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on 17 July 2017
I bought this keyboard on advisement from my physiotherapist after being diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome (trapped nerve in my elbow resulting in weak, painful hand). I am an office worker so have been using this keyboard for almost a month (alongside a vertical mouse) 9-5, 5 days a week. It improved my wrist pain within days!

It is a regular QWERTY keyboard and has a few additional functions which are proving really useful, there are Undo and Redo buttons on the F keys (that can be easily changed using the F Lock button).

The keyboard is really comfortable, it rises to the middle and back, though it does take a little while to get used to. After a couple of weeks I was back to typing without looking at the keyboard, though I have found out I don’t type in the standard way, my right hand would go to the left side and visa-versa but this is mostly rectified now.

Another hidden benefit is that no one wants to use my desk in work anymore! I have received a lot of compliments of the “cool” looking keyboard and no one wants to go near it so I have my only mini-sanctum at work with no one leaving their dirty cups whilst I am out of the office.

Reasonably priced and I have recommended it to everyone who has asked about it, I also get people to sit at my desk and try it out.

I am really happy with this purchase and so is my physiotherapist, as with this and other adjustments I am on the road to recovery.
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on 8 February 2016
I have RSI caused by overuse of computers and using ordinary keyboards. With this perfectly designed keyboard, the higher front and the padded wrist supports are excellent. If one dislikes the sIope downwards, there are two rear feet that can be utilized. The piece that raises the front can also be removed so there is a great flexibility for personal choice and comfort. I can rest my hands comfortably and use the split keyboard with ease and free from pain. Absolutely brilliant.

Then came the crunch, whilst on the box there is a blue sticker with a tick next to Windows 10, none of the hotkeys worked and neither did the zoom function. I looked at the reviews - 2006! It is now 2016! I tried updated the 2006 driver but it was grayed out so that was useless. I spent two hours on the Net looking for instructions to no avail. I asked a question in the Amazon community and had no responses so I decided it had to be returned but as it was so comfortable I would be keeping it until my order of another ergonomic keyboard arrived. (Also purchased from Amazon.)

Yes, the alternative keyboard arrived, perfectly compatible with Windows 10, but not at all comfortable to use. It said it assisted with the RSI problem but the pain in my arm returned. Long story but guess which one went back on the next day. It was better to have one that prevented pain but did not fully function. However, that is not the end of the story.

By chance or good fortune, I stumbled on the Microsoft website where I was able to download the necessary software. This installs the Microsoft MouseKeyboard Center as an app. Now everything works including being able to configure the keys 1-5 and there is also a calculator. Here is the Microsoft link: [...]
I strongly recommend this product.
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on 19 March 2017
It takes some getting used to having typed on a standard keyboard for many years. But having made the switch to an ergonomic keyboard in work, I also took the plunge with the keyboard at home, hopefully this will allow me to get used to the new layout sooner. I have this in the office and and having recently suffered with a flare up of an old shoulder injury I decided to make the switch. So far so good. Obviously a keyboard and mouse switch is only part of the solution. Its quite a drastic shift to the new mouse I use in work (Anker® 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600DPI, 5 Buttons - Black) but I love the fact that I do notice a difference and it is comfortable to use, even if I do knock it over on occasion. The function keys and their usage is defined by a function key selector, which takes some getting used too (switching a switch to define if the key is a normal F'something' or a shortcut for a function (play/pause). Something that I'm sure I'll get used to over time. Would I recommend? Yes.
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on 14 October 2016
I love this keyboard. This is my 3rd one in 7 years. That may sound bad, but I am constantly typing, so it's not. The 2nd one I had lasted two years, despite my accidental pouring of a 750ml veg/fruit smoothie into the whole thing within a few weeks of purchase--I don't know how to clean them so I just did my best and figured I'd be replacing it. I bought a different keyboard two days ago and when it arrived it was so plastic and light and it was broken so I sent it back and went for what I knew works.

I LOVE the keys on this thing. I'm a heavy typist, so it does make a fair bit of noise when I'm on it...That's okay to me though! I love the lights, I love the extra keys, I love the function and I love the feel of the wrist rest. I have zero complaints! Grateful this one came so quickly and well packages as well!
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on 29 May 2016
Having worked in technical computing since 1989, I type faster than I can write, and keyboards have become part of my health issues.
So, having used about 20 keyboards since the early IBM PS/2 keyboards, my personal health and work needs required a certain type of keyboard.

Having used about 5 MS keyboards before, and the current one being an MS one too, I knew that my best would be a MS keyboard.,

The amount of effort that has gone in to the ergonomics, psychology(HCI) and related discipline, is clearly FELT- quite literally - as :
1) massively noticeable and superior comfort in my wrists, shoulders and other posture related comfort issues.
2) super comfortable TOUCH on the actual keys, with minimal "click" and effort expended on each click...
3) padded write rest really helps reduce pain and fatigue on wrist .

Only issue with these ergonomic keyboards with various tilts, slants and ergonomic features- is that, often, one has to be a touch typist ... in order to really be able to benefit from those features and variations in key locations and sizes!

Overall, 8/10 for this keyboard!
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on 6 December 2016
Its a pretty good ergonomic keyboard, which I'm typing on now!

The zoom function can be re-mapped to be a scroll feature but you have to do this in a hack-ey way. There is technically no native support for it.

As for typing, its good, but it DOES require quite a bit of re-training on your part. I still type out typos all the time as a result and it takes some getting used to. Dont get this if you have a thesis to type out in the next month!
If you have the time to re-train-the-brain, then so far its quite a comfortable keyboard.
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on 7 June 2017
I am giving it one star as although I have used and sold many of these and many customers advise of the rsi relief they experience through use, and although they are a nice keyboard with a good price tag, these two I have just bought have both failed and I have found it impossible to get help or return them. There appears to be no system for returns in place, instead a Microsoft helpline to assist in trouble shooting. One problem occurred immediately, doesn't type certain letters and the other keyboard developed a fault after a couple of months in that it would randomly type lines of letters. I imagined this to be something easily resolvable by reprograming or resetting (yes I am technically illiterate) but after two days of fruitlessly hanging on the phone, being passed from department to department and being cut off twice, no one called me back and no one has responded to my emails. I don't know where to send them back to and I don't know how to resolve the problem - annoyed.
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on 17 May 2017
Excellent keyboard, I love the "Natural" lines of Miscrosoft keyboards. Been using them for over 15 years since they first one came out.

Somebody at MSFT screwed up. Most keyboards act as regular keyboards, and they have extra functions for extra keys etc. This one is one big extra function. It needs it's drivers to function. So on my dual boot pc, although there are drivers for ubuntu linux and windows ( all automatically detected, no problem in either os) at the boot loader (grub) it doesn't work. And it will not ever work, I read many threads on line. So I'm stuck with having a separate regular keyboard just for the boot screen.... Come on MSFT, I know you don't like people having Linux on the same pc, but seriously, fix this!.
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on 3 February 2016
Whilst this keyboard does look strange the phrase ‘mission control’ was used by my father, as I was starting to develop the very first signs of rsi and also using a keyboard for many hours a day I decided to invest in something that may help. My first initial thoughts were that I was glad I hadn’t yet thrown away my old keyboard, as whilst my old one was still perfectly serviceable it was just a flat small logitech (K360) keyboard, whereas this was a full size, wave (ergonomic) one. So having to adjust to both a change in size and shape I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get used to it and it would have to be another ‘ebay listing’. However after persevering for a couple of days I have got used to it and it certainly does put less strain on the wrists, thus does (from my experience) help with the my RSI. As I am a fairly competent touch typist though and have smallish hands, sometimes the reach to do a single capital letter is a bit of a stretch (capital N for instance), but this is probably just because I have small hands and normal or large hands should not really have any problems. One other thing that I seemed to notice was that as a touch typist I had ‘shortcuts’ that I used which deviated from the traditional way touch-typing (I guess I am not alone in this), the way the keyboard is configured though means that you have to go down the traditional route as that is how the keyboard has been designed. I suppose that whilst this is a good thing, it just means that my learning curve was slightly longer. If you are a touch-typist and do find the change-over slightly weird I would recommend going on a speed keying website (just Google ‘speed keying test’) and practice a couple of these so you start to feel comfortable with a different keyboard.
Overall though I can’t fault it and whilst I still have my old keyboard (more as a ‘just in case’), I think that this is defiantly a ‘keeper’. Very well priced too on Amazon and it was always well packaged (probably overly so).
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on 23 October 2016
- Can't believe how stiff the keys are specially the spacebar.This is supposed to be more comfortable but it's actually very uncomfortable with these stiff keys.
- Too big
- Some keys are sized too big or too small like the N key (too big) and Enter key (too small)

Basically, I'm returning this keyboard and I don't recommend anyone to buy it.

Some positive points:
- The wrist pad is pretty nice and seems to be of good quality
- Media keys
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