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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2005
This is the extended version with 10 episodes rather than seven. In fact, the old first episode is now lengthened into 2, so the boys don't depart until episode 3. It is interesting to hear more detail about the problems they faced getting it all together, plus more footage of their Scotland trip and pre-project trip to Australia.
All other original episodes are present, except the last, which has been extended to 2 epsiodes to cover the North American traverse in more detail. Again, this is welcome, although the challenges to the bikes here seem to be more of the human variety, rather than the natural variety as in Mongolia. Added footage includes more of Alaska (bears, including a debate between the boys about the morality of shooting bears), a visit to the Harley factory and more words from the boy's better halves.
The final episode is more of a one year on retrospective and is a fitting conslusion, providing an insight into how the series was received and how it changed the crew's lives.
The other extras, on top of those on the original DVD are interesting, mostly of interview footage, but include comments from the cameramen, director and producer. They make interesting viewing for fans of the series. After viewing this, you understand more of what they whole team went through and a little more detail about some of the events.
Overall, this Special Edition is exactly what it says, and is worth buying if you already have the original and became hooked. It is clear that the producers wanted to utilise a little extra budget to produce a better product (which they couldn't do first time around as they didn't realise how popular it would be). The inclusion this time of subtitles in several languages is also welcome - even if some of the more expletive comments don't translate too well. I shall always enjoy lip-reading Charley when he says how he intends to show KTM what a mistake they made.
The other members of the crew, and Ewan and Charley's wives and relatives all get a little more coverage - which is interesting, as well as providing clarification of some issues that cropped up. It also emphasises the human side of the whole endeavour - and how much of an undertaking it really was, as well as featuring some of the other sponsors who helped the project.
I would also recommend the book to anyone who enjoyed the series - it provides details that aren't incuded in the DVD.
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on 20 July 2006
I bought this and it is good but since then they have brought out an extended edition. I have now seen both and the special edition is better giving you more of an appreciation what they went through. In the original they seemed to get fed up by the time they reached Canada/USA and there was hardly any detail but they have corrected this in the new version.
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on 29 April 2005
I have been lent this DVD by a friend of mine and both myself and my wife were hooked to the point that I'm buying my own copy so we can watch it over and over again.
It's impossible not to get emotionally attached to the guys as they undertake their journey battling against incredible odds. If it was a live documentary you would genuinely fear that the next episode may report the sad loss of one or both of their lives. The terrain and scenery of some of the locations is simply stunning but the dangers are all too evident and always in the back of your mind. What they achieved is an incredible feat for anybody but for two 'normal' bikers it is unbelievable and as a biker myself I can only feel an even deeper appreciation for the sheer difficulties they sometimes faced. They also meet some incredible (and incredibly kind) people along the way and as Ewen says 'it's a small planet....they are people just like us'.
The series contains quite a bit of swearing and some of the footage is very raw but this only serves to remind you that what you're seeing is what they experienced 'there and then'. During their time in Mongolia you can see it etched on their faces that the whole thing is even harder than they could ever have expected. They (and Claudio the bike riding cameraman) really were exposed to whatever may have come their way.
Funny, moving, inspiring and breathtaking in equal measures - everybody should watch this series documenting an incredible journey. Right, now where's the keys to the bike!
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on 6 July 2007
For those who love Ewan the moviestar, you will be pleasantly shocked to see him as a real, down-to-earth father and husband - not to mention a fantastic friend to Charley Boorman. The two of them have great chemistry, and it's not surprising they made it all the way around the world.

I have recommended this dvd to everyone I know, and not a single person has been unsatisfied. I wish more celebrities would use their influence in such a humble and beneficient way. I'm so grateful that they went to the lenths and efforts they did to share this with everyone. They could have just gone on their own, but they didn't - they wanted viewers worldwide to see the children who live in pipes to keep warm, the church made of skulls, the rivers that claim lives every year, the killer whales, the festivals, the crazy food and the delightful communities.

There are parts of the world on this show that most people didn't even know existed. And, most importantly, viewers not only root for the team the whole way through but share their anxieties, humor, turmoils and victories.

Those who already have the travel bug, beware - this show will make you want to drive around the world yourself!

Do yourself a big favor and watch this dvd!! You won't regret it.
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on 17 January 2005
It's not often that a DVD is worth the money in terms of quality and quantity. However, the Long Way Round is a fabulous DVD containing all 7 episodes together with some intriguing extras.
The series is well produced and compulsive viewing, even when watching all 7 episodes at one sitting. Ewan comes across as a very modest, down to earth person and Charlie has a wicked sense of humour. Together they make a great double act and play off against each other to great affect.
Sure, the 2 guys have a full back up team and there is a third biker with them at all times, but this doesn't diminish the achievement of what they did. In some respects the other people add an extra dimension to the programme. The majority of the episodes focus on Ewan and Charlie and their travels.
Most of the extras are fairly bog standard. However, there are 2 extras worth looking out for. Firstly there is a more in-depth mini-episode covering the first 5 days. These days were pretty much ignored in the original series so it's great so see some more footage from Western Europe. The second extra of note is the post trip interview. Ewan and Charlie are obviously great friends and guide us through some high and lows from the trip.
All in all, an inspirational DVD. Especially to the wannabe world traveller. Watching this makes you just want to get out there and go to it.
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on 14 January 2005
Although I am a biker and would probably have this in my collection regardless,I can guarantee that virtually anyone will be totally engrossed in this adventure from the word go.Ewan and Charlies' sheer charisma and enthusiasm is both infectious and inspirational.They both totally betray their film star status by showing a very human vulnerability to the amazing situations the trip presents them with - and what a trip! Some hardened travellers may say that the support-crew aspect lessened the danger element, or gave them a get-out-of-jail-free card. Not so...in fact the back-up crew themselves got in to some serious trouble too, and it's all compelling to watch.Awesome landscapes, filmed beautifully and revealing a real insight into parts of the world you've barely heard of.The extras on the DVD are also quality viewing.
The only thing to ever have kept myself and my wife out of the pub for a whole week ! Buy with confidence - superb.
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on 3 January 2005
I brought this as a christmas gift for my dad, it was hard finding him an ideal present, he's very fussy!
Well we've watched all of it together, and from the view of a 15 year old girl I can say it was brilliant. My first impressions were 'its proberly boring mans stuff'. But after watching I now think its a beautiful adventure. So much happens in this. Charley and Ewan are both very funny and down to earth. The adventure is amazing, they meet so many people, see so many sites. The landscapes are stunning and the music is well suited. It helps you learn about other cultures and countrys. I found this exciting and well worth it. The best thing I've seen in a long time!
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on 26 November 2004
I think this has been one of the most entertaining programmes of recent years - and cannot wait to get my copy of the DVD. Following Charley and Ewan's journey the long way round the world on just 2 motorbikes, was a trip I didn't want to end. Really funny, very moving in parts and mindblowing scenery along the way. Can't wait to see what the extras are like...
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on 27 February 2006
Be careful, because once you start watching this you will find it quite difficult to stop looking at the next episode to see what happens next. You don't have to like motorcycling to enjoy it, in fact my wife started watching it only because she was in the room at the time. From then on she insisted that she had to watch each episode with me !
It's a trip of epic proportions with the highlight being the "Road of Bones" to Magadan in western Russia. Look at the other reviews, everyone else (nearly!) thinks its amazing, and it actually is. I'm sure nobody would regret buying this. It does have strong language however, so its not for the very young.
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on 22 January 2005
The acheivement of this task is incredible. Charley and Ewan set off for over 100 days, travelling for over 20,000 miles across some of the Worlds most baron landscapes and truly testing the endurance of friendships and attitudes. This DVD is such an inspiring piece of film, it will make you want to jump on a bike and explore the World for yourself. It takes you to places that are rarely seen in a documentary and highlights cultures that you may not have known existed.
Watch it again and again. You will not be disappointed. It is very well made and extremely impressive.
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