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on 12 February 2008
This printer produces good quality results for colour and black and white. I've not used it for printing photographs so I can't comment on that.

What is annoying is that my printer insists on printing a test page after each print job. You can cancel it if you quickly hit the 'X'button on the unit, but it is very annoying, as the printer then usually spews out a perfectly good sheet of paper, which if you're busy, you end up with a desk full of blank sheets, which if you're not careful, can be damaged in the jumble and unfit for printing. Also, the PictBridge (I never use this feature) indicator light flashes on and off with an '!' symbol for no apparent reason and if your speakers are on it makes an annoying alert noise. It's got a mind of its own. These two problems continue despite disinstalling and reinstalling the software multiple times.

For the price I guess it's not bad. Ink cartridges are expensive, but seem to last fairly well.
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on 9 September 2006
My old faithful HP692C died suddenly having provided 10 years of trouble free service.

I went for another HP printer as my scanner is HP and so far HP products have proven to be ultra reliable.

New machine arrived and installation fast and simple. Neat and tidy dimensions, quiet, fast and good quality printing. The only downside so far is that the paper tray and feed arrangement is difficult for my large and clumsy fingers.

Also be warned the printer does not come with the USB cable necessary to connect to your computer. This is really frustrating and should be stated in the sales description, luckily my camera USB connector matches otherwise I would have to drive into town to buy a cable which kind of defeats to point of internet shopping. Come on HP charge a couple of £££ extra and provide everything needed. A good product does not need hidden cost savings like this.
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on 2 January 2009
I just can't believe all the negative reviews of this printer.
Bought mine from Amazon in November 2006.
Works perfectly with cheap paper, photo paper, labels, absolutely owt yer care ter mention.
High capacity cartidges work out the cheapest, HP339 for black and HP444 for colour, and Amazon do twin packs of these that work out cheaper again.
Never ever had a problem with this fantastic printer.
If Amazon has any left in stock at less than £60, buy it.
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on 16 December 2013
Beautiful and well worth the money. Can't get better on the high street. Don't worry about whether there is any quality, just buy it.
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on 23 May 2007
I was uncertain about buying this product because of the mixed reviews, but as I am a Linux user there are not many cheap printers for which drivers are available.

Some problems are inevitable with low-price electronics because the margins are too tight to finance proper quality control: any consignment of hard-drives, etc, may have one DOA. The printer delivered failed to work as it was not recognising the colour cartridge: some of this model were produced with this fault. The problem was sorted out in half a day by a couple of emails and phone calls, and a replacement arrived the next week.

So far the replacement is producing good output, even on cheap paper never intended for this purpose, so I'd be happy to recommend it and HP's customer service.
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on 30 May 2006
Having "retired" our previous Epson at boot-point following the latest of many software/cartridge replacement malfunctions, we ordered this printer as an urgent replacement. And so - what a pleasant surprise! We would have been content with something that simply didn't make us yearn to head-butt it at every aborted (usually fifth) use-attempt, to be honest. But the HP turns out to be faster, quieter and of visibly better quality from the outset. Set-up was simple, too (as opposed to the never-ending and often multilingual saga of Epson re-re-re-ad-nauseam-installation). Even if its predecessor hadn't been drop-kicked into the bin, this excellent machine would have become a "necessary" addition to our peripherals, in terms of appearance and performance alone; now with extra added sanity, too!

Heartily recommended: with one hint - you may find it advantageous to have a spare "kettle-plug" around (as everyone I know seems to nowadays), since this came (to us, at any rate) with an odd Euro-looking/Klingon plug arrangement we really didn't fancy messing with so soon after the Epson upset.
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on 2 September 2006
I've owned this printer for eight months but used it rarely. I was initially very pleased with the print quality but recently the paper has failed to feed. If you search on the Web for " HP paper feed problem" this is a very common problem with their printers due to poor design of the pick-up roller mechanism. The "cure" is to clean the roller with an abrasive cleaner kit, hardly the answer! HP should be ashamed of selling printers with known bugs; they should recall all for modification.
Beware - avoid HP printers with single roller feeds!
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on 18 October 2006
If you want an all round printer this is not the one!! It refuses to print envelopes from MS Office 2003. Surely this is a serious error? Anyone who writes letters wishes to print envelopes but not with this printer!!! When I try to print them off another software programme I get mangled envelopes 95% of the time. Pay more - get more!! Definitely not recommended by me. If you look at their website there are no less than 10 models with this fault!!
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on 16 February 2006
I bought this HP printer because i love HP product.it is very reliable.
8 years ago i bought HP720 C printer,it works perfectly well,until 2 weeks ago,when stop working.
I have decided to buy another printer from HP,and i wasn't wrong when i choose HP deskjet 5940.
I have HP scanner as well scanjet 3400,it is working brilliantly well.
It is so quick(13 ppm) in black,but i haven't print so many colour paper to tell,i am not sure.
The installation took a little bit of time,but no problem at all.
If you want good printer,do not hesitat buy from HP product.this printer is very good one.
whatever you choose
good luck
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on 19 January 2008
I have had this printer for 2 years now,I'm a university student and so it gets used all the time, ink cartridges last forever and the print quality is excellent for text and basic diagrams / pictures, colour is perfect everytime, haven't printed pictures but cant see that the printer would have a problem. Im not sure what paper feed problems other people have had but mine has never once feeded incorrectly, been fine from the start. It also still looks and prints the same from when it was new.
I am actually just on here to buy one for my parents. I would reccommend this printer to anyone for everyday printing, (photo printing im not sure) also has great features for different sorts of printing- make use of them -the fast print economical setting really makes ink go further!
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