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on 24 November 2013
I like ALL of the West Wing seasons - they're fast-moving, intelligent, optimistic, and optimistic about being intelligent. I don't think the standard falls after the first few seasons - in fact I think the first season is the weakest. I picked this season to review because it has the episode "The Supremes" which shows intelligent people with widely differing views respecting each other's viewpoint and in fact enjoying each other's company. Also, it has the line "Oh my god, you're putting my mother's cats on the Supreme Court!" Season 25 also gets you John Goodman playing Glen Allen Walken, showing you a more decisive style than Bartlett, without Bartlett's academic credentials, but still showing a lively intelligence - in Walken's case, apparently fed by ?self-taught? study in history.
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on 4 December 2017
Love the West Wing. Such an amazing series where you fall in love with all the characters and want to work in the White House. Witty lines, clever speeches and the writer Aaron Sorkin is just incredible. He also wrote the Newsroom which is another firm favourite.
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on 11 November 2012
I realise I'm coming very late to the West Wing: I didn't watch it when it was on TV and then took ages to get round to it on DVD. For me Season 1 was the best - I just fell in love with it within minutes of the first episode. But I have to say that by Season 4 I was - the odd great episode apart - getting rather weary of Aaron Sorkin's increasingly familiar tropes. Even so, reviews of Season 5 didn't sound good and I put off buying it for months. Then I did. And, guess what: I love it! To me the show has completely got its mojo back with sharp, involving plots and - despite Sorkin's absence - some funny and witty dialogue. And it has an edge that Sorkin lost a while ago with his increasingly mawkish feel-good stories awash with wish-fulfilment patriotism. It was also nice to see the new writers disposing rapidly of some of Sorkin's less successful characters (though I have to confess to finding Will Bailey so irritating I shout abuse at him every time he appears on screen). So, probably alone of all your reviewers, I actually prefer Season 5 to Season 4 (though 1 and 2 remain beyond criticism). The episode that flashes back to Leo in Vietnam, An Khe, is in my opinion as good as anything Sorkin at his best might have written
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on 21 October 2017
I can't believe that they've managed to get through 5 series and keep this as fresh and engaging as they have. It continues to be well written, brilliantly acted with wit, charm and really character engagement. Another great series.
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on 13 March 2014
These "used" DVDs are in very good condition. As with previous seasons of The West Wing I have enjoyed the fifth just as much as previous seasons. Superb acting, excellent story lines. My only problem is understanding the american language, particularly references to sport and, of course, to many aspects of politics. I use subtitles all the time but even they don't help very much. I just let a lot of the language flow over me and try to gest the gist of what is going on.
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on 14 March 2012
I love the west wing with its writing , its actors , atmosphere !!The sets are fantastic , lighting awesome . You can learn so much about the constitution from watching this . My favorite parts of this season is when President Bartlett is in the situation room with his generals on national defence . Terry o quin is on fire in the role of military brass . C j is funny when she is interviewed by conservative Hannity like talk show host !! Not as awesome to me as the second season , but well worth it .I bought this , but not from here , but hope more buy from here .
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on 21 February 2014
It seems a very long time ago since I purchased this product and to be honest I cannot say that it has stayed in the memory especially, but I don't recall any issues with it.

The series itself is exemplary and utterly compelling from the first episode to the last.
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on 15 January 2018
Love this programme. Fast paced, great character sketching.
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on 19 October 2005
Whilst the West Wing brought about the seriousness in the value of the ongoings in the White House, the pace and humour of the script was to be admired and enjoyed, series 5 however only seems to have kept the seriousness. Not only have we lost the slick funny dialouge between very close colleagues, if not friends, but we seemed to have gained seemingly unnecessary antagonism towards their workmates.
I watched the whole of series 5 three times in one long run, as I have done for all of the other series and series 5 I have found lacking in all points of the previous ones.
I did not chuckle or laugh once as I have in the past when I first discovered this masterpiece of TV, and that has taken away one of the main reasons why I so much enjoyed this show.
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on 4 June 2015
Again another wonderful Season Of The West Wing . Somehow this show manages to mix Humour and Drama together. You can watch a number of times and still enjoy it.
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