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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 April 2017
Typical middle of the road Bon Jovi
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VINE VOICEon 20 September 2005
Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora have been working on this album since last year, working through Christmas to tweak, rewrite, remix and rock our socks off. As a result, studio album number nine of original material is well worth the long wait, especially if you get the Japanese version, which has three, count `em, THREE bonus tracks. UK fans get two, and US fans only one.
The album is all about being down, and then rising above it, especially the title track, with its motivational chorus:
Oh, if there's one thing I hang onto that gets me thru the nite
I ain't gonna do what I don't want to; I'm gonna live my life
Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice
Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly
When the world gets in my face, I say...
Have a nice day
Have a nice day
The twelve tracks comprise an ear-pleasing mix of rock and ballads, and even one country song, the twangy "Who Says You Can't Go Home". Six big New Jersey-style rock songs and five monster ballads round out the dozen.
For the bonus tracks, the three versions have "Dirty Little Secret" (rock), the UK version adds "Unbreakable" (also rock), and the Japanese album has the excellent ballad "These Open Arms".
With absolutely no filler material, Bon Jovi delivers the goods on this album with a smile and a "Have a nice day", and they really do mean it.
Amanda Richards
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on 4 January 2007
At first I thought that this album was continuing the slide into mediocrity that Bon jovi had begun with "Have A Nice Day"'s predecessor, the under-par "Bounce". However I was wrong. On repaet listening, it became clear that this is Bon Jovi at the very top of their game, with a collection of excellent adult rock songs.

For some reason Bon Jovi will be always be sneered at by music critics, which is unfair. Bon Jovi are one of the best rock bands in the world, and have been for the last 20 years. Sure, the odd lyric is a little clumsy or cliched but the overall production of every song by the band cant be faulted.

And "Have A Nice Day" is no exception. Its filled with the sort of high-quality rock songs twinged with pop that critics darlings such as Coldplay just cant produce. The opening single "Have A Nice Day" is standard Bon Jovi material, a rock track that would really come to life ina an arena. Similarly the other hit single "Who Says You Can't Go Home" is a fist pumper.

The third single "Welcome to Wherever You Are" is a nice song, but it has album track written all over it. It didnt sell particularly well and you get the impression that had one of the albums better songs been chosen as a single, the album would have sold even better.

"Last Man Standing" is another great rock song off the album with some brilliant lyrics, and "Bells of Freedom" harks back to the mature sound Jovi found on their mid-ninties album "These Days". The album lacks a powerful ballad typical of the band (such as "Bed of Roses" or "Always") but "I Want to be Loved" feels like a ballad masquerading as a rock song, and the fushion works impressively well.

Other standout tracks are "I Am" and the bonus track "Dirty Little Secret", in fact its difficult to work out why "Dirty little Secret" wasnt included on the album properly.

Overall "Have A Nice Day" is a great album, and should help keep the Bon Jovi fire burning.
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on 19 September 2005
I first remember hearing that Bon Jovi were back in the studio recording their 9th studio album whilst reading the liner notes of the recently released box set. In those notes John mentioned, "how excited he was about this new album". Now I know all artists mention "how excited they are about their upcoming albums", but for all the logic that should have prevailed and told me that this album might not be that great, especially when looking at the last two release, I was optimistic and simply put it would seem that optimism was well placed.
On Crush Bon Jovi had a brilliant lead single in "it's my life", but there wasn't too much else to get excited about on the album. On Bounce the opposite was more true, but on this new album Bon Jovi have successfully managed to get both, i.e. a hit single and a consistent album.
Now to the album itself, the first thing to mention is quite obvious, that "have a nice day" has a really great lead single to get MTV's attention, as well as the publics. The album continues with great consistency and there is a really great mix of more mid tempo empowering songs such as, "Welcome to wherever you are", "Bells of freedom" and "Wild flowers", however all incredibly listenable without being depressing. Aside from staples such as these the album contains several more up-tempo rock and roll songs all containing incredibly catchy hooks to keep you singing them for weeks. Song's such as "Last man standing" and "last cigarette" come to mind.
Lyrically the album's message is quite positive and empowering, themes such as "not letting others or the world get you down" and "learning to believe in yourself" as well as "everything happens for a reason" will hit a chord with many listeners who are at junctions and turning points in their lives, that's what I've certainly gained from it anyway.
I guess musically the album can be described as being classic contemporary Bon Jovi. On their last two albums I think Bon Jovi were following the trend of the day, rather than their own sound. The album contains many standard Bon Jovi traits, but with a more contemporary face. Bon Jovi have always updated their sound and kept current, but this time they have done so exceptionally well and far better than on their two previous releases.
Where does it rank among their back catalogue? Well I've always been a fan of Bon Jovi's 90s work and whilst I love SWW I tend not to listen to their 80s material as much anymore. I think their best album to date is These Days and after that comes KTF and SWW, but for me this new album is right up there with some of the best work they've done to date and I'd personally put it in the same group as KTF and SWW.
Finally I'd just like to say I think the album art optimises how you will feel about this album, it's leave a big smile your face :-).
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on 12 February 2006
I first heard this album one cold, dark February night in my car, driving home after a typical winters monday. Almost immediately my spirits were lifted as the rock kicked in. The title track "Have a nice day" followed by "I want to be loved" set the scene...... two absolute scorchers. I was expecting the pace to drop from thereon but it doesnt. Great mix of guitars electric/accoustic with relentless pace. Some superb solos. Jons powerful and raw vocals just take it there track after track. Some reviewers like to include a ratio within their write ups of number of hot tracks out of album total. Usually you see something like 5/15. Let me tell you, if I was I to do that it would be a dead cert at 14/14 on this one. 14 solid rock tracks.
I'm not sure about the statements that some have made about loss of form on previous BJ albums but this one for sure...takes it to the top. Get it ...you'll be glad.
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Bon Jovi released arguably their best studio album since 'Keep The Faith' with 2005's 'Have A Nice Day'. After a rather poor (in my opinion) re-recorded greatest hits set in 2003, the band returned to a harder edge sound, and 'Have A Nice Day' is heavier than both 'Crush' (2000) and 'Bounce' (2002). I am updating this review with 2015, and have to say that these New Jersey rockers haven't yet set managed to top this.

The album's in-your-face title track has quickly become a fan favourite and a Bon Jovi classic, but it isn't my own personal favourite track on it as good as it is, that title most go to the inspirational ballad 'Welcome To Wherever You Are', with every lyric true. 'Last Cigarette' is a excellent rock song, and should have been released as a single, as should 'Complicated', which is just as contemporary and rocky as anything by any of the modern rock bands, I wonder if they'll be around as long as Bon Jovi? 'Last Man Standing' is another highlight which has a masterful riff delivered once again by Ritchie Sambora. The song actually first appeared a year earlier on the '100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong' boxset, but I think that most fans will agree that this version is far superior.

'Have A Nice Day' is a consistently strong album, with the exception of the incredibly naff 'Unbreakable', which I wouldn't have even let slip as a B side. This was a welcome return to the music which Bon Jovi are best at, and it's material like this they should stick to.
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on 27 December 2005
This is quite simply a fantastic album.
Over their long career Bon Jovi have put out plenty of material that nobody in their right mind would enjoy listening to, how many people have returned copies of Crush? However I beseech you don't judge this album on recent flawed material from the band this is different in that its very, very good.
From the title track to the end this is 14 tracks of rock, no 'real' ballads every song has quite a fast tempo and it works. The fact that more then 20 years after they got together a band can still put out material of this quality is remarkable and in the modern climate incredibly refreshing.
I advise all the fans who might have given up after shelling out hard earned dough for some poor Bon Jovi albums in recent years to give this a shot, it's definetely worth hearing.
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on 24 August 2006
I loved this album, I am a life long Bon Jovi fan but that doesn't mean I love everything they have ever done.

This album is a really strong rock album that is fantastic and easily fits in with all the other rock albums out there today by the newer bands.

It is a lot different from their sound of the 80'90's and early 2000. It is more rockier and has a edge to it.

Worth a listen even for those non Bon Jovi fans out there, I think this will really surprize you!!
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on 7 October 2005
Bon Jovi are definiatly back and this album proves it, the new version of last man standing is awesome, i really hope thats the next single, also have a nice day a perfect way to open the album.
Also has a great demo track at the end (unbreakable), overall it's a typical bon jovi album with hard rocking tunes.
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VINE VOICEon 4 July 2006
Bon Jovi continues to deliver brilliant singles and excellent songs, this album shows instant hits like `Have a Nice Day'... just a fantastic song, it really stands out compared to the rest of the tracks. `Last man standing' is probably one of my favourites in the album, it's classic Bon Jovi rock n' roll with great lyrics... fans will enjoy it a lot. `Last Cigarette` catchy rock n' roll with an interlude a la Beach Boys.

The songwriting from Richie and Jon never stops producing amazing melodies, this record is not an exception.

Enough of me writing ... Let the music play!
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