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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 29 November 2005
Keane really have got it made. An original sound and an ability to create beautifully crafted songs that last in the memory. Indeed it's a testament to the quality of their material, that they have had such success on the back of one album. I still haven't tired of listening to Hopes and Fears, and everyone in my family loves their stuff, from my parents down to my four year old daughter, all which only goes to prove you can't beat a good melody! I have seen Keane perform live on TV a few times but was keen (excuse the pun) to see more.
Hence my excitement when Strangers was released, and what a treat it is! You can choose to watch the documentary or just the live stuff which is useful, even if the menu's are a little confusing at first. The interviews with the band confirmed my opinion that they are a bunch of sensitive, talented and intelligent musicians capable of writing such beautiful songs that you wonder how a band that look so young could possibly write such mature material. Hearing the wondrous ballads 'On a day like today' and 'She has no time' live, is a moving experience indeed. The performances are all great, especially the rousing renditions of 'Bend and break' and 'Everybody's changing' at the Wireless festival. There is a nice mix in this DVD of the smaller intimate gigs throught to the bigger festival type gigs. This is nicely portrayed in the compilation of 'Bedshaped' which progresses from a back room studio rendition through to pub gig, small venue and culminating in a full blown festival performance. (Although it would have been good if they had included a single performance of Bedshaped so as to fully appreciate it).
The sound isn't at all compromised live, as backing tapes provide the bass and keyboard parts. Tom sings like an angel and has a very accomplished voice, and he manages to hit all the high notes pretty well. Richard's great drum patterns are crisp and precise, and Tim's piano playing is so accomplished, that all the songs sound pretty much like the record with the added freshness of being live, which in my book is the mark of a good live band.
A great DVD. If you like Keane, you'll love this!
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on 22 November 2005
I have been a fan since the album was released, so have liked them for a while, though maybe not as long as others.
The actual content is quite good, the documentary is reasonably insightful and the live music is good. However, they dont have a decent live version of Bedshaped, the best track.....
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on 25 April 2010
This DVD had been in my wish list for a long time before purchasing it very recently. I had bought Under the Iron sea back last September and then Hopes and fears last January so this was one DVD that I was interested in after becoming a big fan of the band. There's just something really melancholic in their music which is hauntingly beautiful.
The DVD itself, especially the documentary part and the additional hidden documentary really gives us a look inside this band's music. It shows us what they're like when they're not on stage, their thoughts and feelings, and Tim's explanations of the songs are quite interesting. I would never have worked out This is the last time in the same way it's supposed to be read! There are great live performances from all over the world, and a good history of the band before they became famous, with archive videos, and their first gig which was in the same pub as Chris Martin from Coldplay. There are old recordings and performances of the band way back from 1998. There's a history of how the band came together, a past member, and how Tom came to join, which he modestly admits 'made the band'. If you are a Keane fan then this is a must have DVD for you.
On the other side this is a really confusing and awfully constructed DVD! There are 2 discs with 2 parts of the documentary and also live recordings on each disc. Then there is also hidden 'interactive' sections on both DVD's.

Instead of having the documentary all on 1 DVD, and then the live performances and videos on another it has all been split up and is pretty messy. I was really confused after going through both DVD's and not being able to find the tons of extras which were just not in the menu. The menu simply has the `Documentary' and `Live' sections. If you want to see the additional behind the scenes parts and the videos then this means you have to sit through the whole documentary to see them. The interactive section was something that I tried to ignore on first watch, but then that night I read the reviews here on Amazon with people who had encountered the same problem and went back and sat through the documentary all again until the interactive parts appear. The trick is to skip chapters to find what you need, but what I did was to sit through the entire documentary, wait for the arrow symbols to appear on the screen with the feature written next to them, and then press the corresponding arrows. It's really annoying and whereas the DVD company probably thought they were being really creative and the fans could get involved, it's pretty much a shambles. It's a terrible set-up and I just hope that no DVD's ever have this bright idea again. If the DVD had been constructed in the way I suggested then it would have been a brilliant collection of the band and a great compliment. I just don't understand why they couldn't have put this together in a simple and understandable way than to try and be smart and disorganised.
There are lost of hidden sections, where all videos are included with Somewhere only we know and Everybody's changing UK and US versions. There are visuals, galleries and lots of behind the scenes stuff which you will be definitely missing out on if you don't go back and check out the interactive parts. Most of the DVD charts Hopes and fears because it was created in 2005, before Under the iron sea was released, but does include a couple of songs from Under the iron sea performed live, and a couple of live action creation parts of the genesis of the album. It's great seeing Tim walking into the studio and setting up the effects for the piano which was the basis and gave the unique sound for Under the iron sea.

This 2 disc DVD is a very necessary part of a Keane fans collection, it's just a shame that it couldn't have been put together in a standard and much better way, than to be untidy just because the company thought they'd interest the fans more. They were wrong.
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on 22 November 2005
Just got the DVD, have been a Keane fan for a little while now and as such, have been eagerly anticipating the release and I have to say, the wait was justified!
This is an often very humerous (the guys are hysterical!) but at times very serious and in-depth look at Tom, Tim and Rich - mainly on tour. The behind the scenes stuff is great and gives a real insight into the band dynamics - brave in that not only does it show the inevitable highs (winning Brits and playing at Glastonbury) but also the lows that come with touring such a successful album - the odd inter-band argument and frustrations with songwriting to name but a few. One of the best moments (and its an extra) on the DVD which cleverly illustrates just how far they have come is the Bedshaped compilation - from the boys in their bedroom to playing at Glastonbury - is pure genius!
The extras are also excellent, showing UK and US versions of promo vids, makings of and numerous previously unseen photos in the galleries.
All in all, I'd say this is an obvious must for any Keane fan, but is also entertaining enough and informative enough to impress any music fan, or fans of this genre of documentary.
Put it on your xmas list!!
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on 19 July 2009
I love Keane a lot, and I feel this DVD gives and interesting insight into what touring was like for them. It also helps us to understand why the band began to feel the pressures which eventually led to them taking an unscheduled break in 2006 - Tim Rice-Oxley is shown trying to write in the back of the tourbus.
The live performances are, as ever, wonderful. Keane are and always will be amazing live because of the sheer genius but simplicity of their music and their talent for it. Tom Chaplin's voice, while much improved today, still makes each and every song perfect.
I particularly liked the little Bedshaped compilation. It is fascinating to see the band progress from shy, amateur performers to shy but incredibly talented professional artists. It also interested me to hear their story, told by them to us, about how they met each other when they were infants, progressed through school, fought outside music class, started a band, got jobs, started performing and lost their guitarist, Dominic Scott.
One part of the DVD features them arguing about something (though it is never made clear what it is) which shows us they are just normal people and their world is not suddenly perfect because they're famous. There's also a sweet bit where Richard commends thousands of people for coming to see them in the rain although the band certainly didn't enjoy getting wet. It's nice to see that they don't take us for granted.
The only problem I have with it is that for some reason I can't pause it, as pressing the pause and play button only turns the interactive mode on and off. Instead, I have to just put one of the side videos on while I pop out of the room, which isn't exactly practical unless it is a long video.
Otherwise, if you are a Keane fan this is a must-have because it is factual and entertaining at the same time.
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on 18 November 2005
I am a relatively new Keane fan, and bought this DVD in anticipation of finding out more about the band. The documentary is superb and although shot in black-and-white, is tremedously honest, giving a detailed account of travels throughout America in the summer of 2005. Additionally the live footage is also great: a top selection of tracks and venues showcasing the dynamic performance and presence of Keane. Personal favourites are "She has no time" and "Hamburg Song". An absolute must for Keane fans but also for those interested in the history of the band.
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on 13 March 2007
Went to watch Keane live recently and i was so impressed that i bought this dvd the following day.

This 2 discs set offers an insight into the band via a documentary filmed in black and white of the lads out on tour,capturing the ups and downs of life out on the road living in the back of a bus and the frictions this causes amongst them.

Entertaining all the same and they come across as very likeable,down to earth chaps.

An obvious highlight here is the band performing a number of their songs live at venues from around the World.

As has been mentioned previously,the menu takes a little time to work out but once done so you will find a number of hidden gems lurking around like an acoustic version of 'we might as well be strangers',the video's for 'Bedshaped','Everybody's changing','Somewhere only we know' amongst others.

The producers of this dvd have perhaps tried to be a tad too clever in putting this together and for that reason alone it only gets 4 stars rather than the 5 their music certainly deserves.
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on 9 January 2006
I love Keane and their great music and so was pleased when they released this DVD. However it is absolutely blighted by an awful menu system. Instead of providing a standard top level menu and sub menus, you have to sit though the documentary and wait for sub menus to pop up from time to time. If you just want to watch the videos you are stuffed because you have to sit through the documentary and wait for the menu you want to pop up somewhere before you can access what you want.
The production company should hang their heads in shame for spoiling what is otherwise great material by trying to be arty. They have instead created something which is almost unusable. I still have not found the videos for Everybodys Changing, and Somewhere we Belong... and they were the reasons I bought it.
I gave 2 stars because I love this band and their music. The DVD is the worst I have ever come across...
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on 23 August 2007
So many groups have been compared to the Beatles over the years (mostly unjustifiably) that I hesitate to add to the list. However, Keane's similarities are just too striking to ignore: for Paul & John we have Tim & Tom, for a laid-back drummer named Richard we have....a laid-back drummer named Richard. George? Well, he always was the quiet one! Catchy, memorable songs - they've got 'em. Talent? In abundance. Even their home town, Battle, sounds like the famous group. And now, with the arrival of this DVD, we can add engaging and endearing personalities.

Any fan of the band will surely not be disappointed with this hugely entertaining 2-disc set, which runs to nearly 3 & a half hours, the highlights, for me, being: a) their performance of SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW at the Brixton Academy, with the entire audience joining in the final verse & chorus, and b) CAN'T STOP NOW, performed at the Aragon Ballroom, Chicago.

The one thing they cannot match is the fame & acclaim of the Fab Four. Perhaps one day...In the meantime. we can enjoy their special talent in this brilliant film, which does them justice - and more!
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on 8 February 2006
This DVD , while being a bit confusing menu-wise, gives a beautiful behind the scenes look at the best band around. The footage of the boys as youngsters is magical ! I have watched this DVD again and again. One not-to-be-missed bit is the rendition of a U2 song on Dermot O'Leary's radio show.
Tom Chaplin has one of the strongest voices around at this time,and one of the biggest smiles!
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