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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 1 September 2005
This album shows a very different UnderOath to their earlier releases, mainly due to having a new singer. The original one left / was forced to leave the band after 'The Changing Of Times'.
This album is much more musical, the singer has a totally different voice so the music, presumably, has adapted to fit with the more musical voice rather than the low pitched beautiful howling of old. The only disappointment is the amount of tracks. As with 'The Changing Of Times' there are only 10 tracks of a normal length (around 4 minutes per song on average). But one of the ten tracks is a 50 second instrumental meaning there are only 9 proper songs.
Young and Inspiring is the perfect track with which to start the album. Builds in over 10 seconds with a slow fade in of background noise followed by 'So Let's Not Even Try' being screamed, and the music kicks in heavy and tuneful on 'Try'. Probably my favourite on the album. The tracks build up and the 'first half' ends on track four Reinventing Your Exit which was a video release in America. Then there is the 'interval' of 'The Blue Note'. Straight away it kicks back in up to pace, heavy and lyrically genius as before with the new American single 'It's A Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door'. Another great track. The album finale is one of my other favourites 'Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape'. This is mainly quiet with what sounds like an acoustic guitar. Then the first clear Christian refernces kick in with the line 'Jesus I'm Ready To Come Home'. If it is not clear, UnderOath are the cream of the Christian music. This is a lot closer to the mainstream than previous releases and therefore easier on the ear, but a brilliant, beautiful album throughout. I HIGHLY recommend it.
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on 14 July 2005
Underoath are a blend of heavy guitar riffs mixed with soft ballads and aggressive vocals, with a sound that seperates them from other bands. i first heard 'reinventing your exit' and since then there's been no going back, with tracks like 'a boy brushed red living in black and white', and the extremes of 'It's dangerous business walking out your front door'. A true progression of the easily stereo typical 'screamo' genre, which they make their own. Listen to the album and you can feel raw emotion and power in every song. I urge you to listen to and buy the album, and long may they continue to prosper and recieve the recognition they deserve.
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on 12 April 2005
The first post dallas album from floridas UnderOath is a lesson in combining unique sounds, blinding emotional lyrics and awesome hooks. Their new vocalist, Spencer Chamberlain (This Runs Through)makes his new role all his own (being the best screamer out there bar none) With numerous member changes to the line up, UnderOath have definatly taking a step into a different direction with this record, but not a bad step. Within this album they have gelled some beautifully brilliant songs such as Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, The Impact Of Reason and I'm Not Feeling Very Receptive Today. Old school dallas UnderOath fans my have been dissapointed with this release, but i can feel brutality pushing through, and we have only just seen the first signs of greatness from this band in thier new era
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on 17 August 2006
Following the loss of their original lead singer Dallas Taylor ("Act of Depression","Cries of The Past","The Changing of Times") Underoath aquired a new vocalist Spencer Chamberlain. This is the first album Underoath recorded with Spencer and his vocal talent really shines through. His voice tones sound more varied than his predecessors, giving him the edge over Dallas. Drummer Aaron Gillespie lends his voice to this album considerably more than in their previous releases. Unlike Spencer, Aaron sings the melodic parts of the songs making "They're Only Chasing Safety" a tad less heavy than their other albums which may upset die-hard fans. However if you listen to this album with a positive outlook then you are sure to enjoy it and appreaciate the new singer.

Musically, "They're Only Chasing Safety" is nothing to write home about although the melodic keyboard melodies (even though unoriginal nowadays) really shine through on certain songs.

Underoath are a Christian band which does affect their song lyrics. This particually shows through in "A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White" although unless for some reason you hate Christianity there is no reason why this song should be viewed any differently to the rest.

There are only 9 songs on the album (#5 is an interlude) but not one is lacking behind, it would have been worse if they had tried to cram 15 songs on and then half of them were not very good. Even though "They're Only Chasing Safety" has only 9 songs there really is something for everybody; ranging from the melodic ballad of "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape" to the brutal "I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today". Fans of screamocore, metalcore and hardcore will enjoy!
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on 24 August 2004
Where do I start. It seems these days that Emo/Screamcore has become a bit of a cliched genre. Bands such as Funeral for A Friend, A Static Lullaby, Glassjaw . . . have made this genre their own. Imagine being able to mix and match the best parts of every emo/screamo band! Well, Welcome to the world of Underoath. A band who combine simple melodies with complex guitar work and exceptional drumming to create an exciting sound. One minute there's intense screaming and the next a melody which sounds as though it has come from a poetry evening at your local Waterstones. Simply superb. 'It's dangerous business just walking out your front door' and 'The impact of reason' are songs to look out for.
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on 15 July 2004
This CD has everything. melodic grinding guitar riffs mixed with emotional vocals combined with agressive screamo. The Best track in my view has to be DOWN, SET, GO. it starts with a nice Scream of "I had the whole world in my hands but gave it away" then it kicks in with the powerful vocals. The chorus is one of the most heart felt and meaningful choruses around. I would say the rest of the songs follow the trend with a mix of screamo and melody. "Re-inventing Your Exit" is the most melodic of the tracks on the album which probably is the most vocal track on the album barring the final track which is "Some Will Seek Forgiveness...." this has to be the most emotionally effective track on the album because it starts off as an acoustic style track and towards the end of the track it kicks in to finish off the album in style A PURE CLASSIC
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on 21 May 2015
Amazing product but poor rating due to Amazon messing up my delivery when I paid more than the product for it to come the next day. It didn't and thus the gift was given late but other than that, no complaints.
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on 18 August 2004
Imagine a cross between Taking Back Sunday and Poison the well n thats just about wot we have here! Abs brill from start to finish. The vocalist demonstrates a wide range of vocal ability going from some excellent, heart felt, melodic lines to some gut wrenching screams that would cause every average person to puke their guts out if they tried it!
If your in2 emo or hardcore this is a must have. Highlights include tracks 1, 6 and 9 with the best track being "Reinventing your exit" (track 4).
Underoath sound similar to Silverstein, A static lullaby, from Autumn to ashes and poison the well. If you like these bands, Underoath WILL be ur cup of tea!
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on 16 August 2004
This album has to be my favourite so far this year and is a must for any emocore/hardcore fans out there. The track "Reinventing Your Exit" caught my attention straight away and is a perfect combination between screaming vocals and flowing melodies.
Thier ability to write melodic catchy tracks makes them a real winner, other tracks such as "The Impact of Reason" and "Its a Dangerous Buisness Walking Out OF Your Front Door" are also other stand out tracks.
Buy this now, you won't be dissapointed!
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on 24 November 2008
"They're Only Chasing Safety" is the title of Underoaths fourth album. And what an album it is! Every song crackles with atmosphere and energy. You won't forget these songs in a hurry because they are all so memorable!

1. Youg and Aspiring - The opening track is an excellent introduction. The guitars on this song are amazing and as usual feature some excellent vocals and lyrics. One of the strongest songs on the album. = 8/10
2. A Boy Brushed In... - This song is slightly more mainstream than the others and I find that it gets old quick. Yes, it has a good chorus and everything but it does begin to get a bit boring after you have listened to it for the 10th time. Still an excellent song, though. = 8/10
3. The Impact of Reason - I love the subtle sound effects in the verses. They really help to build the atmosphere of the song. While this may be one of the more difficult songs to get into on the album, it is still a decent song. It has an excellent chorus: "I'm at a loss for words." = 8/10
4. Reinventing Your Exit - Best song on the albumn IMO. Yes, it is probably the most mainstream song on here, but I also think it is the best. Every part of the song is catchy and you just want to listen to it over and over again. A perfect single. It never gets old. "Feeling like were Gold and were nothing short of invincible!" = 10/10
5. The Blue Note - An instrumental. This adds more atmosphere to the album and serves as a good intro to the next song. = (Compared to the other songs) 6/10
6. It's Dangerous Business... - This song is the most unique on the album and it also manages to be one of the best. It features great vocals and is a nice contrast between Aaron and Spencer. I like the way Spencer screams in this song since it sounds different to anything I have heard before. = 9/10
7. Down, Set, GO - Amazing! This song builds up all the way through to the climatic ending with the epic final chorus. "Whatever I say goes!" The contrasting vocals work especially well on this track with the epic final chorus being absolutely amazing. = 9/10
8. I don't Feel Very Receptive... - This song is good, mainly because the guitars and drums contrast together nicely. But other than that, it is mostly average metalcore lark. Filler? Maybe. = 6/10
9. I'm Content With Losing - "This is what I get for wanting more, for wanting more." The lyrics on this song are amazing and really help the song to ascend to a higher level of quality. The verses build up to the excellent chorus's to make for an excellent song. = 8/10
10. Some will seek forgiveness - This song is quiter than the others. SOme nice vocal work from Spencer, with Aaron helping him out in parts. This song is more religious than the others but is still enjoyable even if you aren't Christian(I am not) due to the great rhythem. A great closer. = 9/10
11. I've Got 10 Friends and a... - Great chorus and great screaming. Typical Underoath song. = 8/10

DVD - Really good. Features some live performances of some of the songs off this album and the music video for "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door". There is also a feature about Underoath and each member- it really is a great DVD and definetly worth the extra money.

If you buy this album, you will not regret it. Some of the songs may take a couple of listens to get into, but once you are into them you won't be able to stop listening. Overall = 9/10
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