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on 27 April 2017
Fabulous concert
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on 11 November 2005
Finally The Who and their management have used a bit of imagination and put together a really good package. The LA Tommy show and greatest hits encore (previously issued on VHS) captures a particularly interesting incarnation of the band. The emphasis is on doing the music justice and the backing musicians supply the brass parts and extra backing vocals that bring Tommy to life. Townshend is subdued, but Daltrey and Entwistle more than compensate and it would be fair to say that Simon Phillips on drums pushes all of them to perform well, though at times his virtuosity overshadows the band.
However, the excitement of the old raw and ragged Who is long gone, but the music stands the test of time without it and seems to benefit from a more mature approach. This is all about precision and professionalism rather than the old power and bravado with which they used to carry the day. The guest stars are entertaining, but a bit of a distraction. (I would recommend buying the Join Together CD set from the same tour which includes Tommy in its entirety sung by the Who without the guests.)
The Quadrophenia show is superb. When originally tested in the 1970s the material from this album never worked on stage due to its complexity and reliance on backing tapes. Here in 1996/97 the Who finally perform this piece and do it justice. Again a team of backing musicians recreate some of the key overdubs on the album and, for my money I actually prefer the sound of much of this performance to the original record, which always suffered from poor production, eg with vocals lost in the mix etc. The visual narrative projected above the stage fits perfectly with the music and seemed at the time to herald a new 'rock theatre' approach to stadium tours. It's a pity that the Who didn't capitalise on this approach after the Quadrophenia tour, as they really seemed to have hit on an exciting new format.
In terms of performance the show rocks harder than the 1989 tour. Zak Starkey's drumming style complements the band and gives it room to breathe. This, combined with Simon Townshend's guitar playing, really seemed to galvanise the band members and put new life into the show. It is great to see John Entwistle showcasing his extraordinary bass playing techniques during 5:15. That along with his free flowing lines in many of the songs show just how indespensible he was to creating the sound of The Who. When Townshend was in mid air it was always Entwistle who would be busy pushing that treble and distorted sound through to drive the band. Ironically, most people put that sound down to Townshend.
Lastly, bonus features are normally a 'watch it once only' thing. However, the visual commentaries on both concerts are excellent and allow the viewer to opt in and out at any time to watch Townshend and Daltrey being interviewed against a backdrop of the shows. It's odd how time has changed them. Townshend says less, but more of it's worth listening to, whilst Daltrey has gone from being inarticulate to expressing himself clearly and saying a lot that's worth hearing. Both clearly have a love and respect for one another and the music that they perform and the fact that they finally managed to collaborate creatively for the first time(on the visual narrative for Quadrophenia)shows that they have the potential to produce somethng jointly.
In the absence of good new material, thoughtful presentation of their past can only help restore some of the reputation lost through myriad cynical greatest hits packages and tours. However, as Daltrey notes, the key ingredient of the band's success was Townshend's songwriting. Sadly there is currently no sign of it living up to past glories, but as these 'comeback shows' testify you can always rely on the Who for a surprise or two.
So, I recommend that you buy this DVD set. Enjoy hearing the classic old songs from the late 60s and early 70s. Don't expect Live at Leeds with visuals, but be prepared to hear some of the most complex stage performances that the band have ever managed.
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on 9 June 2010
The music on this disc is fantastic. Its in full 5.1 surround sound (There is a 2.0 option)But the picture lets it down. Not due to poor quality, no the picture is pin sharpe upscaled through my Hi def TV. The problem for me is the way it has been edited. It display's as a very wide narrow letterbox (what a waste of screen)
The band members are filmed very close up with no long shots of the whole stage. There are some great supporting musicians Jon Carin on keyboards etc who bearly get a look in.
Zak Starky on drums gets plenty of coverage but he's no Kieth Moon!
What you also get is lots of screen time taken up by the rear film projections that played above the stage of an actor playing Jimmy who narrates the story along with footage from the Quadrophenia feature film and news reel.

Billy Idol as the Ace face and PJ Proby as the old rocker are both good.
I just would have liked a few full stage shots to take in the full effect.

By the way i would say that from the one or two side shot glimpse's we do get that this was filmed at London's Royal Albert Hall. But there is no clue on the pack.
There is also an interative chat track with Pete and Roger super imposed over the show.
So all in all an enjoyable disc with a few niggles.
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on 27 March 2016
2 great live shows of 2 great albums and 1 special Hit Parade ... too good price for these fulfilling sets.
I like Tommy show less than Quadrophenia show because there are too much guests and too relaxed though the theme is very serious.
But for 2 DVD, we can hear fruitful commentary of Pete and Rojer.
Must have for The Who's fans.
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on 1 December 2016
Saw The Who on both these tours, so brings back so many good memories.

Really a must for any Who fan. For me the 1996 Quadrophenia Tour was The Who at their best since Keith's death.

Highly Recommended, and must be played loud!
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on 30 October 2014
Excellent DVD productions of both the rock musiclal "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia"! Not only great performances but also excellent value for money-a pleasure not to be missed!!
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on 7 February 2015
borrowed the dvd from a friend thought it was excellent &wanted my own copy ,to play whenever I want .
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on 18 December 2014
Amazing performances from the Who and alike on this DVD, a must have for all Who fans!!
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on 27 November 2014
My hubby will be so happy on Chimbomorning. Quick delivery. Thankyou
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on 20 January 2016
absolutely perfect
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