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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Edition: 12-Month Membership Card|Change
Price:£45.40+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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VINE VOICEon 16 February 2006
Xbox live is probably one of the best things about owning an Xbox 360. The system is so effective that I'd have been happy even if the visual capabilities of the console weren't so good.
So what's so great about Live then? Well, for anyone who's played PC games online, you'll know that you have to create an account for every single one of them, which can be confusing if nothing else. Xbox live allows you to create one account, linked to your hotmail account if you so wish, allowing you to play any compatible game online without having to register every time. Aside from this, Live now allows you to download playable demo's, video's and pictures to your Xbox 360's hard drive. There is also a new thing called "Xbox Live Arcade". This is where you can play some 80's classics and a range of puzzle games.
Live also has a few neat touches that round off the whole experience. You can now have a Gamercard. This is where you can show off how many achievements you've unlocked and how good your online reputation is. Its only a small thing, but it makes a neat package even better.
The Membership card for sale here allows you access to the Online gaming element of Live (the rest is free). If you have Project Gotham 3 or Dead or Alive 4, it is essential. At £32 it works out at £2.60 per month, which is fantastic value for money. If you want to play against other people from around the world, there is no better system.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 November 2011
There are a large number of reviews out there of XBox Live Gold written by serious and dedicated gamers of which I am most certainly not one. However, Microsoft are clearly trying to expand the capabilities of the XBox beyond that of the gaming community as the recent changes to the XBox dashboard have shown and which will, I suspect, be greatly enhanced by the forthcoming Dashboard upgrade due in late November 2011. Already we see social networking apps on XBox Live which require Gold membership, the recent Microsoft acquisition Skype is expected to be added as is a Live TV option and more. All this makes the Gold membership rather more enticing to non gamers.

The price for membership whilst not cheap and certainly not as inexpensive as the free alternative offered by rival consoles is not too costly but to buy it online from the XBox website or directly from the XBox itself requires the use, albeit indirectly, of your credit/debit card.

There have been recent and well publicised failures of Microsoft's XBox users security and I for one am reluctant to entrust them with my security details. However, buying from Amazon means that only Amazon have by payment info and armed with the membership redemption number I can then sign up to XBox Live Gold. It other advantage is that Microsoft cannot sneak an auto payment renew option past you.

XBox Live Gold is an increasingly useful purchase but get here through Amazon rather than from Microsoft.
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on 1 May 2011
If you're planning to use XBox Live for more than a few months, this is the perfect thing to buy. It obviously gives you a whole year's subscription, and the best thing about buying a twelve month membership card is that you always end up paying about the same price as the equivalent of a six month subscription if you were paying directly to Microsoft monthly.

The only problem I see with these cards is that you need a fair warning before you remove the scratch surface underneath which your subscription code is printed; either the printed code itself or the material it's on can be quite delicate, so you must take care not to scratch too hard or there is a risk of wearing off parts of the code, making it harder to read. I didn't realise this and, after numerous attempts resulting in being told that my code was invalid, I nearly went to contact their customer support before realising that the tail of an "R" had been rubbed off, making it look like a "P".
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on 17 May 2010

Xbox live is the name of the Microsofts online service for the Xbox 360. This service gives you access to a vast array of content, some of it free, and some of it at a price.

There are 2 types of membership available, namely Gold and Silver. Silver is a free membership which is available to all Xbox owners. Silver allows you access to most promotional video and feature content via the 360 dashboard but does not allow you to play games online.

So what is so special then about Xbox live? The Playstation Network is free, the Wii gives free access to its limited catalogue of online games and seeing as the Silver Xbox Live is also free, why bother paying what seems like a high amount for the Gold membership. These were my own personal sentiments when I first bought my Xbox. Coming from the Wii, I was horrified when I found out I had to pay to play online, something I had always taken for granted whilst playing Mario Kart, in fact, after my free month of live membership ran out, I didn't sign up for a paid membership straight away. The reason for this wasn't because I didn't like it, but I just wanted to buy a few more games to maximize the use I would get out of it.

==Online play==

The reason probably 99% of people buy the Xbox Live Gold membership is so that they can play online games. This adds another dimension to gaming as no longer do you just have to beat artificially controlled opponents, you can now take on the world and battle against other people who, like yourself, probably think they are pretty good at a particular game. With most of the popular games, you will never have a problem in being paired with an opponent. For example, when playing the new Fifa 10 game at peak times, it is not uncommon for roughly 70,000 people to be playing the same game online. This is where the Xbox dramatically scores points over the Playstation as the PSN (Playstation Network) is still very much in its infancy. Gold membership also gives you voice chat whilst playing online. Although I tend not to use this feature a great detail with strangers, there is nothing better than having a bit of verbal banter with friends during a game. This online chat is very clear and doesn't slow the game down one little bit which is amazing considering it is using the same internet bandwidth as the game. The chat is full duplex which means that more than one person can speak at any given time. There are different chat channels which mean you can either speak to one person who may or may not be playing the same game as you or , using Fifa again as an example, you could potentially be chatting with upto 19 other players if you are in the 10 v 10 match mode.

Obviously, whilst playing online you are going to have varying experiences of other players. Xbox Live allows you to leave feedback on other players so that future opponents can get an insight into whether they are friendly or not. In my opinion, this needs a bit of work as I only tend to leave feedback if I have had a bad experience of someone. As well as leaving this feedback you can class gamers as preferred players or as people to avoid. This information is used when the service is trying to pair you up for an online game. If you prefer a player then this person will get priority for you to play against if you are both online at the same time. If you have set someone as `avoid', you will never get paired with them.

With the vast amount of people online at any one time, you are going to want to play against someone who has similar ability as yourself as you are going to lose enjoyment pretty quick if you are new to a game and are playing against someone who can beat you very easily. Microsoft use a technology called TrueSkill that attempted to pair you with players of a similar ability when playing games. The scope of TrueSkill is configurable so if you really want to take on the best, you can tell your current game to pair you with someone of any skill level. If, like me, you want to play it safe, you can tell the game to only pair you with people of the same skill level. There are various points between these two extremes where you can say, for example, find me a player upto 3 levels above my current level. I think this is a brilliant feature, one that keeps me gripped to the online service for hours.

==Additional content==

If you have a gold membership, you are able to download game addons such as extra outfits, cars, golf courses etc. Some of this content will be made available to Silver members but Gold members will get this option a good deal quicker. Also, some content may only be made available to Gold members (this content is usually just for features relating to online play).

As a Gold member, you can also download exclusive game demos, trailers and movies, most of them now coming in full 1080 HD.

It is worth noting that most of this extra content, with the exception of the demos and trailers is not free. You will need to purchase Microsoft Points if you wish to download any add ons.

==Xbox Live Parties==

A party is in effect a large voice chat room where you can invite your friends to regardless of what game they are playing. This means you could have 5 or 6 of your mates online, all playing different games but still able to chat with each other across the Xbox Live service. The party function also works if you are all playing the same game although, if you are in this channel, you will not be able to speak to your opponent directly if they are not in the party.

==Netflix Movies==

If you are already a member of Netflix, who personally I have not heard of, you are able to watch a vast array of movies and tv programmes via your Xbox, free of charge. These videos are streamed directly onto the Xbox. As I am not a Netflix member and am not prepared to use the pay per view option, I am unable to comment any further on this feature.

==Sky Player==

The latest addition to the Xbox 360 for Gold Members is the Sky player. If you have a current Sky Multiroom subscription then you are entitled to watch Sky content included in your normal subscription for free. If you are a standard Sky subscriber then this service will cost you £5 per month. If like me, you don't subscribe to Sky then you can take the service from £15 per month for the base service up to £50 per month for the full service including Sky Sports and ESPN. One advantage of this is that you don't need a satellite dish or any other hardware to receive the Sky channels. This service is only in its first month and has had a few teething problems but these are being ironed out quickly. I get all my TV via Virgin Media so will not be using this service but I can see the benefits for existing Sky customers who would want to watch their TV shows in another room to their main TV and set top box.

==Facebook, Twitter and

Such is the pull of Xbox Live these days, companies are queuing up to get a piece of the action. I have already mentioned that Sky are onboard and from November 17 2009, the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter will allow users to manage their accounts via their Xbox 360 Gold membership. On the same date, music site will also be going live to gold members. I believe this will allow users to listen to online music via their console. This announcement was greeted with excitement a few months back so hopefully it will live up to the hype.


Xbox Live, although appearing quite expensive is a work of art. Microsoft have invested a lot of time and money in perfecting the service. To be honest, games on the Xbox and Playstation 3 are almost identical in appearance and gameplay, but the Xbox is by far the most popular console because it is streets ahead in terms of the online experience. When signing up for an Xbox account, you get a free months trial of the gold membership.
In typical Microsoft fashion, they are looking to take people away from prime time TV and get them viewing and playing content via the console. This was apparent with the successful trial of 1 vs 100, which was free to gold members, where over 80,000 people played the first few shows back in the summer. It is Microsoft's vision to get people participating in the game rather than just watching it. With this philosophy, the next 12 months are going to be very exciting for the console and the Gold community. Why not join up now and be a part of it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 August 2016
This works for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One - and provides a year of Gold membership. I find that Gold is useful for the 'free' game(s) available each month, and the additional online material (which otherwise wouldn't be accessible). Of course, I'd prefer for all of this to be included with the console itself! But, as we have to pay, I find that purchasing a card from Amazon is often the most reasonable way of buying Gold. Prices do fluctuate, but I tend to buy a 12 month card for around £35. As it tends to cost more to buy direct from Xbox, I recommend such a card.
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on 28 November 2012
One year membership for 75% of the price - I don't really need to say more than that.
The item itself is a box, inside there is a card, and on the card there is a code, which you can redeem on The packaging is very good quality though, and altogether this might be a good gift for Xmas or a birthday.
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on 21 October 2007
I love Xbox Live, but I feel someone has to draw attention to the immoral sales tactics used with respects to cancellations. The only way to cancel is to phone a customer service number where you're kept on hold for a lengthy period of time and harassed by a customer service representative concerning your reasons for cancelling the service - why do I have to justify cancelling the service exactly? What's more, it took me several attempts to actually cancel my account (which is automatically renewed) because the operator had "no record" of my gamertag - despite my account still working perfectly.

This is completely unacceptable and quite frankly Microsoft have ruined a terrific service by opting for the gutter tactics of making it easy to sign up for an account but as difficult as possible to cancel. With this said, I love the product and I can only hope that if enough people complain or don't resubscribe - and I point blank refuse to resubscribe given the way I was treated - Microsoft will eventually change their sales tactics.
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on 2 September 2008
Xbox Live is essential to get the most from your xbox. Although it is 40 pounds the game play is seamless unlike archaic PC and Playstation online games where you have to connect to various servers. Microsoft funds and runs all the game servers so they are virtually lag free and rarely down.
With the new system you don't have to ring any more to cancel the account if you register with this card on your xbox 360 console, your account will just revert to silver after the 12 months which is free.
If you're buying this product for the first time I suggest you register a silver account on your xbox first to make sure that you can connect to the service. Just set up a silver account which is free to see if it works, and if you have a new xbox you will get a 1 month free trial to see if you like it.
Defintely a must buy for any gamer, serious or just for fun!
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on 28 February 2016
I love that this was sent in a packet with a physical card inside. I purchased this as a gift for my son so it was fantastic being able to wrap it for him to physically open rather than just tell him. The membership was easy to activate on the xbox and has allowed plenty of extras. Going online has provided additional features to game play in various games. My favourite feature is, by far, the "Games for Gold" which enables a free game download chosen by Microsoft. This game changes every 2 weeks and this alone pays for the Gold membership!
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on 14 September 2007
Live is brilliant, its outstanding, play games, download tv & movies (not uk yet), download demos, arcade games, meet up with mates and get extra game content. Sure you need points to buy some content but our games are free (excluding this) and demos are free too.
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