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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
Life On The Murder Scene [U.S. Version]
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£16.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 June 2017
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on 1 May 2007
I am another customer who has listened to this CD over and over since buying it. From the first time Gerard screamed, "Thank-you for the venom", I knew I had something different.

The actual chords are straightforward enough, but it's the blistering pace, the changes, the experimentation with the rhythm section, the nod at punk, and the sheer power of the lyrics that make these songs special.

These are "true" live tracks - they haven't been corrected in the studio later. You can hear the amount of energy being thrown into each performance.

By the time you reach the demo of "Desert Song", you'll be ready for a lie down.

Stand out tracks for me were; Helena, Ghosts, and Desert Song.
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on 17 October 2006
A cynic might well point to the repetition of a number of tracks from the Revenge album in various settings and formats. The same cynic might suggest that from time to time the live performances included in this collection expose the occasional failings of Gerard Way's vocals, minor blips in some powerfully impressive gig footage. When compared to the wealth and depth of material on offer here to even the most recent convert to the sounds of My Chem, the cynic's voice is soon drowned out.

The videos are entertaining, the peeks behind the camera are equally so and the live tracks are surely enough to whet the appetite for forthcoming live appearances in the UK. However, it is truly the video diary which makes this package a worthy purchase. There seems an honesty and a sincerity on view here that is hard to resist, a skeleton key fitting the locks of the doors marked "Warts" and "All". A thoughtfully edited biography of the band, crammed with fascinating interviews with the protagonists, it is never less than interesting, intriguing, moving or funny. Indeed, it is worth the admission price alone.

And yes, it should play in colour!
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on 8 August 2007
I think this album (yet again) is amazing. Lets start with the real Disc 1 (Video Diary). Its great, shows you all the troubles Gerard has been through, and how h te band made it big. Cant really say more without ruining it for people.
Disc 2, Live performances DVD, now this is great. Theres all the old classics, and the new (up to Revenge era) songs, and all live, and on dvd, what more can you ask for. You'll seriously want to get this. I mean, all the classics even, Vampires Will Never Hurt You is on here!! And all the online performances on AOL (not inc. black parade...) and TV performances are here too.
Then at last you wanna listen on your iPod and you listen to the CD, and this has some truely fantastic songs, worthy of your iPod. You smash through em all, and then reach Desert Song, which is an amazing song. Dont really wanna tell you too much though cause it ruins t he surprises of the album, and, describing live tracks in detail would take aaaagggeeesss!!
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on 21 March 2006
i'v just watched the DVD's and listened to the album, and trust me, this was well worth the wait and more!!!!!!
the whole album is full of their best songs, and 2 previously unreleased songs, and desert song is brilliant!
i haven't stopped listening to this album since it arrived from here this morning
if you dont have this album your insane, you must not leave this website without buying this album
the DVD's are so brilliantly the closest you will ever get to MCR's lifestyle as you will ever get!!!!!!!!
the live and non-live music videos absolutely rule aswell, something well worth buying if you love MCR and still worth it if you dont!!!
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on 24 March 2006
I was counting down the days till this came out. I was sooo excited, and I wasn't let down.
I feel like I know the band by just watching the video diary . . .
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on 9 July 2008
Now,I did order this from a different website and had to wait longer,the wait was definitely well worth it.I love how probably every song has an extra surprise,like Gerard telling people to start dancing during Headfirst For Halos.If you close your eyes whilst listening to the CD you can almost feel like you're actually there...even though you don't really need to, you've got the live DVD!
Even though I've wathched it millions of times, the Video Diary never fails to get me laughing.It really gives you a good idea of what life on the road must be like.The good things (sucess,fans) and the bad things too (drug addictions, people smelling bad(I'm not naming any names...)
Dammit, I'm giving it all away again!I'd better shut up now.Life On The Murder Scene is a must-have for EVERYONE!BUY IT NOW!!!
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on 27 November 2007
This is possibly one of the best things you could buy as a MCR fan. I have wantched the video diary millions of times and I'm still not bored of it. I am actually listening to the CD right now, Thank you for the venom live, which is amazing. The CD contains 2 rare tracks including the Desert song, which was suppost to go on bullets but never got there, and a demo of I never told you what I did for a living, which I just have to mention just started playing on my Ipod(Its on random)! On the other disk there is my chem videos and "The making of..." videos. Overall, if you like my chemical romance BUY THIS NOW! The only down side is that it has nothing to do with the black parade on it, but I'm sure you can live with that!
Hope I helped.
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on 22 June 2006

I tell you LOTMS has been constantly in my DVD player since I got it.

The live CD is really fab - you can hear how good the guys are, they really can sing/play.

The "making of" and "video diary" are great, trust me you'll love it. I laughed so much!

Worth it! A good introduction to the band if you've never heard them before (although you may not get why Im Not Ok is on there so much), and a must have for any fan!

Oh and if its playing in BLACK AND WHITE its your DVD player! Its in full colour in mine, but when I tried it on my parents it would only play in black and white for some reason (although this doesn't affect the fabness of LOTMS!)
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on 5 October 2007
The Video Diary is excellent. Already impressed by watching interviews with them on YouTube and this is like the ultimate feast.Two hours of really interesting stuff, that keeps you watching.Several other people have mentioned that you will fall in love with them after watching this and it's so true. They are so normal and obviously love what they are doing. Seeing Gerard then and now is a revelation. I hope he has found some contentment so he can go on giving us great vocals and lyrics and be happy too. Looking forward to seeing them in Sheffield next month.
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