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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 July 2016
I got this for my grandad who has always been a big fan and I've enjoyed some of Burt's original music from the 60's myself over the years - mostly that which he has written for other people but some of his own performances, too. I heard some of this album myself and was surprised as it's a nice mix of mellow/lounge-style music with mostly Burt singing on the tracks and some cool guest appearances and collaborations from the likes of Dr.Dre, Wainwright and Costello. There is a nice juxtaposition of the smooth music and Burt's often fairly angry/disenchanted lyrics which are well written and hard-hitting. There is real emotion in his voice on the tracks and this seems far from some old musician trying to milk another album of half-hearted/try-hard tracks for the sake of it and it comes across as an album that has had a lot of thought and emotion put into it. It's not classic Baacharach but is a very nice update to his sound with some nice tunes to boot.
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on 30 October 2005
fans of 60's burt may find this a difficult listen---dr. dre drum loops,depressing subject matter does not sound promising.however there is much to enjoy here if approached with an open mind.the theme of this album is burts sadness and anger at the world that we have created and his fears for the future.with lyrics penned mostly by himself this is a very personal listen.elvis costello and rufus wainright equip themselves well but it is when burt sings himself that we get to the heart of this record. i defy anyone who has a heart not to be deeply moved by burt(is he crying?)as he is overcome with emotion on where did it go?this album reveals that he has not lost his gift for melody.that said,there is nothing here as memorable as his classic sixties output(hence only three stars) but it is still a remarkable experimental record for a 77 year old to release.
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on 18 January 2006
Burt didnt need to make this music.......he doesnt need the money , he doesnt need his reputation enhancing after all he is one of most respected song writers of the 20th century.
But Burt at age 77 decided to comment on the state of play in the world. Burt is a dissapointed man let down by the politics of profit... the optimistic world of the 1960s that failed to blossom and deliver....jeez Im cheesed off too!!!...... He still writes a great tune though, buy it and enjoy.
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on 31 October 2005
I dont know much about Burt but recently I saw him on the Jooles Holland show and I liked what I heard. I bought this album on the strength of it. For me it is away from the norm in so far as the mix of mellow lounge music style and thought provoking lyrics make it a cut above the rest.
I guess Burt isnt too happy about the state of the world today as he expresses it in his lyrics. Having said that it only gives the smooth tunes more bite and causes the listener to join Burts world of times gone by with which I find makes this album a classic.
Although Burt is over 70 this music is fresh and will appeal to all ages I suspect. My friends came round last night and they all enjoyed listening to it. I recommend this album to anybody who like to relax at night and chill with a glass in thier hand. The dreamy vocals help to create an ambience that sets the mood.
Cheers Burt!
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on 29 June 2013
I am writing this review rather belatedly having seen the great man last night in Glasgow. The album I bought when it was released in 2005 he sung 2 songs on Jools holland show which were fantastic and it is in my opinion a fantastic record, along with Painted from Memory these are two great records to add to the remarkable back catalogue, buy this it is still after all these years a record I enjoy and listen to regularly
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VINE VOICEon 24 October 2005
Just seen an interview with Burt Bacharac and he is back in a big way.
Gone are the Romantic songs that he composed in his USA bubble - he's now making political statements and features an array of artists like Elvis Costello.
The single is really powerful and more of the same on the new CD, the closest that I can describe it is as if its sung by Bruce Springstein balled in a Leonard Cohen style you can feel the tide of emotion behind it..
They played a bit of the Elvis track and boy was that powerful.
You know when you know that a CD is going to be good from the first track you hear well I bet my bottom dollar that this is one, especially as he says it is written from the heart.
The title quote is from an Irish journalist he mentioned who described the new CD as 'A clenched fist in a velvet glove'; well it certainly appears to be that from what I have already heard. A lifetime of competency and feeling (from the heart) plus a load of great artists; many modern who accompany him. You have his depth plus their energy.
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on 22 October 2006
As The Activator says in his review, Burt didn't need to make this music. He's nearly 80 years old but he still cares. He wants to make a difference. This is anger expressed in a sophisticated, measured voice. It made me cry.
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on 25 October 2005
This is truly a classic CD. The lyrics are both poignant and provoking. Well worth waiting for.
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on 2 January 2016
Just utterly brilliant. A very personal CD from Burt Bacharach with some of his own lyrics. It's sensational. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.
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on 19 June 2016
Love Burt's composing work but his 'singing' is just dreadful and for that reason I cannot recommend this CD.
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