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on 11 January 2018
Very good watch and at a great price. Sphere not very wide, very elegant.
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on 25 February 2012
This watch was bought for me as a gift. I have now owned it for 6 months & would like to give my impressions.

On first wearing, the watch is a little bulky & heavy, but this is the current fashion that we have to put up with. The bulkiness of the watch means that you may bang it several times if doing any sort of activity. The times I have banged mine, it has been protected by my jumper covering it, so no damage so far.

The chronograph hands did not line up, but this can be adjusted by referring to the manual. I asked a friendly professional watchmaker to do it for me. For me it indicates a lack of quality control as this should be set in the factory. In fact, even adjusting the date needs a quick reference to the manual as you must turn the crown in the opposite direction as you would normally.

The markings on the watch face are not perfectly printed as is often the case with mass produced watches, which means that the stopwatch hand for instance does not centre on each of the markings. People considering this watch should note that the big second hand is in fact the stopwatch timer. The regular second hand is the lower of the tiny dials.

In use, the stopwatch feature works nicely, although it can be difficult to see the results depending if the hour & minute hands are covering the little dials. In general, the watch is attractive, generally easy to read depending on the position of the dials.

The real let-down is the awful strap. It's cheaply made & still stiff after 6 months of regular use. Comparing to my wife's (cheaper) Citizen watch, her clasp has a button to each side to unlock the bracelet. The Tissot bracelet is in 3 parts with 2 hinges. As you put on the strap, it pinches the skin & can be a little painful sometimes. It's then necessary to push on each side of the clips to "lock" the strap closed. This simply does not work. The clips will open on their own & the watch fall down your wrist at the slightest knock. For instance on a a recent First Aid course, the watch fell off so many times that I took it off completely.

In conclusion, this is an attractive, but cheaply made watch that keeps good time. The bought-in Swiss made ETA movement does it's job well, but Tissot relies mainly on it's name to sell this product. The strap is annoying & you may want to budget in a replacement. Look at Hirsch to see how straps should be made.
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on 28 August 2013
Extremely disappointed that the watch I received from Amazon was a fake. As similar reviews, Tissot box, paperwork etc was extremely poor quality, watch itself look ok, but on further examination the second hands didn't line up with the minute hand, approximate 15 second delay. Buttons for chronograph were covered in blue stuff, bulky strap, number indents didn't light up. Returned it straight back to Amazon - if anyone has purchased one of these watches direct from amazon, do yourself a favour and get it checked out by a local watchmaker/jeweller who may be able to advise you on your purchase's authenticity! Great price if the watch is a genuine Tissot or a very expensive fake if its not!
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on 7 January 2018
Genuine and so so nice
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on 20 August 2013
Bought this watch a few days ago and once it arrived it was clear it was a fake. Poorly packed and cheap looking packaging. The watch itself was clearly a fake, and several checks proved it (only hands glow, tachymetre text is off-centre, strap is padded, "BI" inscription, plastic hand attachments). The worst part was that this was shipped and sold by AMAZON, not a third party retailer. Will be sure to avoid purchasing watches and other luxury goods from Amazon in the future.
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on 13 June 2013
This was my first order from Amazon warehouse, the watch was presented nicely and even though not brand new mint condition was still very good. A rip & a couple of creases on packaging, stickers removed from face and partly from clasp & a couple of VERY slight scuffs on polished watch body.

I don't think the condition would be quite suitable for a gift (unless to a very close friend) but as a purchase for myself I am pleased - the small scuffs are the sort of thing a highly polished watch would pick up in a day or two anyway.

The watch itself is great, things I love:-

Sapphire glass.
Screw down crown.
Beautiful dial - lovely colour and small circles round sub dials and outer scale.
Screw down case back.

Things to note:-
This is a very chunky watch - I love this type but others may feel it is a bit too chunky.

The 30 min chronograph carries on running after 30 mins from zero again. - Just wanted to mention this as I have a Seiko which stops after it's one hour maximum and a Momentum Cyclone which resets and carries on after it's 12 hours maximum and I could not find out what this one did by Googling.

The Amazon picture makes the case appear Matte/bead blasted finish - it is not it is polished (looks great, just wanted to mention it in case it helps anyone.

I had some worries about how clear the hands would be against the white/silver background - I have found them great, the hands are flat and shiny enough to catch any light/reflections so often appear dark & the very green lume strip stands out.

The crown is marked with the Tissot 'T'.

The chrono 2nd hand (large center hand has a 'T' shaped bottom which I think is a nice touch.

The movement is apparently a low end Swiss ETA G10 movement - I don't think it really matters too much with quartz as I have a 22 year old Accurist with a plastic Miyota (Citizen) movement that has had about ten batteries but never missed a beat in the 22 years (keeps time to approx 12 seconds a month - not brilliant but not terrible). So for me with quartz a nice face and good case are more important than the movement - other people may value the movement more.
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on 4 October 2010
The Tissot Gents PRC 200 T17.1.516.32 is a nice clean classic looking chronograph, and the price seems very reasonable for a Tissot. First impressions are that the the watch feels light, but not cheap.

The buckle mechanism is handy, resembling the snap open bracelets more than the traditional buckle. This should protect the strap. Unfortunately it does take a bit of effort to pull it open and I can see the top of the strap getting work by regular wear. A small button that springs open the clasp would be a welcome addition.

On the negative one of the chronograph hands doesn't line up correctly with the markers. I wonder if perhaps that's an indiciation that the low price is too good to be true. I've since found quite a few mentions of similar problems with other users.

Perhaps the cheaper watch comes at a price in terms of quality. I'll see when I get mine replaced.

Even with that minor flaw the watch is probably reasonable value, hence 4 stars rather than a lower rating.
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on 24 March 2010
Although I am pleased in general with the watch and it keeps good time, the crown came loose after a few months so it wasn't possible to adjust the time or date. I sent it to the local service address (in Oldham) at my own expense, for which I was not reimbursed. They kept the watch for three weeks before returning it with no comment or apology. The crown is still not right and is a bit loose but at least I can turn the hands and alter the date now.

Perhaps I was unlucky but be warned.
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on 21 January 2010
The Tissot PRC200 Chronograph comes in the original red Tissot presentation box. If you open the lit of the box, you will find the manual and the guarantee in the left and right compartments, which can be pulled out. In the back of the box you can find some booklets by Tissot. One is a catalogue and the other one a paperback about Tissot and its history (quite interesting - even though the narrative is sometimes hard to follow...by the way...Tissot is belonging to Swatch...didn't know that).

The Tissot PRC 200 is a stainless steel watch with silver clock-face and a brown leather strap. The Movement is Quartz Analogue and is Swiss made. This is not unimportant, since some Swiss watch makers have started to put cheaper clockworks from other countries in their watches. The overall look of the watch can be described as classic, but with a modern twist (due to the silver clock-face and the small red dials of the smaller dials for time-keeping). The quality of the watch is quite good (as to be expected by Tissot) with a great attention detail. The watch is 200m/660 Feet waterproof and the case/body of the watch looks very well crafted with two small rings surrounding it, so it doesn't look dull. One of the best features is the leather strap, which has folding clasp, which is better than a buckle clasp, because a) it's better for the leather and b) can be preset to an exact size.
The only thing which annoyed me at first, was that the leather strap was quiet hard and not easy to bend. But that was only, because it's new. After 2 weeks and around 5 minutes of twisting and bending the strap, everything is smooth and working well!
All in all: As you may have read between the lines, I love my new watch. I normally wear diver watches, but this time I was looking for something more classic that can also be worn for formal occasions. I saw this watch in a jewelry-store in my town, but the price was quiet high in Germany, so I looked in the UK and paid small money for a very good watch.
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on 14 October 2012
It is a nice watch and I liked it very much. Leather belt makes it comfortable to wear on the wrist.
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