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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2008
I have been a fan of The Rasmus ever since Dead Letters was released and I was so excited and anxious for the release of this album. A few weeks before it was released I heard No Fear and I was in love. The day the album was released I got my copy and for many weeks afterwards it was constantly on repeat. The hard hitting rocky anthems stood out each sounding completely different to the other for very different reasons and it really showed progress in the bands songwriting. From the amazing hooky typical Rasmus song 'Shot', the anthem 'No Fear', the calming campfire song 'Sail Away' right through to the almost metal sounding 'Immortal' The Rasmus really released another brilliant but unfortunately underrated album. Out of all their albums this one definitely defines the band as a powerful live act that really have a passion for music, and they never let the fans down. A definite must have for any music fan.
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on 5 October 2005
This album seriously blew me away. Hide from the Sun builds on the melancholic, haunting style of Dead Letters, but then drags you that one step further with upbeat positivity as well. The range of songs is a real eye-opener, with heavy tracks such as Shot, Night After Night and Lucifer's Angel, and more mellow songs like Sail Away and Don't Let Go. The band appear tighter than ever and their music is even more polished and well-thought-out than before. Lauri, Aki, Pauli and Eero's musical talent and Lauri's dynamic vocals have been used to maximum effect so every song is different and there is a track to suit any mood you are in.
I really couldn't name a favourite track, the mood you are in will dictate what song you want to hear...listen and see what I mean.
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on 15 September 2005
This album is as good as the last one ("Dead Letters"). In fact, if you liked the previous album, then you're bound to like this one, too.
Only thing: the "bonus" track of the limited edition (Dancing In The Dark) isn't anywhere near as good as the UK-only bonus track ("Open My Eyes"), which you can also buy through amazon, and for less! I'd get that one, not this one.
Very good.
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on 18 July 2006
I do not regret purchasing Hide from the Sun, and I am likely to get Dead Letters, but there is a bit to be adressed. The Album shoots it load early on, with the excellent "Shot" and "Night After Night(Out of the Shadows"- the worthy response to "In the Shadows". These are catchy and thrashy songs which will either cause you to thrash along with them or listen and tune out completely. I love this album, and I reccomend it, it has some really good tracks that shouldn't be missed.

To illustrate, heres an assessment of each of the tracks.

Shot: Very much like a lot of their songs, you'll stick with this for its superior instrumental work, the thrashy bits in between are enticing. The verses are a bit weak, but the powerful chorus is great too. 4/5.

Night after Night(Out of the Shadows): One of, if not the best song on the album. The instrumental, yet again, is thrashy and hypnotic. The verses are true to the Rasmus's form, quiet and haunting. Then when the chorus kicks in, Lauri's vocals really do the job. 5/5

No Fear: Another great track. A bit corny with "Destination Darkness", but is spooky and different enough to excite, especially the breathy "Haaah" in the background. 4/5

Lucifer's Angel: Horribly drawn out lyrics do this no favours, and the background music needs more attention for such a dramatic track. 2/5

Last Generation: A delightfully mosh-errific track. 4/5

Dead Promises: Appears to be the title track. Displays how uninspiring the album's title is. 3/5

Immortal: Really delivers. Lauri's vocals fit perfectly. 4/5

Sail Away: A mix of what I want more of, and some shouldn't-haves. The calm verses are merely ok, yet a nice change, and the chorus makes up for it, but only just. This gets one more point for the violin work-it really blends with the Rasmus's violin work.3/5

Keep your heart broken: Emotional track which breaks out of the regular beats the band is renowned for, giving a cool angry feel mid-song. 4/5

Heart of Misery: Not bad, but the songs are getting more and more samey now. 2/5.

Don't let go: In a similar fashion to Sail Away, pleasantly soulful, but lacks real power. 2/5
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After hearing "Sail Away" by this Finnish group, this album was a must-have for me. Fans of pop rock, goth and/or `80s "monster" rock will love this album, and I still can't believe that it took me until album number six to find this group. (Their first album "Peep" was released in 1996.)

First single "No Fear" is a morbid little track which seems to be about someone dying, with lyrics like "Your final journey's just begun / your destiny chose the reaper", but lead singer Lauri Johannes Ylönen's haunting vocals make it well worth a listen. Second single "Sail Away" also seems to be about someone dying and/or leaving a loved one behind, while in the third single "Shot" he's ready to die for the one he loves.

Changing from the somber theme just a bit, "Night After Night (Out of the Shadows)" is an excellent track with a catchy chorus, and is about salvation - "Guardian of my dreams / Watching me when I sleep / Like an angel you came / Every time when I screamed"

Other tracks to note are "Lucifer's Angel", "Last Generation" (song about a bright light vaporizing life on earth); "Dead Promises" (source of the album title); "Keep Your Heart Broken" (great chorus); and "Heart of Misery," but they're all pretty good.

Keep an eye out for The Rasmus when next you're searching for great music from Europe. (4.5 stars)
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on 5 October 2005
If you liked their last album, Dead Letters, then this album won't disappoint. It's a very simerlar style, just slightly more mature. It's still packed full of angst.
Shot is definately the best track - it's very "power ballad" and rocky as well. I'd say that most of the tracks on this album are more immediately catchy and hum along than Dead Letters, which I felt had a few fillers. Hide From the Sun doesn't. Every song is able to stand up on its own.
There's no screaming metal rock on this album, it's all nice melodies and riffs. If you like bands like HIM and Evanescance then I recommend you buy this album.
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on 1 December 2005
After the huge album dead letters rasmus needed to pull of something awesome to match that standard and with the album hide from the sun they have done that this is a must buy for any rasmus fan! With this album the rasmus have proved their diversity prooving that they can perform rock and quieter songs with awesome results!
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on 13 September 2005
After seeing the Rasmus live last year and owning both their CD's and their DVD (Live letters) since last year I was ready for a new Rasmus release and I wasn't disappointed. Their new CD Hide from the Sun follows the tradition of Dead letter's, holding a mixture of pure rock song's like Lucifer's Angels and No Fear and the slightly softer song's of Keep your Heart Broken and Don't let go. The songs are very catchy (you tend to find yourself humming them all day) and the husky yet strong voice of Lauri blends perfectly with the music and backing vocals of Aki, Eero and Pauli. All in all they make a band to be reckoned with. P.S. If you like The Rasmus try fellow Finlander's HIM.
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on 6 April 2006
All in all, this is a good album, no fear is probably the best song on the album, with a slight similarity to In the Shadows. Coincidentally, Night after Night [out of the shadows.] is the next song, a song sequel, very successfully done. They also do an acoustic-type ballad with "Sail Away", again well done. Personally Immortal is the surprise song of the album. However,with the under-rated "Into" album [which should be released in England]and with the best album "Dead Letters" of 2004 on their belts, this somewhat lacks the cutting edge and familiarity of the previous two albums. A not bad album, but they need to make another, that can surpass Dead Letters, to prove they are not just every other gothic rock band.
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on 28 April 2011
I first heard of this band when the awful single "In the Shadows" got into the top ten in the charts back in 2003. I decided to buy this album because I heard a song from it on youtube and i'm glad did because its class. pure rock. the best song on it is easily night after night but this album is littered with equaly excellent tracks. A must for rock fans!
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