put in some screaming for the sake of calling themselves emo or screamo, but Undreoath mean it! The Vocals combined with the well palyed guitars and a great drummer round up this album with intense energy. Just listen to "It's dangerous business walking out your front door" and you will know what i am talking about. I am sure that they will grow big fast!
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on 1 October 2004
I give this album 5 starts because the album its self is genius.sadly the only down point i have is there are no quick lead guitar riffs like avenged sevenfold, my chemical romance and thrice but this is not a bad thing. the vocals of the band are execptional and perfectly fitting the music and mood. there is screaming emo in most songs (shouting basicaly) which gives the sound a heavier more enphasised effect.the screaming is perfectly ballanced though (trust me). every track on this album is memorable and different. the lyrics to every song is like a poem !!!! the guys from underoath have put a lot of emotion into this !!!! my personal favourite is track 8. all of these tracks have great choruses!!!
anyway just buy it .... BUT some of the songs may get boring if listened to constantly. just said that if your short for money and if your not sure .. (i also recommend avenged sevenfold and my chemical romance to you aswell you wont be dissapointed(im talking of the albums waking the fallen and mcr 's three cheers for sweet revenge).
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on 3 August 2005
With They're Only Chasing Safety, christian Screamos' Underoath become much more grown up in their sensibilities. The all-out screaming and futuristic noise is still here, but we see spurts of growth in tracks such as It's Dangerous Business... and Some Seek Forgiveness...
Fun, thrilling for a while, but the passion dies down after repeated listens. Great for christians who love screamo and hardcore, to listen to a band who are up their with secular bands in terms of quality and be reassured these lyrics come from righteous hearts. All the while, it is a bit too narrow.
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on 8 July 2006
I bought this based on Reinventing Your Exit and It's Dangerous Business Walking out your front door.

I wish I hadn't. Nothing special musically, and whilst being overly emotional it's boring and unoriginal. Spend the money on Tool's new album because that was insanely awesome. Buy this if you're easily amused by the generic genre that is flying around at the moment. Surely it's time is over soon? *shudders*
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