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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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It seems a lot of critics took a dislike to this album. Although it is not as good as "A Little Deeper", it is still an album worthy of a listening. Ms Dynamite is nothing if not brutally raw and honest. This, for me, is a great part of her appeal. "Daddy" on Judgement Days pulls at my heart as much as "Brother" from A Little Deeper - although for totally different reasons.

I totally disagree with J Forbes' review. I share Forbes' sadness at the state of today's music, but I think that Forbes has totally missed the point of this album. It may well reflect on the darker parts of our society, but it never glamorises or endorses them. If you want happy music, there are other genres that will give you that.

Ms Dynamite and her family have come through incredible adversity and they are people any society would be proud of. She, and now her younger brother, Akala, bring us music from the heart. That is a rarity these days, and especially so in "street music". This is not her best album, but it remains better, more thought-provoking, more honest and more relevant than the majority of street music you could choose to buy.

Ms Dynamite remains an outstanding talent and, to my mind, a national treasure - a role model in days when they're hard to find. A very worthwhile album indeed. Try it for yourself. Also, DO look up Akala - the future of hip hop!
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on 19 November 2005
Well, the ALBUM was a present from a highly reputable DJ and what a pleasant suprise, spritually uplifting, lyrical content superb, QUALITY to say the least. Varied and very easy on the ears, something for everyone, track 5 (FANTASTIC), track 13 (AWESOME)two of my favourites the album runs between R & B and Reggae. Well done Naomi, you've done it again definitely one for the Xmas stocking! What a deliverance, better and more substancial than the first album, give this ALBUM a chance to take you to another world, Black British Quality..Judgement Day is on a loop in my CD PLAYER VERY SATISFYING and definitely for the world to hear.
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VINE VOICEon 5 September 2006
I don't think this album is as good as her debut, but it has some pretty good stuff on it (even if this seems a little more hackneyed than her previous effort)

However, the album is worth buying for one track alone; the beautiful cover of Bob Marley's Redemption Song which appears as a hidden track (at least it's not listed on the sleeve.

The song has been done by many, including Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer on the Unearthed box set, but this is easily the best cover (and for me to say that anyone does something better than Strummer and Cash is really saying something) and might even surpass his "Bobness" himself.
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on 27 October 2005
The often referred to "difficult" second album, from Ms Dynamite, in my view, is better than her impressive debut, A Little Deeper.
I'm sure I read somewhere that this album was to be called "A Little Darker", or did I just imagine that?!
The album starts off with the single "Judgement Day", which for me, is one of the highlights and one of her best songs so far.
Another highlight is "Fall In Love Again", which uses a sample from a reggae version of Nat King Cole's "When I Fall In Love Again"!
Elswhere, issues such as absent fathers in "Father", gun-related crime in "Put Your Gun Away", the conflict of being famous and a "normal" person/mother in "Not Today" and appealing for justice and equality in "Mr Prime Minister" are tackled with passion.
In contrast, her song about/to her son, "Shavaar", is positive, upbeat and not "sickly-sweet", as sometimes these "dedication" songs can be.
Ms Dynamite is shaping up as the U.K's answer to Lauryn Hill. I mean that in a complimentary way and not to take away from her own individuality and talent, which is more than evident through her intelligent, heartfelt and honest lyrics and performance on this album.
Ms Dynamite is a U.K. urban act we should all be very proud of.
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on 17 September 2013
You know sometimes when you listen to music something clicks and up pops a sound from a long lost record?...Well that's what happened today..For some reason MsDynamite just arrived in my head..To cut a long story short I ended up buying this CD..A good day..It is just amazing, a sleeping gem..buy it and you will be glad you searched it out..for me, this better than the first...just hope MsD returns soon?..have fun..X
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on 2 November 2005
Having collected a mantelpiece of awards including 3 MOBOs, the Mercury Music Prize and "Media Personality of the Year " by the Commission for Racial Equality for her debut outing; A Little Deeper, Ms Dynamite returns from a couple of years establishing herself as both doting mother and political activist, to get back to business with a brand new long-player.
For most recording artists, their sophomore effort is seen as their chance to build on the success of their first album, and begin to establish within their audience a sense of musical reliability. For Ms Dynamite however, her first unforeseen jump from independently produced UK Garage singles to a mainstream UK R 'n' B album has made it difficult even for her fans to predict with any conviction what they would hear after peeling back the cellophane wrappings on her new CD.
If 'Soul' can be accurately defined as a music based on vivid, gritty experience, expressed with an intensity originating deep within the spirit, after listening to tracks like Father, Back Then and She Don't Live Here Anymore, it would be just as accurate to define Ms Dynamite's new album as a new manifestation of 'Soul Music'.

In terms of production, Judgement Days is not a million miles from A Little Deeper. The Karlsson/Pontus/Jonback combination (Put Him Out, Krazy Krush) have been invited back to generate two more bangers, while Chink Santana of Murder Inc fame takes over from Salaam Remi to deliver the hard-hitting and emotive undertones that Ms Dynamite's musical departures have so far thrived on.
From the gently scratched intro, to the simple guitar accompaniment to the album's final song Mr Prime Minister, it is obvious to the initiated that this is a follow-up album, however whilst her now familiar sing along vibe returns intact, her vocal confidence and song writing skill has definitely moved to a new place.
Without getting extremely personal it would be difficult to know how much Niomi Maclean Daley (Ms Dynamite's government name) provided the inspiration for Judgement Days lyrical content, but to hear her choking on some of the coarser sections of her vivid lyrical depiction of a father's absenteeism and the impact on his then-unstable family from his oldest daughter's perspective for example, it is clear that the studio process captured, rather than stifled, the raw emotion that some can only access during their live performances.
Now is the time for promos and touring, but if in another unexpected move Ms Dynamite decided to put her winter coat into storage and focus on being a part-time militant and full time mummy until those 30 degree days return, she could still maintain a lucrative sideline as a producer/songwriter. Buy the album. Play tracks 6 & 9, then just imagine it... Mariah Carey releasing Not Today, and Lil' Mo releasing Pain, both featuring Ms Dynamite on an MC tip... Both remixed by Reza Safina... You hear it now... Remember you heard it here first.
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on 9 November 2005
This album has some very good tunes on it, but has some duff songs, which makes ms dynamite sound desperate, however this album has some brilliant heart-wrenching songs on it like FATHER which i gather must be about her own father walking out on her when she was a child, the album also has a lot of swearing which sounds a bit desperate and looks like she was unable to think of anything else original, but overall 8 out of 10, a great follow up but will never compare to her brilliant debut album A LITTLE DEEPER.
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on 9 January 2006
A slightly slower album, i find the album has less of a hip hop influence and slighly more a slower RnB style.
Other songs on album different stlye to that of chart released single, although overall a ok album.
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on 7 January 2017
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on 18 October 2005
A Little Deeper(2002) was perhaps one of the best so-called "urban" albums to be released in recent history. I awaited Judgement Day with much excitement. The first single from this album the same title as the album(Judgement Day), for me, was a bad start, but i chose to overlook this and wait for the album to drop before choosing to cast Ms Dynamite away.
My Disappointment was confounded upon listening to the whole album. It seems Ms Dynamite, in my humble opinion, has lost track on what made her first album so good was her ability to speak/sing/rap about something she cares about and was real, over soulful beats on tracks such as "It Takes More" or "Put Him Out" and combine these with feel good tunes such as "Dy-Na-Mi-Tee" possibly the one of the best tracks of 2002. She concentrates too much on making her point and as a result loses the sound, which made her first album so critically acclaimed.
Only two songs on the album just about fall into the "Uplifting" Category, so don't listen to this album before a night out, cos it would surely only leave you in bed crying, probably wishing you'd spent your money elsewhere, like on Leela James' or Keisha Cole's new albums.
I do realise, however, that i have been downbeat on the whole album. But at least it shows Ms Dynamite has kept her feet on the ground and is not trying to do the usual british urban act thing, and imitate the Americans.
Overall, If you like Ms Dynamite and the "Judgement Day" single then you can expect plenty more of the same from the rest of the album. Otherwise, if you're just a normal music fan, look away, you're money could be much better spent elsewhere
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