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on 9 May 2006
What a pathetic piece of kit, some very nice features but oh my god, so very laggy!!!! Utterly useless product
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on 28 January 2006
This is my first Logitech Desktop set, prior to this I have always owned Microsoft products. As such my new logitech MX5000 makes me a 'switcher' giving me a good point of reference.
First impressions of the Logitech are favourable. The set is well presented and well packaged, it comes with four Duracell batteries (for the keybaord), manuals and drivers on CD. Unpacking the keyboard I was very impressed with the quality of each of the components which seem reassuringly solid and weighty. They also look stunning, both the mouse and the keyboard look and feel great.
The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is 'pre paired' which means it works right out of the box so no need to set it up or install the drivers (on Windows XP at least). It works in both the BIOS and Windows XP without needing anything more than batteries. There is no need to 'pair the devices' or have a standard PS/2 keyboard on standby.
Some nice features include the keyboard LCD which displays the date, time and temperature, the keyboard also 'beeps' when you switch to the 'F' mode for the reserved hot-keys, when you depress the Capslock or receive an instant message. It's a nice beep too, not an annoying one. The mouse has a power meter on it and is very precise and smooth. The feedback from the keys on the keyboard is nice and the touch sensitive volume control and mute functions all work well.
The keyboard does have a couple of minor cons however. Firstly the angle of the keyboard is too shallow as I find myself having to lean over the keyboard. Another problem seems to be the power save function, when playing games I have found that the mouse and/or keyboard can go to sleep if you don't press a key for a period of time. I also found the Bluetooth 'sync' was incompatible with the Linksys Bluetooth drivers I had already installed.
I have a couple of caeats however. Firstly I own two of these MX5000 sets on the first PC (when not installing Logitech's custom Bluetooth stack for Windows) the keyboard installed first time without a problem. On the second machine when I installed the custom Bluetooth software that comes with the keyboard I ran into a number of installation problems that took a while to resolve. My advice is unless you explicitly require the use of Logitech's 'phone synchronisation' software I would avoid taking them step. My second point I would say is that switching from a Microsoft KEyboard to this Logitech one you will notice and feel the layout is far more compact i.e. crampt.
On the plus side the drivers work perfectly in games giving you access to the extra buttons, the Logitech software also auto-updates itself throughout use (and when first installed) and overall this is a fine product.
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on 31 March 2006
Nice piece of hardware but the software and installation are rubbish!. Spent 3 hours on the Logitech website trying to get the software to run properly with no luck at all. Returned to Amazon the next day as I dont think it fair to pay £83 for an item and find it wont run as it should.
Shame as this has put me off Logitech products.
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on 25 January 2006
The logitech MX5000 is in my words not foolproof as wireless keyboards and mouse go. I found it incredibly easy to setup, but I would recommend updating the drivers straight away with the Logitech website as this seemed to cure some lag when the mouse was being moved. The other thing I found helped was that the usb port the bluetooth dongle was plugged into was at the back of the desktop and I was having difficulty in connecting the mouse when starting up the PC. The keyboard was being recognised easily enough though, so I used a usb extension lead to bring the bluetooth dongle to the front of the pc and this seemed to cure the problem. Considering that it is bluetooth you should'nt have to do this but as I say it isn't foolproof. It's very nice to type on and the mouse is excellent for right-handed people to use. If you're left-handed then don't bother with this package, I would get some re-chargeable batteries for the keyboard but the mouse holds it's charge for quite a few days. Overall I would say it's very good but not excellent and worth the money.
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on 25 November 2006
The installation was awkward and things went downhill from there. I've never really trusted Bluetooth but I thought it had been around long enough by now to be reliable. Not so. The connection to the keyboard consistently failed, several times a day, and the mouse was only slightly better. Updating the software didn't improve it so I'm returning it to Amazon for an old fashioned wireless connection set. I gave it one star for the design & layout etc. It would have been really good had it worked.

Maybe I just got a dud one...
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on 30 May 2006
I got this today and I have to say I can't understand some of the reviews on here perhaps the software issues have been resolved with the recent update of Set Point.

Setup absolutely simple follow the easy graphical set up info, charge up the mouse plug in the dongle and that is it couldn't be any easier. Set up the many options to suite your own needs and enjoy. I found no lagging at all save a second or two on boot up for the keyboard to connect and wish you good morning.

One thing I need to mention though and perhaps this is why it worked so well for me. I did not install the propriety bluetooth stack everything except the sync button (this can be programmed so its not wasted) works as advertised using XP drivers.

If you don't need to sync PDA or Mobile via Bluetooth then DON'T!!! install the Buetooth stack take the setup option to use XP instead you won't notice the difference.

This is my 6th Logitech Keyboard and certainly the best so far. And the mouse well there is no better on the market.
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Do not waste your money on this piece of kit.

Both mouse and keyboard are subject to frequent and random disconnections and attempts to reconnect are often very time consuming, frustrating and unsuccessful.

For a top of the range model this items performance is terrible - I have had to revert to my old corded mouse and keyboard as at least they work consistently - this product does not.

If I could award zero stars I would - its that bad.
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on 26 July 2006
the installation is clear and relativly simple. the keyboard is good but the mouse is useless. it might be me or my lack of computer skills but i've already replaced the mouse as it seems to have a life of its own. very poor control and it drifts off on its own or won't respond. not impressed. my previous plug-in cheap mouse was much much better
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on 27 May 2006
You would expect the flagship desktop product from logitech to be pretty close to perfect. I was surprised to find it virtually useless and totally infuriating. The bluetooth network that the keyboard and mouse rely on is only detected some of the time when Windows starts up and when it is, the mouse and keyboard suffer from a lag so extreme, it makes you dizzy. You can try to fix these problems yourself, but frankly there is no solution.
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on 18 September 2006
I have used a few other Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combos. This is the best on the market right now. I currently have two sets that I run at the same time (one on my desk, one for surfing from the sofa or my fave chair!) Both sets have proven reliable.

*High quality feel to the keyboard

*Great mouse (lots of intuitive buttons, but still easy to use. )

*Once you get the Bluetooth to a stable setup, it will run fine.

--There are some problems though:

The Setpoint software regularly malfunctions, meaning that the special mouse settings that I have programmed stop functioning. This is not a show-stopper, but very irritating. I have to kill the process and restart the application. A lot of computer users would not know how to do this. [COME ON LOGITECH, FIX THIS BUGGY SOFTWARE ALREADY!] The software takes AGES to load and some memory while in use. Also, unless you turn it off, the software will regularly display a box saying "You have a message from Logitech" Very distracting! The message is about upgrades and LT products.

The little display window on the keyboard is not really useful for anything. In fact, I accidentally tramped on it (!!!) on one of the keyboards, so the display "died". I don't even miss it...

Summary: IF YOU NEED A BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD/MOUSE COMBO DURING 2006, you may as well buy this. It is better than the other sets from Logitech and anything from Belkin. If you are very un-technical, save it until a more user friendly and reliable model comes out. If you are a geek and spend a lot of time online, you will enjoy this. Great potential for programming Firefox shortcuts. You can significantly increase your navigation speed and technique. (I am lying on my sofa writing this - The PC is 10 metres away and I have a wall mounted lcd screen!!! This is the type of scenario you need a BT keyboard for.. ! )
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