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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Taller In More Ways [Special Edition]
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 5 April 2006
Even a change in line-up as big as their most recent one won't stop the determination of UK's most credible girl group. Founding member Mutya's decision to leave the band may have been a blow to many fans, but newbie Amelle is definitely a welcome addition, sometimes showing even huskier vocals than her. Though this is not, by any means, the most efficient re-release (with new vocals on only 3 tracks and 1 brand new track), it doesn't change the fact that fans would still be getting a pretty solid modern pop album. Even with a few alterations, "Taller In More Ways" still remains one of Sugababes' most consistent releases (and that's saying a lot). Here's a track-by-track review of what fans will get with the new album:
1. "Push The Button" - Months after its assault on charts worldwide, the 'Babes most successful single to date is still extremely light, bubbly, and catchy. Good electro-pop doesn't need to be cold and soulless, as shown by this light number.
2. "Gotta Be You" - Amelle's rough vocals are best suited with rougher tracks like this one. Where Mutya's turn on the original version sounded only half convincing, Amelle's raw voice adds that much-needed oomph and power, making the track even more suiting of the band.
3. "Follow Me Home" - Though Amelle's vocals compliment more uptempo materials, she still manages to shine on this track, turning up the sultriness in her voice. She may not have the same range as Mutya, but she's at least got some heart and soul.
4. "Joy Division" - Same ol' reliable futuristic cyber-ragga/pop track. Shows how Sugababes are still capable of combining great pop melodies with slick, urban-inspired beats 4 albums in.
5. "Red Dress" - Latest single and what a stomper of a tune. Amelle's vocals add even more power and body to the choruses, making the song even more addictive than it already is. Only Sugababes can do rockin' dance/pop track like this.
6. "Ugly" - A surprisingly sincere, good-natured song from Sugababes, yet it isn't totally saccharine: the drum-looped beats in the background save it from becoming too nice and pleasant. It add's contemporary savy and rhythm to the song. Some sassy lines might have helped it from becoming too saintly as well.
7. "It Ain't Easy" - What distinguishes Sugababes from any other girl band at the moment is their ability to make a completely tuneless track like this sound very sexy and slick. Other girl groups struggle to even carry an easy tune, let alone any abstract pop compositions.
8. "Bruised" - Very undermined, yet cool vocal performance from the 'Babes. This track is all about the sly vocals, especially with the harmony in the chorus that can raise chills up someone's spine.
9. "Obsession" - Crass, bombastic, yet still sexy pop track that's somewhat dark and very inviting at the same time. Like "Push The Button," it's production isn't as elaborate as many labored-over pop songs today, yet it's still very durable and catchy.
10. "Ace Reject" - Such an emotional roller coaster and a lovely melody. Mutya's departure only makes listening to this track more of an emotional reminder of the good days of Sugababes V2.
11. "Better" - Bright and uplifting track that might seem too bright and uplifting for Sugababes, but at least it shows how they do have some good intentions in life too.
12. "2 Hearts" - Amazing end to an amazing album. The crashing drums, orchestration, and effortless vocals create a crescendo that's unlike any other in pop music today. Not many pop albums can match an ending to an album like this, or at least it was the original ending in the original release of "Taller In More Ways."
13. "Now You're Gone" - Probably an ode to Mutya (very suggestive with the lyrics), it's not the best Sugababes track, but it's far from being the worst. It's a likeable, if not melancholy and serious-sounding, R&B-lite pop track with some orchestration in the background to make it sound more dramatic. It shows how Sugababes are still capable of writing a solid track even with the lineup changes.
"Taller In More Ways" proves that Sugababes still have what it takes to remain one of the most respected pop acts in Britain today. They definitely earn their cred by consistently coming up with great pop tunes that will entertainin for generations to come. There's no doubt that this re-release of "Taller In More Ways" only shows a hint of what bigger things are set for our favorite trio of femme fatales.
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on 6 March 2006
The album title seems especially fitting this time round, given the departure of Mutya.
Now, the album itself is worthy of a 5 star rating - without a doubt. "Taller in more ways" is easily the Sugababes best album, with every track as stellar as the last. However, re-releasing this record with not much new on it - is taking liberties and this is why I have given this re-release a 3 star rating. Would it have hurt to have included the video to "Red dress" or a couple of bonus tracks...?
One of my gripes with this album is that Amelle didn't re-record the entire album. This seems very half-assed and lazy in my opinion and doesn't warrant a 2nd purchase for those who own the original release. It's also a shame, because Amelle has a great voice and by having her re-record the enitre album - it would've given me (along with many others) another reason to buy the record, as well as cement her as a Sugababe.
My 2nd gripe is the new track "Now you're gone". Whilst it is a nice track - it shouldn't have been tagged on the end of the album after the amazingly epic "2 hearts". This track was one of the most amazing and beautiful finishes to an album I'd heard and it should have stayed that way.
If you do not already own this record, then I suggest you buy it - because it is a brilliant album. However, if you bought this album the first time 'round, I wouldn't bother purhasing it again. There isn't enough additional content on the re-release to warrant a 2nd buy. Save yourself the money and purchase the bonus track off of iTunes.
- The album itself is a definite 5 star!
- The lack of extras and inclusion of Amelle in this re-packaged edition gets 3 stars.
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on 14 October 2005
I purchased this album while travelling in the UK. After being a little dissapointed from the babes' last album which had a few fillers i wasn't expecting as much for this album. Man was i so wrong.
1. Push The Button 3.5/5
When i first heard the song i didn't really like it. But hearing the song 10 times later and it starts to grow, and is still growing on me. Has a real electronica feel to it.
2. Gotta Be You 3.5/5
Showcasing there attempt at Rnb. I've never been that much of a fan of RnB, but the girls did ok with this one. American girl Ciara was suppose to do this song.
3. Follow Me Home 5/5
Bloody Great. Personally the Best up-tempo ballad that they have done! Kind of like a part 2 of 'Too Lost In You'.
4. Joy Division 4/5
When i first heard it seemed quite bland. But got into it after a few listens. The babes' voices are superb.
5. Red Dress 4/5
An unforgettable pop track. Personally this should have been the first single from this album.
6. Ugly 5/5
Soon to be released in December. A beautiful awesome ballad. The words are meaningful and suppose to represent the babes' breaking from girls into young women. Reminds me of TLC 'Unpretty' but has way more feel to it. Great.
7. It Ain't Easy 4/5
Very 'Clunk' beat with an up-tempo feel to it. Once you listen to it, you can't help yourself but move your head up and down while jumping on the spot.(By the way, it sounds like the song off ex sugababe Siobhan Donaghys' 'Revoultion In Me. A song called 'Dialect'.) Quite unique for them and its definately one of the growers. Has a goldfrapp feel to it.
8. Bruised 5/5
2nd fav track on the album. Great, sexy beat, love the drums and suspence of it. Sugababes at there best!
9. Obsession 3.5/5
A good remake (The original done by Animotion). However it doesn't give you the 'wow' factor. They didn't add any 'suga' flavor to it. But still good all the same.
10. Ace Reject 5/5
Bloody amazing. My fav from the album The song is very dark, moody and shows the sugababes' true class at hand.
11. Better 4/5
Love the acoustic guitar in this. Sounds a little like Jamelias' Thank You. Another grower.
12. 2 Hearts 4.5/5
Another Gem. Love the chorus and sensational instrumental at the end. Showcasing the lush side of the babes' voices.
So i recommend... no EXPECT you to purchase this album. You will not be dissapointed. Trust me.. The best since 'One Touch' era.
Lets take the sugababes to #1 in the UK Album chart. With a superb album like this, to showcase their real talents as the best girl pop band in the world!
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on 13 March 2006
This is a solid effort from the sugababes, it has a lot of dance/pop tracks...It's a bit more mature than "Three" and any pop fan would appreciate this album!
1. Push The Button - The 1st single, reached #1 in the UK, not the best track on the album...but its ok 6/10
2. Gotta Be You - I love this track, it was originally recorded by Ciara, and I luv Ciara but her version was a bit weak and borish...The Sugababes put their own spin on it....It's an R&B track, one of the best on the album, hope 2 see it as a single.....10/10
3. Follow Me Home - This is like Part II of "Too Lost In You" with the girls expressing their love for someone...9/10
4. Joy Division - I dont so much understand the title and it has the lyric of "I am not just some piece of meat sittin in a Delicatessen", but still a catchy track...7/10
5. Red Dress - A great dance/pop track, it really grows on ya...about a dress that will help you get a man! 8/10
6. Ugly - The lyric "Taller in more ways" comes from this song. The 2nd single....talks about racism, being teased etc. A meaningful song...8/10
7. It Ain't Easy - A more rock edge track....personally I think this is the worse track on the album, the chorus is bland, but I like Heidi's verse.......5/10
8. Bruised - Another stand out track, about being in a war with you boyfriend! We've all been there.....9/10
9. Obsession - A Europop sounding track, the lyrics are cool, a great song to dance too 8/10
10. Ace Reject - The best track on the album, the lyrics are hot and I luv the hook, the verses are sweet a must-2-b-released single!!! 10/10
11. Better - This track is ok, not one of my favs but if you listen closly to the lyrics they are good 6/10
12. 2 Hearts - A good closing track 7/10
Overall the album reminds me of vintage "All Saints". One of the best pop albums of 2005!
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on 11 January 2006
After liking ONE TOUCH and ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES, and loving THREE, I wasn't sure what to think of TALLER IN MORE WAYS. I heard first single PUSH THE BUTTON on TMF and initially thought it was the worst single they have ever made. However, after a few listens I actually realised that it was the best they've ever made, and the same can be said for the fourth album.

With two less tracks than THREE, TALLER IN MORE WAYS definitely has a more American feel to it which isn't a bad thing for this album as the girls pull off the sound exceptionally. My reviews of each track:

PUSH THE BUTTON - 10/10. (Single #1 ' POS 1) AMAZING!! Best single they've ever done, and surely the best single of 2005. Still in the UK Top 20 fourteen weeks after release and must be in the Top 10 Airplay chart. Very catchy and an irresistible bridge between chorus and verse.

GOTTA BE YOU - 9/10. Initially couldn't stand this, but it definitely grows and if there weren't so many other potentials this could definitely be a single. The girls experiment with a crunk sound on this one (very like Ciara) and it is an album highlight.

FOLLOW ME HOME ' 9/10. The only real ballad on the album. Instantly likeable and very powerful; doesn't quite reach CAUGHT IN A MOMENT and TOO LOST IN YOU standards, but certainly a good and moody song. This is very much Mutya's song (dedicated to her child).

JOY DIVISION ' 10/10. Don't judge upon first listen!! I HATED this one at first ' more than PUSH THE BUTTON, and was only intrigued to listen to it more than once by the lyrics 'I'm not just some piece of meat sitting in a delicatessan'. It is such a grower and in my top three favourites of the album. When you first listen to it it sounds like a mish mashed mess of sounds and lyrics, but after further listens you can really appreciate the complexity of the lyrics and begin to understand the words more.

RED DRESS ' 8/10. (Single #3) This is a good song, and deserving of being the next single. Like ACE REJECT and songs like BIOLOGY by GIRLS ALOUD it has two choruses, and although this can make it catchier, it also gives a feeling that the chorus never comes. I predict about #8 for this as it is similar to IN THE MIDDLE in standard and the loss of Mutya may influence sales of it.

UGLY ' 9/10. (Single #2 ' POS 3) The title made me think it would be an R n B song, like NASTY GHETTO from THREE, but it was in fact very different. Always being compared to BEAUTIFUL by CHRISTINA AGUILERA, it attempts to get the message across that no-one is ugly; we all have inner beauty, in the light of comments that one of the group is ugly. (Although from their appearance in PUSH THE BUTTON it is hard to believe anyone could call her ugly!) I think this is a good song, but it a bit cheesy at times, and lines like 'We only get judged by what we do' and 'Personality reflects trait' don't really fit the chorus.

IT AIN'T EASY ' 4/10. Think TWISTED from THREE. It's just not my type of song at all. Very annoying after more than one listen in a short space of time, but is redeemed a bit by Heidi's solo in the part: 'Constantly reminded of the place I used to be''. I think this is the song most would skip and is in effect the 'dud' of the album.

BRUISED ' 7/10. Another different sound. The opening 'da na da na' probably makes it the most distinctive track on the album upon the first listen and there is a very good pace set by the lyrics, e.g. 'I'm on low ' resistance ' better keep ' your distance'. The lyrics and beat of the album create a very 'up ' down' feeling throughout that leaves you feeling a bit disorientated and definitely leaves an impression.

OBSESSION ' 8/10. A cover of an 80's song. Like MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS from THREE, it is a bit repetitive and some of the lyrics are forced (Sugababes didn't write it obviously so it's not an insult to them). Good song, just don't really understand why they covered it because they haven't changed it that much or given it their own feel.

ACE REJECT ' 8/10 ' The second Xenomania song. The beat ('We break up and make it up) has definitely been taken from somewhere; just can't think where. Another very good, catchy song with two choruses. As with JOY DIVISION, I don't have a clue where the title comes from.

BETTER ' 6/10 ' Hmmm'.. pretty average. I would have much preferred to see the B side 'Like The Weather' in place of this. Just doesn't do much for me, but I do really like the 'Things are going to be alright!' part.

2 HEARTS ' 8/10 ' A really good finish to the album; wouldn't have commercial appeal (like MAYA from THREE) but certainly a very strong song. When you first listen to it, it feels like it's been playing for about three days but as it grows on you, it just gets better with each listen. Very unique sounding ending; almost soundtrack like.

Total: 96/120
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on 26 December 2005
As my first ever Sugababes album (very tempted buying Three and Angels With Dirty Faces), it has to be said its a stomper!
12 Tracks of pure genius and farily good consistency (with maybe 2 or 3 duds) however still great!
In order of liking:
Red Dress - pure Xenomania genius! Infections and deserves the release it should get! 10/10!
Ugly - loving mid-tempo track, very catchy and meaninful, did great in the charts! Showing that they have grown taller in more ways. 10/10
Push The Button - 1st single lifted from the akbum spending 3 weeks at the top, well deserved even though on first listen it wasn't that good, now I love it! 10/10
Better - Another great mid-tempo track with very good meaning to it, loving the sort of whistling throughout the chorus, very uplifting! 9/10
Gotta Be You - R&B Crunk, whatevery you will call it, it's just amazing. 9/10
Ace Reject - Another Xenomania corker, stomping and very different. 8/10
Follow Me Home - Loving ballad with the likes of Too Lost In You and Stronger, however just doesnt match the dizzing hieghts of them. 8/10
Bruised - It sounds very trancy and fun, but not really my cup of tea, however its still a good track. 7/10
Obsession - Great cover! All I can say about it is, it's a grower. 7/10
Joy Divison - It's an OK track, not one of the best but it's still a good listen. 7/10
It Ain't Easy - I'm not really sure about this song, not really my type of song. 7/10
2 Hearts - Lovley ballad, good meaning, but it kinda drags on for me... 6/10
Overall = 8.5/10
One of the best albums I've listened to in 2005! Bring it on 2006!
[Even though with the sorry departure of Mutya from the group (best of luck to her in the future) and the addition of Amelle to the line up with Keisha and Heidi, if they continue to churn out great tracks then they should continue their success!]
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on 8 March 2017
Yep. Still listen to it
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on 13 October 2005
Well, where do I start? I suppose some people might say I'm biased, having been a huge Sugababes fan since 2000 when Overload was released. I do genuinely think this is their best album yet though. It just feels so much more mature than anything they've produced before. Here's what I think of the individual tracks;
1. PUSH THE BUTTON - fantastic first single. Don't need to say much more than that 9/10.
2. GOTTA BE YOU - brilliant track. Single material but doubt it will be released 9/10.
3. FOLLOW ME HOME - big ballad, but not quite as good as Too Lost In You 8/10.
4. JOY DIVISION - good, but not brilliant. It grows on you after a while but is a bit like No Man No Cry on Angels With Dirty Faces 7/10.
5. RED DRESS - fun, lively track. Two choruses in one song make it extra-catchy 9/10.
6. UGLY - what a gorgeous song! Beautifully written and sung by the girls 9/10.
7. IT AIN'T EASY - love this!! Well funky track. Love the 'oh oh oh' bit in the chorus! 10/10.
8. BRUISED - cool track. Quite laid back but still bouncy 8/10.
9. OBSESSION - fantastic cover of an 80s track. Absolutely excellent 10/10.
10. ACE REJECT - really really catchy number. Takes a while to get to the chorus but overall, it's really good 9/10.
11. BETTER - very nice song. Quite different to any other Sugababes track. Cool chorus 8/10.
12. 2 HEARTS - fantastic end to a brilliant album. REALLY good track 10/10.
Overall, an excellent album with more than a hint of the 80s! I think the girls' voices blend together better than ever on this album and the combination of songs work really well. A must have!
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on 29 December 2005
Even though they are about to lose one of their members, this last album from Sugarbabes shows that they are one of the best female trios in the UK. The obvious favourites are Push the Button and Ugly, both hits. One of my others is Red Dress (Track 5). When listening to the words for each song it shows they are really trying to put bits of their lives and their options across.
Would recommend this album to any fan of the band or for female artists.
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on 6 January 2006
The Sugababes once again show that they are a cut above the rest with this, their forth album, the fastest selling babes album ever in the UK.
The best songs are Red Dress and Ace Reject, two very different songs both by Xenomenia. Red dress explores how girls think they need to show some to get some, and will be the third Single released in March which has 2 stomping choruses, whereas Ace Reject is very much about a destructive relationship that has some fantastic lyric writing.
Of course there is Push the Button, the babes biggest hit and Ugly, both doing remarkably well in the charts with both in the top 20.
The rest of the album is crunk (gotta be you), ballad (follow me home, 2 hearts) and more dance (Obsession), Reggae (Joy Devision, which totally reminds me of the babes first album, One Touch which you have to check out!)
The track It Aint Easy just doesn't do it for me though and spoils a great album!
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