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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2005
Being lucky enough to have played my friend's import version of this game, I am happy to report that it delivers a fantastic level of experience for any gamer, dragon ball Z fan or not!
I won't lie to you. The controls take some time to get used to, however once you get this small task out of the way, you will be kicking ass with over 60 characters to select from. Each character has their own transformation to select from (no in game transformations unfortunately), each possessing a different style of playability.
This game is best described as Zone of The Enders 2 crossed over with Dragonball Z.
Thoughroughly enjoyable! I highly recommend.
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on 13 July 2006
As soon as you start playing Tenkaichi, a few things immediately catch your eye:

1. The Character Design is simply awesome

2. The Level Design is great

3. Your Special Moves are ridiculous

Having played the whole Budokai Series up to Tenkaichi, especially in Budokai 3 the special attacks of the characters are truly beautiful to behold, being incorporated in a nice sequence of attacks and having a personal touch to them, while in Tenkaichi more or less all moves look the same, just being differentiated by their color. If you have seen Piccolos Hell Zone Grenade in Budokai 3, enjoying the sight of your helpless foe as he realizes his being surrounded and then being blown into oblivion, and the stage being left as a featureless rubble field, you cannot help seeing in Tenkaichi just a few yellow energy balls that more or less hit your enemy somewhere over there beside that rock. Although you can destroy lots of things it just doesn't seem to have really some impact hurling your Big Bang Attack from way above - you see just a bright flash and your opponent has lost a bit of his health meter.

The Z-Gate Mode soon gets very repetitive and, as I'm not the most skilled gamer there are a few challenges that are simply impossible to manage (the last fights against kid Buu you just have to survive but there is really almost no possibility of escape), which basically means that you cannot aquire a certain item (which you would get as reward for completing the challenge) which in turn leaves you lacking one character at least to unlock. All in all, the story modes of the previous Budokai games were much more developed and interesting.

Also the levels seem to be quite small, as soon as you try to retreat from combat to attempt a backward or surprise attack on your opponent you are almost instantly on the arena limit, and moments later your opponent catches up to you and the attempt was completely in vain.

The last major flaw is the lack of stamina in every respect the characters suffer from, your energy meters are almost instantly depleted and your health meter is also most unsatisfying (your opponents as well if you are fighting a balanced challenge). The possibility of upgrading your fighters is nice but has way too little effect, as you will realize that a fully upgraded Super 17 is quite a disappointment in comparison to the feats he is capable of in the GT-Series.

Still, the game is not badly thought through and, for fans as myself, a Musthave. The general fighting abilities and velocity of the game are brilliant, and the real 3D environment is a nice new feature.

So, as the title says, it is a new experience, nice for fans, but I would only recommend it to people who are not fans of the series if they are 24h gamers. For people who love beautifully designed special attacks and the full spectrum of gripping, raw power display, do not buy this - buy Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3.
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on 22 October 2005
JUST GET IT!Better than budokai 3, with more than 60 characters to play with.Particulary the fun factor of this game can not be beaten. The only disapointment in the game is the ability to transform in battle, which you could do in the earlier games but not in this one.Well worth getting though!IT'S AMAZING.
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on 15 May 2006
Before getting this game I was just about to get rid of my PS2. There were very few games that actually kept me interested that weren't on the Gamecube. I'd been a Dragonball Z fan for years but up til now had been very disappointed with the games. But I decided to buy this game purely out of chance.

I've got to say it is the most amazing DBZ game I've ever played. The graphics are awesome and the fights flow beautifully, it feels just like playing the manga. The Z-Gate mode is incredible, especially for fans of the manga as it allows you to reenact virtually every major battle the Z-Fighters faced (Including the movies!).

I decided to be extremely critical and find any flaws I could in this game and was only able to find two:

1. As far as I know, there is know way of tranforming during a battle (i.e. from Saiyan to Super-Saiyan) each form is like a separate character.

2. It gets a little boring in Z-Gate mode when doing battles where your objective is to "Survive until the time runs out" (Translation: "Your character's not meant to win the fight because he gets killed in the manga, so just kill sometime and then we'll kill him off").

Other than those two flaws the game is fantastic. I would seriously recommend it for both avid DB fans and even people who have never even heard of it before.
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on 14 November 2005
I saw the game in a shop and read the back. I've been getting all of the Budokais so far, and had reached the point where I was beginning to wonder if I should continue to collect them. When I read that it had been redesigned, I decided to buy it. Upon playing it for the first time, I was satisfied with my decision.
You can forget all you've learned from the previous budokais. Those tricks won't work this time round. Characters need to lock on to fire their big attacks, and the scenery can be smashed to pieces. You can hide from your opponent and take them by surprise, and more impressively, you can blind them with the solar flare. There is a choice between English and Japanese voices, so that's a whole new experiance too!
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on 21 October 2005
One Of The "Worst" dragonball Z Games ever made - i have played all DBZ Games on all consoles (ranging from NES to PS2) and this has to be one of the worst. They have totally scrapped the combo fighting (like in tekken where you have to press 5 different buttons to get a super active attack) and have also scrapped off with the capsules (that unlock game modes and characters). You just play through story mode (which gets very dull after awhile) and unlock characters per fight. You have 4 main actions which are "Attack" (Square button), Block (Circle Button), Fly (X Button), Engery beam (Triangle Butotn) and to do a special move like the "Kamemahaha Wave" you press "L2 + Triangel" - also once you have used that you have to rehcarge yourself be pressing and holding the L2 Button - it is easy and annoying at the same time and gets very repeative The reason i didn't give this game a one is that the graphics are sharper, and when taking damage you actually see yourself get worn down (i.e. blood and clothes becoming loose).
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on 8 July 2014
Ok so this game is out dated as well as the console its self, but in many ways this Dragon Ball Z game was one of the biggest, it featured a new playing style, a better, more favoured controller layout and above all a new, better graphics which don't look HD but don't look AV either, you can really see a good type of breach in development in this game.
I have many Dragon Ball Z games and I must say in many ways this has got to be my favourite, sure in number 2 and 3 you have more characters, but the principle of this game as well as the amount of fun that can be had with it is still great. As a retro gamer I must say this is the best Dragon Ball Z game I have played on the PlayStation 2 and for its price compared to number 2 and 3 its totaly worth it!
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on 5 February 2006
This game is one of the best action/fighting game ive played, but its also a very fun multiplayer game. the animation is good with alot of characters with different moves and special moves. But the Z-Gate (main mode) can be quite boring after a while because you either mostly have to survive for amount of time or kill your opponent. as well as that the com can get so annoying sometimes because they jst use the same moves again and again and they wont let you fight back, but on the other hand you could do the same! anyway pretty good game nad animation, ps the music is a bit cheesy to be honest.
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on 9 July 2016
When I put the disc in I was amazed by the amazing graphics but then I started playing. This has to be one of the most frustrating, tedious dragonball z games that I have ever played. Don't get me wrong. It's good. It's fun but the problem is the conditions. With every stage that you play you are forced to end the stage with some special finishing move but how are you supposed to charge your ki when the enemy keeps attacking you relentlessly. My point is is that this game is a lot harder than the budokai games. It's a great concept but ultimately flawed.
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on 21 October 2006
This Game is very good, and differant from all the other DBZ titles, but it does have so many flaws..ill pan out a few examples for you

1 - No in game transformations

2 - Stupid Fights - Hercule Vs Majin Buu (Hercule Wins IN STORY MODE,LETS BE SERIOUS, NOT GONNA HAPPEN)

3 - you dont see any transformations, (EG: Frieza saga, goku vs frieza, uses kiokan, then u click on the next story slide, and hes already a supersayian when u next fight) theres nothing to see, and most people wanna see these transformations because they look cool

4 - Powering up - Not enough 'BOOM' looks boring (The power of an SSJ4 Goku would destroy the world if were honest, so why dont they put more emphisis into powering up, lightning shooting from the sky or something, clouds darken and all that, woul look much better

5 - the lack of moves you can do, its stupid,you can do a warp kah-ma-ha-ma-ha against frieza in story mode, as if he even did that then, lets be serious SPIKE, each characters move are basically the same, high power rush, volley ki shots, but they have there own finishing move, which,ok ,does look good,but once again, no 'BOOM' factor to it.

6 - 60 Characters, ok, thats fine, but they missing some important ones still,i know in Tenkaichi 2 they have over 100, which sounds a bit better.

7 - Attacks are to short - Ok, gokus spirit bomb, takes forever to gather up energy, on this game,it takes 2 seconds and all of a suddern he has this ball (not a BIG spirit bomb either) over his head, where did all this energy come from?

the list goes on (picollo can use hellgrenade against freiza in frieza saga, but he aquires it on the cell saga in the series) etc etc

Overall, this game isnt worth to buy NOW,i bought it because i wanted a feel of this new fighting style,or freedom of flying around, but i am dispointed at what i got,just gonna play this game through,and wait for tenkaichi 2 to come out in like a week, and hope to god it sorts itself out,or its a waste of money, from the screenshots it does look a bit better, but tenkaichi 1, sadly to say,isnt a winner in my books, too much information missed out, pointess things like a ranking tournoment, i means whos gonna fight 100 battles, which arnt even hard if u unnlock SSj4 gogeta, game over, pointless....

couple of ideas that could be put into the next game?

- maybe power levels? - bit more realism, like Videl against SSJ4 gogeta, Videls power lvl is like 3, his is 1 billion or something stupid, only in story mode i mean, to make it fair in arcade mode, its just that it anoys me when super powers lose to people who clearly wouldnt stand a chance in if seen on the TV, oh well

- able to see the power levels, numbers actually changing when u power up,and your power against theres deters how much dmg you do to them

- maybe realistic,more various moves, i mean, they all have 4 moves each do they? (but saying that, theyve always had this problem in all the dbz games, which is pathetic)

right ill shut up now, before i get flamed for shreding this game of its flaws

5-6/10 nothing more im afriad!
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