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on 17 October 2011
It arrived quickly, looked good and was easy to set up. That was July. It's now October and I'm typing this on my laptop because the keyboard won't type B N M or , < either upper or lowercase. It first happened about a month ago and then seemed to right itself almost immediately but its gone again seemingly this time for good and my account site doesn't give me the opportunity to contact the vendor direct. I know it was cheap but I did expect to get longer than 3 months use out of it!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 September 2010
I like the design and feel of this keyboard, and normally I would give it my wholesale recommendation. For a very modest price it offers a layout that I like, the ability to carry out basic operations of the audio side, and sufficient access to hot keys for everyday use.

Unfortunately, the first one that I received developed a fault within a few days starting to use it, the C and the V keys would only work intermittently. This does demonstrate one advantage of dealing direct with Amazon in that the replacement keyboard was dispatched promptly, this one seems to work perfectly.

I can only give it three stars though, clearly something went slightly wrong with the quality control of the first unit. Assuming that the product works for some time to come, I would definitely award a fourth star, since it seems to offer excellent value for money in a very functional capable keyboard
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2007
I have had this keyboard for a month and i really like it compared the cheap Dell keyboard you usually get when you buy one of their computers.

This keyboard is soft to the touch when using it and the design is sleek and modern looking. As I am not pro typist or even a fast typist, I am really pleased with my purchase. Dell keys got jammed within a year, was very noisy and it got really dirty leaving gaps for anything to fall through. Comparing it to Dell, this is really good keyboard to have.
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on 27 October 2009
I had a quick go with this in a client office and was surprisingly impressed. Keys were responsive with good feedback without being overly noisy.

Now that I'm using it to type this review I can say the curved rows of keys feels entirely natural and consistent. It might help to be a touch-typist but everything is easily within reach.

It also has specialised keys for starting the Calculator (assuming you're on Windows) above the keypad along with browser, search, media playback and email keys at the top. Theres's no CD with this product so I nabbed a download to activate these keys and you'll need to do the same.

If it occupied a smidgeon less space it would be absolutely perfect but that's a very minor and personal observation.
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on 27 February 2011
I am a software developer and I use keyboard very heavily for most of my time at work. I have been using this keyboard for over a year now and had any issues with it.

It is not a proper ergonomic keyboard but there is a slight curve to the keyboard, with a few of the keys stretched out which gives you very nice comfort of work.

Media keys on top are very nice; volume and mute button are quite handy. There's a calculator shortcut button above numeric keypad which I use very often.

And the last but not least, I am sure there are many keyboards with all sorts of bells and whistles but this one cost only couple of pounds so it is really good value for the money.

Highly recommended product!
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on 17 May 2010
This is a great keyboard. I use one at work. The keys are soft and quiet and the curved layout is comfortable. It doesnt take long to get used to the curved layout, like some poeple would suggest. I switch between this and my Microsoft ergo 4000 (also a cool keyboard) at home on a daily basis, no problems at all. Ontop of all this its ultra thin coupled with the black and silver look it looks way cool. It doesnt have the clunky tacky look that you can sometimes get with those over decorated keyboards. Microsoft got this one right. Oh yeah nearly forgot its spill proof just incase you accidentally knock over you cup of Java.
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on 5 December 2009
my last keyboard had broken so I needed a new one in a hurry. Thiis one was delivered within 48 hours. It is a great keyboard, really easy to type on and not too many extra buttons that I never use anyway.very reasonably priced too.
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on 5 February 2009
I bought this keyboard over a year ago, when my keys on my current one starting to disappear. I was worried about the layout of the keyboard and the spacing out of it, but when i received it i was truly impressed. It is a cheap price but it really is worth it, I do not think it reflects its price, it is of a high quality, sturdy and stylish.

About the layout, i am a fast typer, rarely do i look down to type, and in doing so i was use to a standard keyboard with all the letters being the same size etc etc. Nevertheless it took me a day to get use to the keyboard and now its great, rarely do i make a typo. The media keys i admit are a bit useless, apart from the calculator button (i love it!) above the num pad. I had a friend use it and he said that it was weird to use it himself and i do agree that it is strange at first, but afterwards it is truly a wonderful keyboard.

When you press the keys, it has a soft clicking noise unlike other cheap keyboards, and so is not noisy and is not unpleasant or irritating to listen to. The black colour does show up any spots from dirt, or dust in general but thats nothing a good clean wont take away. The fact that it is not affected by spills is very nice as well (though i havent spilt anything on it).

I would definitely recommend this to friends and family and if needed i would buy this keyboard again for myself if something unfortunate should happen to my current one. If you are looking for a good keyboard, thats worth more than you pay then look no further, you wont be disappointed.
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on 18 February 2011
I wanted a nice ergonomic keyboard to replace my ageing generic keyboard. I tried the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000, but had problems with the space bar, which brought me to this product.

Keyboard likes and dislikes tend to be personal and subjective, but for me the nice features are:

- Slight curve to the key layout is easy to adapt to for a touch typist, and allows your wrists to lay at a more natural angle.
- Nice feel to the keys. As other reviewers have said, the keys are quite like laptop keys in their feel - perhaps with a little more travel. They feel very comfortable to type on, requiring less pressure than a typical PC keyboard.
- Standard key layout. I hate it when manufacturers mess with the key layout. Some Logitech keyboards use a different layout for the Insert/Delete key block in order to make the keyboard more compact. I personally prefer the standard layout of this keyboard.
- Range of hot keys. I didn't really prioritise this feature, but now I have them they're surprisingly useful. The built-in hot keys allow functions such as browser back and forward, media player keys, web home page, email and search to be accessed with a single key press. The keyboard software allows you to vary the function of these keys. I've reassigned the calculator hot key to put the computer in to sleep mode which I find quite useful.

I only have one negative comment which, as some other reviewers have noted, is that the space bar is much, much noisier than the other keys. This may not bother some, but I found it increasingly annoying. I eventually prised the space bar off and added some cushioning material to make it quieter. Anyway I knocked off one star for this slight problem.

After a week of use I've adjusted my typing style to the layout and feel of the keys, and I'm really happy with my purchase. At the current price it definitely hits the mark for features and quality.
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on 10 September 2009
Cutting to the chase, let me first tell you that this is yet another *superb* piece of hardware from MicroSoft.

It has been cleverly designed / thought-out, and has several benefits (my personal favourite being how *quiet* it is when typing - no cheap and nasty "clatter-clatter" as you rattle through your emails etc. at a rate of knots!

The USB plug+play connection works a treat (note: MicroSoft no longer include a PS2 adaptor - at least there wasn't one in my box, though not a problem as I didn't need it anyway). I plugged in the board and was up and running in (literally) seconds (I'm still on Windows XP Pro by the way).

Now, my only *problem* with this superb piece of kit centres around the claim on the box that it has a "Spill Proof Design" aspect to it. This is a bold claim and one which I fully believed.

.. until I was unfortunate to SPILL some coffee on my *first* Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard that it!

I carefully shook off the liquid, and carried on typing. All was WELL. "Great!" I thought - "This really IS spill-proof"..

Famous last words. Within a month or so, I noticed that my "1" key was behaving erratically. Then, within a further week it stopped working altogether. Just the one key (at the time) - but useful without it (no way of doing "!" marks for example... aarrgghh!). I put up with it for a while, but then the "n" key also packed up.

Whilst I can't say for sure if my spill caused this, it seems HIGHLY likely that the two incidents (spill + failure of the board) are connected! :(

Given just HOW pleased I'd been with the product and also the rather remarkable asking price (i.e. LOW!), I didn't hesitate for one second - and ordered a replacement one ASAP.

It arrived within days from amazon (free P+P) and the rest is history - here I am typing this review on my new Comfort Curve keyboard :)

(and just to show off, I'll finish this review with a "one" and an "enn" : 1 n :-) )

Great product, grab one at this price!

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