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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars

on 19 January 2006
if you have an xbox you must buy this game i was hocked on it as soon as i started it. i was sad when i completed it. if you like fiting games and rolplay games you will love this one. there are lodes of side games to stregthen your caricter. you must by this game it is worth every peny.
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on 12 April 2011
Not A Bad Game Wasnt Sure What I Was Doing Half The Time.I Got Bored Wen I Kept Getting Killed And Had To Start All Over Again.Most Games Are Like That.
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on 12 February 2006
When thinking of a title for this review I was quite simply lost for words. No pithy one liner can do justice to this unique game. This is an RPG in a class of it's own. So many of the classic pitfalls of the genre have been avoided without affecting gameplay. The pacing is perfect with never a moment to wonder where your next quest is going to come from. The quests meld with the storyline so perfectly that you always feel like an integral participant in great things. There is never the sense that you're working your way down an arbitrary checklist, completing quest simply because they are there. Even the side-quests feel like a smaller part of the whole. In short, playing Jade Empire is like playing a part in a well directed and perfectly edited movie.
That is not to say that the game is not challenging. One of the great aspects of of Jade Empire is the combat system. Guess what ... you are actually in control of the combat. Sure, character generation and experience work towards building up the skills and knowledge of your warrior, but the real-time combat system demands the player to take control using the skills he / she has earned. In order to succeed you need to take control - to be strategic, vigilant and responsive in equaly measure. In fact the combat system is so deep it could easily stand as a game in it's own right without the RPG.
The fact that Bioware have created a game that is rich and deep in both RPG content and combat is to be commended.
The graphics and sound both deserve special mention - beautiful, lush enviroments, superbely rendered characters and excellent voice acting all serve to immerse the player in the world of Jade Empire without even realising its happening.
I'm not normally one for RPG but Jade Empire has stolen my life. I simply cannot put the game down - I've thrown myself into my character and I just have to keep playing to find out what happens next.
I really cannot recommend this game enough, but only buy it if you have a understanding family - you won't be seeing them for a few weeks.
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on 26 July 2006
I got this game pretty cheap, and thought it would be fun playing it, specially as I am a MASSIVE KOTOR fan, and its made by the same dudes that made KOTOR. Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to witness when I started to play. let me put it in point form, cos i can go on talkin forever.


2. Superb characters supporting the story

3. Amazing detail in Graphics.

4. So many other quests to complete apart from the original story

5. Great detail in Animation of the various martial arts techniques.

6. Amazing speech system.

7. It is upto you where you end up.

The story is so involving and addictive, that I had to stay up 2 days straight to finish one quest. the animation flows smoothly and there are little quests apart from the main ones that you can follow to further shape ure character.

I would highly recommend this title for any KOTOR / just RPG fans, or even if you're not, the game can be a great pass time. the only thing that concerns me know is what next? i think they should make like an online version of jade empire, but ill leave that to the experts haha!
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on 20 April 2006
We'll after reading several reviews proclaiming just how awesome Jade Empire, I decided to give it a go. Well 4 months and around 20+ hours of play later I was done. "Wow!" you think "20 hours+ of gameplay". Well this is where the major dissapointment lies, at least half of the "play" time is spent talking with other characters to expand the storyline. Unless you are the most hardcore of roleplayers you will probably find this more than a little excessive, especially sinc all conversations follow classic rpg logic and provide when necessary a clearly good, evil and neutral choice. Thus we come to my final complaint, the good-evil-o-meter! It claims to display whether you follow the open palm or closed fist philosophy but is just a classic good/evil choice as despite solving almost all my problems with martial skills, because I only beat up bad people I was labelled as a follower of the open palm. Now the good points: the combat is pretty fun, with the style switching allowing you to transform into a 12 ft tall golem then back to yourself before pulling out a musket something I've never seen before. The graphics are xbox standard, and the mini games are fun, and the story is intriguing, there's just too much of it. So esentially if you like storyline, storyline and more storyline the Jade Empire is for you, if not but you still want to get into RPGs then Fable is the way.
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on 20 April 2006
i remember this game before it came out, it sounded too good and just like fable, it was. there lots of stuff like becoming famous and having your own school, where you could use as a criminal hq. but there was none of that and a lot of talking.

when i first got this game, i got so bored that i didnt pick up to play for 5 months, and i only played it cos i was really bored.

theres lots of talking, which is what liked because you had to be careful what you chose.

jade empire is a quite small game world, you only visit 4 areas, KOTOR 1&2 was bigger.

storyline was alright, bit obvisous, as soon as the master praising me, i worked out the ending. KORTOR 1 had a better twist. and it didnt seem the character made an impact.

the mini games was completly awful and pointless.

nice graphics, voice acting didnt annoy me to much.


thought i could make my own character considering their previous games, but couldnt.

but after all these things, i still managed to complete the game, because i thought the interaction between the player and npc's was pretty good.

sorry for the bad spelling
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on 10 November 2005
This is a game that everyone should try at least once if you're a serious RPG fan.
Set in a mythical version of ancient China, you start as a student of a wise master in a temple near a quiet village. After your training you have a whole world to explore full of choices that will affect how the people around you behave towards you. The chances for character development are epic with dozens of different decisions to make as you progress.
Aside from the beautiful graphics and quick game play the lands are peopled with fantastic characters. Talking to different people opens up side-quests and mini adventures.
With multiple combat styles to master you can even bring friends you meet along the way with you as help. You'll find certain styles will suit you better than others and will learn to perfect these in favour of other systems that you come across. Switiching between styles during fights can be difficult, but stick with it and you should come through easily.
As with most console RPG's the plot is rather linear. You have time to wander around and take in the sites, but you aren't really free to wander as much as you'd like.
Apart from that small fact this is a fantastic game for expert RPG players as well as anyone who would like to start in the genre. Well worth having a look at.
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on 12 April 2006
I understand why people wud like and epic martial arts adveture that involves desicion making and kick ass moves, but if ur looking for a shenmue but old school, i dont think u will find it here. I have no complaints about the graphics, gameplay or mini games, or really anythin substantial to do with the game, it is just that i did not have any real fun playing it.

The dialogue is really drawn out and goes on and on, John Cleeese makes a good cameo, but overall, it detracts from the game. I suppose i could have just skipped through it and got down to the scrapping, but in honesty, if ur playing what is meant to be an epic story, u dont want to miss nething.

Many love this game and i have had arguments about it before, but i really dont think it is very much fun to play
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